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The last victim of the scandal is the famous coach Bulent Uygun. It turned out that a man named Ulas Birihan, who introduced himself as a DNA expert on a television channel, had tricked dozens of people, including coach Bulent Uygun, into saying “my cousin is the general manager of National Real Estate.” With the promise of buying land.

It was revealed that Ulas Birihan, who introduced himself as a DNA expert and appeared on television, cheated millions of lira on many people, including the famous coach Bulent Uygun.

According to Sabah newspaper; According to the complaint prepared by the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office; Ulas Birihan met with Bullent Uygun through FIFA manager Sam Simsek. During the interview, Ulas Birihan introduced himself as a person close to high-ranking politicians. Unsatisfied, he even said that he was a relative of the general manager of National Real Estate. He gave confidence by mentioning important names. He said that the lands of General Department would be sold through tender and he could help those who wanted to buy.

Confidence and success to get thousands of lira

After the conversation, Sam Simsek reported the situation to former national football player and coach Bulent Uygun and a friend named Halit Olkan. The names of the three wanted to tender for the purchase of a plot of land in Karasu district of Sakaria. In fact, Bulent Uygun, who was a football coach in Qatar at the time, ran his business through his friend Kaffar Karadamir. Ulas Birihan takes his so-called friends to Karasu and shows him the land. He has also submitted several documents related to the location of the land to strengthen the trust. Then, under the direction of Ulas Birihan, 3 names handed over a total of 300,000 liras out of 100,000 to enter the land tender. During the sale process, he told them to wait outside and after a while returned with the receipt after depositing the money.

The second highlight on Bullet Uyghur

Ulas Birihan, who believed that they would own the land after 4-5 months, said, “It is enough to pay 50,000 lira per person because the tax has been waived, and I will provide the land at a lower cost” and another 160,000 lira was handed over. . Unsatisfied, the fraudster advised Bulent Uygun to buy two separate plots of land in Büyükçekmece and Çeşme. He also meant. Through his suitable friends, he gave a total of 48,650 lira, 125,000 dollars in hand and 7,650 lira from the bank.

Even his wife’s daughter

Although it was late, the victims lodged a complaint after finding out that Ulas Birihan had cheated with others. Within the opportunity to start the investigation, it was determined that there are cases against dozens of people in the same manner, the suspect even cheated her by selling her husband’s house.

DNA experts are also fake

The scandal did not end there. The prosecution determined that the suspect identified himself as a DNA specialist, but worked for a firm. But the prosecutor’s office’s most important decision was that the suspect lacked expertise in the sector, and he also harmed the company’s doctors. For this reason, it was determined that there was an investigation against him and that there was also a fraud case against him regarding DNA comparison activities.

He said I gave Uygun a house, it went out

The Prosecutor’s Office has written to the General Directorate of National Real Estate. The results of the correspondence were not surprising, as no action was taken on the part of the victims. It was further proved that the receipts and contracts given by him to the victims were fake. Ulas Birihan, who has no business that he does not cheat, did not accept the allegations in his statement, but said he met with relatives of the victims to request a purchase of the land and received some money from the victims. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. However, the land registry office determined that no real estate had been transferred to Uyghur.

Significant fraud from the prosecutor’s office

After all these incidents, an arrest warrant was issued for Ulas Birihan, who disappeared in thin air. The prosecutor’s office, on the other hand, said in a statement that it had obtained a “fraudulent statement” alleging “he had a close relationship with senior officials, took money, and defrauded plaintiffs with false documents.”

He lost millions of lira to 26 years in prison

Bullet Uyghur lost 2 million 481 thousand lira, 638 thousand 850 lira and a total of 125 thousand dollars, 150 thousand lira of Sem Simek and plaintiff Halit Olkan lost 160 thousand lira, the prosecutor’s office said of the suspect, “because he had a relationship. He filed a lawsuit seeking a total of 26 years and 3 months in prison for the offenses of “forgery with promise of employment” and “forgery of government documents”.

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