Families of Gezi prisoners: “It’s up to us to get them out now”

Reactions to the decision to convict Gezi continue. The families of Mücella Yapıcı, Tayfun Kahraman, Can Atalay and Ali Hakan Altınay demanded an end to the arrests and the return of their sentences.

According to Birgun’s Dilan Essen, Kansu Yapisi, the daughter of master architect Musela Yapisi, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison and imprisoned in the Bakarki Women’s Prison, said, “Everyone asks me: What are you waiting for? I mean, we didn’t expect it, but I can’t say it. “Indicating that he had been acquitted twice before, Yapisi said that all the justification for resisting Gazi has been proven before the law and the public.” It’s scary to look at decisions from the point of view of citizens who want to live. My mother and friends have been arrested without any evidence, without any legal process, without any judicial process. “Even if I don’t know these people, the picture is terrible,” he said.

The manufacturer says:

“So we can all be arrested at any moment because we want to protect our constitutional rights and the city. My mother’s defense is the same in every trial. My defense will be the same after 56 years,” she said. A chance to see Çiğdem and my mom. They set up an arrangement. Çiğdem and my mom live together. My mom says she’s peace loving. She wanted to teach sex, she wanted his notes. No. He said, “I am at peace here, knowing that he is right and proper. And now it is up to us to meet them outside.”

“Those who have signed this political decision will be brought to justice and we will see those days.”

His wife, who is a city planner like Taifun Kahraman. Merrich Demir Kahraman insisted the decision was political, not legal. Kahraman described the case as “a political case, not a legal one”.

“Even if Typhoon, Kan and Musela are acquitted, unfortunately the Gazi trial becomes a factor for what happened in Turkey in different ways. They find nothing, they won’t get anything. We are on very hard ground. They have spent their lives working professionally. They are our friends, my wife, who should not be inside for even one day. It is very unreasonable … Those who signed this political decision will be judged before the real law and we will see those days. My story of marrying Taifun was Gazi. At that time Taifun was there as the head of the chamber with his jacket and shirt and this is the story of my falling in love with Taifun. He was a chamber president who wanted to keep the park as a park there. I gave in and then got married. Those who signed this political decision will be punished against the real law. Their heads are high, their morale is good, their health is good. “

“If democracy is to come to this country, if green is to be protected, if conscience is to be awakened, our children have a lot of work to do,” said Shakran Atale, mother of lawyer Can Atalay, who is being held in Silvery Prison. Atale used the following statement:

“Please don’t forget anyone. When rapists, drug dealers, murderers and bribe takers were roaming the country, conscientious and well-meaning people were punished for their opposition. When I interviewed him, he said he had a yard and a ball. They were happy with even a ball. ”

Mustafa Yalkin Atale, Ken Atale’s father, also said that there was a kind of theater play to punish. Mentioning that a crime was committed without evidence, Atale said:

“False evidence was made earlier, but there is no evidence, there is crime. The defense of both the lawyer and the accused was limited. The judges of the delegation were purposely appointed here. They provide a feed to employers. If the people do not take a democratic stand, it can happen to anyone. We know Mücella from many years old. He is a good architect, socialist and socialist. Typhoon’s struggle is equivalent to Musela’s. Our son is a lawyer and City Advocate. He is a lawyer for the Chamber of Architects. Kan Atale is also a human rights defender. He became a family lawyer in the murder case in Soma, which began with a legal battle to seize the property of the people of Sulukul and our 11 children who died in the dormitory in Aladag, the children who died in Korlu. , And those who died in the fireworks explosion at Hendeke. We will fight to get our friends out as soon as possible. There is no salvation alone, all together or nothing. “

Hakan Altine. Deniz Altınay, who is both Altınay’s sister and lawyer, said the decision was “very illegal to make a legal assessment,” adding that he did not expect to be convicted.

Altınay also underlined that there is no evidence, and continued as follows:

“As the judge wrote in his dissent, the evidence and the warping are illegal. Even if it is considered valid for a moment, there is nothing here that could cause a crime or punishment. The fact that the third judge was a candidate for the AKP parliamentary candidate, his wife was a FETO confessor, did not withdraw when he should have withdrawn from the file in this case and on the grounds of “prolonging” the rejection of our judge’s request. The trial “proved once again that there is no court that can give a fair trial to this case. You are defending, they do not listen to the defense and they decide with such a judge. The books my brother wrote were translated into the language of the world He has lectured at universities such as Sabanci and Kok, and is the director of the Bogazisi European School of Politics, a school of the Council of Europe in Turkey. His wife, Hande, has been banned from traveling abroad for several years. Hande, an academic, was supposed to give lectures abroad, but they could not go, their lives were more limited. “

“I know you’re a better person than I am. I know you love this country more than I do and work harder to make it better. Algebra has nothing to do with violence. He always worked on the concept of good and conscience, thinking about how we can live better together. You take this person and sentence him to 18 years in prison without any evidence of rape, violence. When any information, data reaches you, you file it in your head and keep it inside you. It is not possible to file a complaint against this decision, the file cabinet was destroyed in this decision. But we are right and we will put an end to this injustice. On the one hand the filing cabinet is destroyed, but there is a great solidarity. I am not a criminal lawyer, because of this case I have become acquainted with criminal lawyers. I learned from them that ‘everyone is seen when they go to jail’.

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