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Balikesir (UAV) – BalikesirFollowing the sentencing last week for the deaths of 10-year-old Bura Karabakak and Tuge Yildirim, who were murdered in Turkey 16 years ago, the bereaved families have both celebrated and poured their hearts into the graves of their children. Two of the suspects have been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the acquittal of two could not alleviate the heartache of the bereaved family, whose cries did not stop demanding their ‘execution’.

The bodies of Bura Karabakak and Tuge Yildirim, who went missing on their way to school on March 21, 2006, were found wrapped in a bag in a culvert near Chamurlu district 44 days later, on their way to school in the rural Karakala district of Savstep district. After 11 years on suspicion of murdering Karabakak and Yildirim, SY, AY, YE, A.Ç. They were arrested in Izmir on September 8, 2017, the suspects were arrested by the court that brought them, and were released on October 21, 2017, for not matching the DNA samples taken from the children’s fingernails. Two of the suspects, who were released after family objections and sending DNA samples to another institution, were re-arrested at a June 8 hearing. Following the verdict, SA and AA were sentenced to life imprisonment, while YE and A.A., who were on trial, were acquitted.

Aye Yildirim: “If my daughter had lived, she would have been 26 years old.”

After the decision was announced, mother Hanif Karabakak, father Mustafa Karabakak and other mothers Aye Yildirim, who visited their children’s graves, visited the graves of their children. “It’s been 16 years. It’s been 16 years. We’re ashamed to come to this child’s grave. Now our new trial is over. There were 4 suspects, 2 of them were sentenced to life imprisonment,” said Yildirim. Still sorry.Because two of them have entered, three of them are out. More likely they are out. They didn’t let them all in. We had a nervous breakdown there as a result of the court. The men don’t make noise. They say we don’t know Karakalor village. We do not know, we do not know the children, we do not know the families. They do not know the village of Karakalor, but ‘Halit’ Yıldırım ‘is standing in front of the house. He asks the judge,’ Children, has it passed? Why didn’t they correct the mistake of forensic medicine? There is no law. I have such a law against it. These murderers need to be executed. I have to see with my own eyes after execution. There was a place? Our children were in school. They were young Sea is going to be a girl, they are going to be women now. Will our children be as treacherous as they are? My daughter would be 26 years old if she were alive today. I’m so sorry to see your young friends. From now on. Whatever I want from the authorities, there is still DNA in the nails of our children. Not yet found. I want it. They have tricked our kids into going to school. They have used the goodwill of our children. They say we did not come to Karakalor village. They have come to Karakalor village. I have been saying from the beginning that there is a woman in this business, “he said.

Hanif Karabakak: “I can smell my daughter from under the ground”

Hanif Karabakak emphasized the issue of execution. “We are 16 years behind. It’s justice, not justice. They killed two children. Two children became criminals, but those who kill children are wandering around. They are left behind. Two of them have been arrested,” Karabakak said. There are three more. Maybe there are more. Why wasn’t he arrested? The man who took our child and cheated. A. They didn’t come to jail. How do you know how those children went? Why? Halit Yলldিরrিমm’s house passed by. How does he know about Halিতt Yলldিরrm? Our lawyer, our children carried them without a penny in their hands. It should be enforced so that no one can reach anyone’s children. So everyone should hear that they have been executed. So they have no right to eat or drink there. Our children are rotten in the ground. Gone. I can smell it. My child would have been 26 years old if he had survived. They have separated our children from their friends. Their three siblings are different from each other. They are different. No one had the right. Holidays are coming, we don’t want them because they don’t exist. We have no side, “he said.

Mostafa Karabakak: “These are the Gang of 5”

Father Mostafa Karabakak, ” JudgmentJustice, justice. But justice has not yet been done. We demand justice from the state of the Republic of Turkey. At the very least, we want the suspects behind these children to be caught and punished severely. They are a team of five. They are all perverted. What do you want from my brother, a 10 year old boy? He stopped a child eating lunch and continued his education and took him in a car and finally started in Karakal and ended with a culvert in the muddy village. What was the purpose? What were your ambitions? What happened? It’s a pity, isn’t it? You have greatly annoyed us and the people of Turkey. Damn, bastards don’t call them people. Traitor. Busra was born on Friday. It’s Friday. The incident of throwing children on the ground coincided with Friday. 22nd April 2022. Friday is also the day of judgment in the case. So it can’t be a big coincidence. Yes. This means that Allah Almighty has brought them all together on such a happy day. As a result of three Fridays, Allah will intercede for them. I hope God will give them a place in heaven. We want the remaining people to be arrested, especially those who have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Let the Turkish people see this situation in public by hanging them and actually executing them. No one should have such an intention towards their children or grandchildren. We want him hanged too. But the rest of YE, A.Ç. Here. A suspect, a witness. There are 3 more people involved in the incident, who cannot be identified at the moment. There are workers in this business, there are instigators. We want them to receive the harshest punishment and go to jail, “he said.

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