Nazmi Simsek – Trying to understand the child

A child is a sapling, no matter how it is grafted, it takes root and develops; It bears fruit according to the conditions of the ripening process and keeps the sherbet according to the perfection of the people around it. What a person has in childhood is almost the same as what an adult does. “When a man is seventy years old, he is seven years old.” Our proverb just meets that. It is important to consider that the child can have a child and live up to his or her childhood needs. It should not be forgotten that a child will spend his youth after a certain age till the end of his life.

Children are intelligent and know how to adapt to social norms in a short time. They are good observers, adapting to the environment without the guidance of others. They don’t have to be driven by pressure. The positive development of this harmony is directly proportional to the behavior of the people around him. A healthy child is a child who develops by living the reality of life.

The child needs love, but like everything else, the measure of love needs to be set well. The real love is to be with her instead of the protective and sensitive approach. Trusting him, showing him understanding, giving him confidence, approving of what he does is the purest form of love, it is one of the positive behaviors.

The child that is naturally intelligent and smart, if left to himself, his abilities will be more easily revealed. The child who is forced to act according to the rules due to environmental influences begins to lose his sincerity and begins to lose his originality as a result of following the objectives. The child perceives and understands the world with its own reality and maintains the reality. The child again determines what is best for the child. He is responsible for his actions. The joy, happiness and happiness that he will get is his.

It is important that children reach the stage of “becoming themselves” by benefiting from its impact on the acquisition of personality awareness. The child’s judgment by his behavior within a certain period of time may leave an irreparable mark. Children may show different behaviors with short circuits and they may give up these behaviors after a while. Insulting satire such as naughty, ugly, mentally handicapped children; At the same time, being too smart, talented and hardworking is not conducive to the development of the child. It is important not to overdo it with criticism and praise, as this will disrupt the normal course of children’s personality development.

When the educational environment created for children is created considering the characteristics of the children and prepared to a level that can attract their attention, then they will become an educational environment for the child. Considering the child’s originality, what is appropriate is to make the environment suitable for the child in all aspects, as is usually done, rather than adapting the child to the environment.

Compared to other organisms, the human child is the animal that is most dependent on its parents. Due to its slow development, it needs adults for food, drink, shelter and care. Despite this need, the child should not be brought up with a dependent attitude, and the child should be aware that he has an open personality.

The environments that give the child the freedom to be themselves will enable the child to embrace the environment and be happy to be there as it will appeal to his feelings. Educational institutions should be conducive to the physical, mental and spiritual structure of the children and work accordingly. A healthy child is a child who develops by living the reality of life. A curriculum and education system that will not contribute to the development of the child’s personality far from the reality of life.

The creativity of children who grow up in a theoretical environment according to the rules becomes dull and they do not find opportunities to develop themselves. The free environment is the environment that allows the emergence of creativity. Regrets, thanks to the country, the family, the environment and the standard structure of the school; It is filled with children who do what they are told without question, humble, submissive to authority, afraid of criticism.

“Don’t touch it, you won’t understand. You’ll break it. If you don’t eat it, it won’t grow. If you run, you’ll get tired. You’ll drown while swimming.” When words underlying threats and intimidation are used, the child’s confidence in life is shattered and his or her faith weakened. The result is a shy personality. Learning helplessness manifests itself in such an environment, develops and begins to find a place in a person’s behavior at a young age.

The first seven years of a baby are very important. The child should have the opportunity to be his own in the years in which personality development begins. The child that grew up in an influential environment is stuck in the rules; He becomes a man who does what is expected of him and is condemned as a slave. Parents and educators, the truth of life; Instead of teaching by creating a monotonous structure with limitations and restrictions, it should provide children with a free environment that will build their well-being and beauty.

Advice and counsel is adult behavior that children do not like and cannot easily accept. Since counselors and counselors dominate the imposition of what they know, this advice and counsel naturally creates a counter-reaction within the addressee. It will not be possible to achieve the desired behavior in such an environment.

Note: Next week I will share with you the topic “General needs of children”.

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