Gender Equality and Pippi Longstings! Naked Nedim writes …

Although this concept is not used periodically in Turkey, “Gender Equality”The notion of children’s literature based on the concept of children’s literature began to manifest itself in the late 70’s. To begin this process CEM Publishing HouseOf “Friend book” The series has published Erdal Oz Has made a pioneering contribution. SelfTranslated books (from both modernists and conservatives) that could provoke serious reactions at the time brought a new concept to the field.

The first verse of PP Ujunkorap

Foremost among these PP Longstaking ‘Truck. As can be seen from the picture, the book was published in 1979 (World Year of the Child), and the author of the book was Astrid Lindgren, 1978. Frankfurt Book FairInside “World’s Best Children’s Writer” Has been selected.

Why is the book important?

What makes the book important and valuable is the book that has been published so far, in which the girl is the heroine, teaches them only motherhood and companionship and is considered very normal in this social context. PippiStrong, smart, and capable of reflecting the antagonistic features of both social life and the education system, who can come to a town with his horse and take the horse home with a hug and hug the horse. And take me to the porch of the palace.

The book, which received a great response in its own country at the time of its publication, was met with a backlash, especially from conservative women’s associations. We can say that this reaction has reached the stage of taking him to court.

However, at the end of the process LindgrenAs a result, it has gained a reputation in the country and in the world. Those who have finally responded “World’s Best Writer” Honored with the title.

Anyway Pippi Longstuckings It took him a long time to realize his true identity. When translated into French, shown as a beautiful girl Pippi, Facing the situation of changing the original text. This type of woman type is not acceptable in the cultural context, so she has been portrayed as a beautiful girl.

Similarly when translated into German PippiIt is unacceptable that she is a strong girl PippiIts huge horse was not suitable for lifting, a pony type horse was preferred instead.

First translation into Turkish

Pippi Longstuckings First translated from French into Turkish. While checking old books in my library I found the translation with its picture. Books Erdal Oz Published by If translator “Sami”. It seems like a tradition since the time of the Ottoman Empire to include names only among female translators, but it seems to have focused on something other than adhering to this tradition.

Erdal Oz‘S wife Samie Oz In later books Samie Oz Included, but not in this book Samiya This is an important testimony for publications and researchers.

Influence of 1978, 1979, 1980 on the history of Turkish publishing

978 is a date on which the status of children’s literature was written in world history and it is an indicator of that. Astrid Lindgren‘S The greatest children’s literature in the world The author is announced.

It affected us, too, and a year later, in 1979, Baby World Year Children’s literature was reconsidered through separate celebrations in our country and famous writers were asked to contribute in this regard. Yasar Kamal, Oktaya Iqbal …) Books were printed for children.

Also during this period Ankara Mayor Vedat Daloke For kids “COLO” Wrote a book. Moreover, TOBDER He published a proclamation on children’s literature and emphasized on freeing children’s literature from the influence of idealistic philosophy.

Also this year, some books selected from adult literature were sent to children’s literature, which caused a great deal of controversy.

However, not all of these developments complete their evolutionary process. September 12 coup It happened and everything was frozen. Publishing houses and bookstores have been shut down, and the relationship between people and books has been silenced.

Muzir Publishing and PP Longstos Protection Act!

It was issued for various purposes in the early days of the Republic. “Law to protect children from harmful publications” During this time it was rediscovered and for this reason children’s books began to be banned.

Pippi Longstuckings The book, which protects the freedom and equality of independent, free children and women, had to be sold in a bag in the 80’s.

More interestingly, in the early 80’s TRTReleased as a TV series in 1997 Pippi Longstuckings Teachers at the time, in particular, complained that it encouraged mischief, criticized the education system and questioned the social structure, and the series was immediately canceled.

When we look at today, it is seen that parents carry this burden and have a responsibility like supervision of literature (!).

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