Foreign students come to the festival with Gaziantep culture

Gaziantep (UAV) – GaziantepMuslim students from many countries studying in Turkey, such as Congo, Ghana, Algeria, India and Pakistan, have spent Eid al-Fitr at their families’ homes in Gaziantep. The students, who started the holiday with a round meal according to Gaziantep tradition, spent Ramadan Feast with Gaziantep culture in their home.

Foreign Muslim students studying at Gaziantep University welcome Eid al-Fitr with their families from Gaziantep to their home during the month of Ramadan. Within the framework of the project organized in partnership with Gaziantep University (GAÜN) International Student Office and Gaziantep City Council, foreign students from Gaziantep visit families and enjoy the atmosphere of Eid-ul-Fitr at home. Students, who used to sit at their family’s Iftar table during regular breaks in the month of Ramadan, spend Eid-ul-Fitr at their family home from Gaziantep, far away from their families.

They start feasting with the round

The students, who were again family guests for the “Rounding” meal, which is an essential part of Gaziantep’s banquet breakfast, tasted Gaziantep’s special “Rounding” meal. After the rounding round, the students were served Gaziantep’s unique kahke, carbic and pistachio cookies, and the students celebrated Ramadan in the tradition of Gaziantep.

Noting that these students will talk about the holidays they spent in Gaziantep, perhaps 30 years later, Asim Mihakoulu, chairman of the city council’s history commission, historian Asim Mihakoulu, said: “There were good returns from many families. So these relationships will continue. “

200 students were family guests on Eid of Ramadan “

Mıhçıoğlu says it is believed that people sitting at tables other than relatives, kin and neighbors in Gaziantep increase the fertility of the house and say they have prepared the project as Gaziantep City Council and GAÜN. Noting that other city council commissions have also supported the project, Mıhçıoğlu said, “Both the family and the students were very happy. About 200 students participated in the project. During Ramadan, 150 of our students went to have Iftar with their families. The number of family guests has increased to 200. Each has arranged Iftar for 3-5 students according to their situation. All these children live in dormitories here. They have to enter the family environment and sit at the family table, especially when your city is far away. They should not be alone for Iftar. They are from India, Pakistan, Central Asia. They are from Turkey, “he said.

“Students need to know the culture of the city”

M এইhçıoğlu emphasized that these students would now feel related to the city in which they would study, referring to what they now call the Diaspora in Turkey. Emphasizing that students should also learn about family structure, home environment and food culture of the city, Mıhçıoğlu said, “For example, we start Ramadan with a round meal. This is our main theme. We serve it. We should tell them about this tradition. Because when they return to their hometowns, they should tell us about it and we should not forget them. ” Tell us about yourself even after 30 years. There have been good returns from many families. The families of the children have met our families from Antep. So these relationships will continue, “he said.

“The house I went to was treated like my mother.”

Algerian graduate student Sumei, who was a guest at Mıhçıoğlu’s house within the framework of the project, expressed that he loves the people of Gaziantep. Sümeyye said the Iftar and banquet tour was very good and said, “I called my mother the night before the project and said, ‘I’ve been in Turkey for 3 years. I haven’t been to any family. I haven’t felt that way.’ She acted like my mother. I felt the feeling of motherhood. Gaziantep cooking is really great. I gained 3 kg during Ramadan. The food was also good, but especially the sweets were better, “she said.

Mohammad Farooq from India, who is studying business administration at GAÜN, says he has not been able to eat fast-breaking meals with his family for years because of being away from his family. Noting that they went to several families to eat Ramadan during this year’s Ramadan, Farooq said that what they felt was a very good feeling. – Gaziantep

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