Best Penelope Cruz Movies – Top Movies List and Recommendations

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Moviegoers must have heard of the world-famous Penelope Cruz movie. Film is a whole that carries all the images obtained from a scene in the movie industry. Of course, there are major roles and supporting roles in the film. People like to watch all the movies of these actors of their choice. Penelope Cruz’s movies are one of the most watched movies in the world for this reason.

The best Penelope Cruz movie

Before going to the Penelope Cruz movie, let’s get to know the famous actress. Penelope Cruz is a female film actress who was born on April 28, 1974. This famous actor is 47 years old today. The Oscar-winning Spanish artist is also a model.

She danced in her old days and went to America for a TV series. The artist, who is known as a philanthropist in his daily life, has children and siblings.

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Penelope Cruz is referred to as the Spanish Queen in her home country. Here are the best Penelope Cruz movies:

The white devil

Caribbean pirates in unknown tides


Open your eyes

Corelli’s mandolin

New Year

The White Devil is a film about the life of a small entrepreneur’s son. This boy knows that his family is working hard to earn money and wants to get rid of these difficulties. As an adult, he conditioned himself on avoiding financial difficulties. After that, he immigrated to California. Here he became involved in the drug trade. In a life spent in prison, he met Penelope Cruz, his real name.

The Caribbean pirate, as it is known, tells of Captain Jack’s adventures in the mysterious sea. Penelope Cruz is one of the big cast names who shared the performance with Captain Jack here.

Penelope Cruz has played the lead role in the movie Return. It tells the story of a woman and her older sister who work multiple jobs to support her family. Her older sister, on the other hand, is not a warrior like her brother.

Open Your Eyes tells the story of a young man who knows what he wants from himself, one night he meets a woman who is interested and the next emotional moment. With this young man is his real name Penelope Cruz.

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Corelli’s Mandolini, on the other hand, tells the story of a Greek island occupied by the Italians in 1940. Penelope Cruz starred in Corelli’s Mandolini.

The New Year’s movie is about a widowed publisher whose mother is sick and in need of a Christmas miracle. Penelope Cruz is playing a leading role in this.

List of most viewed movies and recommendations

The reason Penelope Cruz is mentioned as the Queen of Spain is that despite being 47 years old, the actress has a well-groomed and beautiful body. He was praised for being a Mediterranean man and loving. He also has unique acting talent. Here is a list of the 12 most viewed Penelope Cruz movies we can recommend to you:

The white devil

jamon jamon

Open your eyes

Vanilla sky

Broken hug


Barcelona Barcelona

Caribbean pirates in unknown tides

In Rome with love

Over the clouds

There is no news of God

Don’t stay

Let’s talk a little bit about Penelope Cruz’s other movies that we mentioned above and recommended in the title.

Jamon Jamon is the movie where the American adventure begins and the Penelope Cruz actress is first discovered. The film won an Oscar in 1992 for Best Foreign Language Film.

Vanilla Sky is a psychological thriller starring Penelope Cruz. This film attracts attention with its music. It is the most popular and most important film of Penelope Cruz’s career.

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Broken Hug, on the other hand, is a strangely terrifying movie. This movie tells a passionate and exciting love story. It is impossible not to appreciate the attraction of Penelope Cruz while watching the movie.

Barcelona Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, has become one of Penelope Cruz’s most popular films in recent years. Lose yourself in the story of the movie. Because the movie has a strong story and successful acting.

Above the Clouds is a period film starring Penelope Cruz. We wanted to include it in the list of suggestions because it is a immersive and complete film.

To Rome With Love will take you on a 2 hour trip to Europe. You can experience different events by going on this trip with Penelope Cruz.

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There is no news from God, on the other hand, a Penelope Cruz movie that should definitely be included in the list of recommendations, even if it is not popular. In this movie, you will see the famous actor’s youthful years in full.

Stay away from the movie is known as a romantic movie. The film is also known as a multi-award winning film. Penelope Cruz fascinated herself with her great performance in the love story in the movie.

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