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The life of military school and medical graduate writer Altaye Oktem is being investigated. So who is Altay Öktem? Where did Altay Öktem originally come from? When and where was Oktem born in Alta? Is Altay Öktem alive? Here is the life of Altaye Oktem …

Military school and medical graduate author Altaye Oktem’s literary personality, life story and works are intriguing. Book lovers are trying to find out about Altay Octem in search engines. We have prepared for you the life, books, words and quotes of Altay Öktem. Here is the life, work, words and quotes of Altay Öktem …

Date of birth: 1964

Place of birth: Istanbul

Who is Altay Öktem?

Altay Oktem was born in Istanbul in 1964. He grew up drinking alcohol. He graduated from a military school (Kuleli) and a medical school (Trakya University). Immersing oneself in poetry; He found his way to the top without holding anyone’s hand. He wrote The Devil’s Tools, in which he reviewed fanzines, photocopied posters, and demos following the poetry books An Old Child, Waterbird, They Kissed Me Wrong Actually, Mud Poetry and Everything: Room Whip Mirror. He has novelted all Karim’s life with the title Filler Cross Go.

Following the Fanzine exhibition he opened in Cargart in February 2002, he published a selection from Common Culture to Age Culture: 101 Fanzine, a collection of Fanzine poems called City Bad Boys, essays he collected in his book Hyatt Ever Nached, and in the story book. In fact the hair is black, from Ithaki Publishing. After these books, his book of poetry, Socacler Is Not Takin, and his novel God Hungry were published.

He has a profession close to the internal organs (doctor), wife (Denise) and a son (Barke). He drinks Benusen once in a while and doesn’t love himself enough to miss someone.

“No one will survive this book”, published by Everest Publications. (2005)

In his last years, he made great efforts to develop underground literature. Otem, who is in charge of the editorial management of marginal books, aims to bring together unknown, obsolete books.

Altay Öktem Book – Work

  • No one will survive this book
  • Such as Thomas Falls
  • That man was my father
  • Elephants cross go
  • False life
  • When God is hungry
  • Shrub land
  • There is a void in me
  • They kissed me wrong
  • Black Poetry Anthology
  • Life is sometimes grooved
  • The bad guys in town
  • Roads are not single
  • Endless monotony
  • An old boy
  • My wound is in the wrong place
  • Devil Tools
  • aphorisms
  • Atlas of common diseases
  • Partial effect
  • In fact, her hair was black
  • Four broken operas
  • 101 Fanzines from general culture to edge culture
  • Poems of the soil
  • Above fifty
  • Everything: Room Whip Mirror
  • Zero point on the Anatolian side: Bağlarbaşı – Istanbul 42
  • Shadow
  • King Swordfish
  • Waterfowl

Altay Öktem Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Sometimes not as a basis, as sometimes. Little things make us happy. From where? There’s a reason, brother. Humanity is now happy with small things. That’s the fall, that’s the fall.” (Devil Tools)
  • What you call pain is not a sign of what you have endured, it is what you have missed to surviveRoads are not single)
  • If a person is a Bolshevik, he is considered a traitor even if he tries to defend his country; If he is not a Bolshevik, he sells his country and becomes a patriot. This is a very complex issue. I’m not feeling well. (That man was my father)
  • Because I don’t love myself enough to miss someone. Because I know very well that desire is the sickest feeling of the human soul. To glorify oneself, to exaggerate, to force oneself into a man’s place, and to disguise oneself with a kind of humility by presenting these flawed feelings to someone else as if it were not enough. Just a lame mood. (There is a void in me)
  • I’m so tired now … and I have no time to lose. I have to start being myself again. I have to catch and melt all the wrong values ​​one intruder after another. (Elephants cross go)
  • Sometimes life hits you in the back. The love you hope for never comes because you are waiting in the wrong place. You see the wrong love, the wrong people, the wrong life; Sometimes you go sensitively, sometimes you find yourself in their arms. If you lose hope you can’t live, life means hope; If you do not lose it, you will struggle in the same place. Sometimes he ran to himself and fell down. When you run to someone else, you realize that you are running for something, there is no one where you are running. (False life)
  • ‘What an irresponsible, incompetent society. ‘(No one will survive this book)
  • There is rhythm in the song which is played only for deep love, there is irregular suicide in his voice, there is behind the mirror (An old boy)
  • God, I don’t want to believe it, but that man, that man is my father! (That man was my father)
  • Kids don’t want to grow up, so we decay and shrink (They kissed me wrong)
  • Everyone is a stranger to their own life, a spectator to another life. (False life)
  • Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first.They kissed me wrong)
  • Time heals everything. Even the greatest hardships turn to dust over time and rot in the lonely corners of memory. That is why every human being, from the most loyal to the most suckling of raw milk, becomes equal to the highest emotion, “forgetting”. Antidote to forgotten pain. People cannot live without forgetting. (False life)
  • O reader, what is told in this book is not your story. Because you have no story to tell. It never happened. They have! (Devil Tools)
  • Don’t look at me with love; The sound of gunfire inside meRoads are not single)
  • “Everyone has elephants of different colors and shades and elephants always go diagonally. That’s the rule. My elephant doesn’t go diagonally. That’s all.” (Elephants cross go)
  • All levels of my thinking can only be defined by the opacity of the pale green-washed walls. (Elephants cross go)
  • Fanzines are the opposite of popular culture products. (Devil Tools)
  • Mom, I’m telling you, don’t die if this happens.An old boy)
  • When everyone draws a picture of themselves it becomes interesting to be ordinary. (There is a void in me)

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