Serder Ortak talks to Omar Gadik: If I hadn’t left Cecil

* What do you say to the cost of living? – Life is very expensive, that’s the truth. But not just in us, but in the whole world. * Do you tighten your belt? – Everything indexed in foreign currency is expensive. Since I am Serdar Ortaç, I will not buy a new model phone. I don’t spend money on anything. Same shoe, 10th year. I’ve taken a lot in my time. My body is the same. * But the money went on time … – Yes. I had a gamble, God hurt me. I wonder how I got this house at such a high cost even today. I was buying the most expensive of all. That’s nonsense. Now I press the “cheapest” filter when shopping online. I buy the first product to come my way. * How long has it been like this? – This has been going on for 10 years since the illness. Nothing else matters to me. I just think that my lonely, peaceful life ends in this house. Let me die in this house, don’t lose home. * What does money mean to you? – Money doesn’t matter, but a lot. When we have money, you get respect. Licking around. Young people like to make money easily. They don’t do heavy work. * Are you a good lover? – I treat her like a queen. * Have you ever cheated? – In the past, during the “My Black Pepper” era, maybe I cheated. But I didn’t do it when I started public relations with someone. My body does not accept it, I vomit. I am like my father. He sat under the same woman for 40 years. * Look, now my mind is slowly changing, you are the ideal man then. – I never bowed to my ego and I never fell. I wouldn’t choose a woman to cheat on anyway. I choose a woman who puts it for me, no one is above it. * So you’re saying “I’m not influenced by the women around me”? – I will not be affected, my age of seeing left and right has passed. I understand young people, the most important thing for them is women and sex. They may even feel successful in life. The goal is not even a job, “Will this woman like me” … This job is for men between the ages of 20 and 30. You did it, you don’t have to deal with it later. * What would you say to a horned goat? For those who are chasing young girls? – I hate it. This is also not acceptable. Women don’t like them either. * You didn’t skip live broadcasts on social media during the epidemic, why? – I was very upset at home, it was my only job. I think we are all very upset. A; Social media, two; Extreme. It has been done with our lives. Social media has destroyed humanity. We see billionaires around the world asking, “Why don’t we have a life like that?” We say. Brain dead people. * How is your day going now? – Breakfast, walking, I’m going down to Reşitpaşa, chatting with the coffee maker, chatting with the fishermen, dinner alone. Anyway concert every day. It is full every day from May to October. Last year I worked to pay off my debts. Now I want my orchestra not to be hungry. * There is no way you can relate to this speed. – It was with Seçil. We went to a lot of concerts together … no one can blow my mind anymore * Did you close the paternity book? – It passed me. * There is no such thing as “pass” among men. You can have children at any age. Even women become mothers in old age. – Isn’t that sad for the boy? If I become a father at the age of 52, my child will start school at the age of 60. Maybe she will get married at the age of 80 when she is going to go to a nursing home. Shall I cut the wedding ribbon in Darussalam? * Okay, maybe you see someone who will blow your mind. She wants to take a child with you. Big talk. – No one can take my mind away. I do not want. If I weren’t a singer, I’d be the mayor * if I told you something about you that you didn’t say before … – Unfortunately, they know everything about me. I have no secrets. * What would you do if you sang without writing a song? – I’ll be the mayor. I would fix the city. I can do anything to help people. * Have you donated your organs? – The transaction is currently in progress. I donate all the useful organs. There are many legal complications. When you say “take” like this, you can’t give. I hope they make it easy, but people will forgive more. * There is a trend that started with Gulsen. Women are also on the agenda with clothes on stage. – If I were a woman, I would wear whatever I wanted. Because this is the stage. You are on stage that you are different. Of course, don’t miss the rope. As Gülşen; If I had that beauty, I would do it. Beautiful women. * When was the last time you went on vacation? – 7 years ago, I took a 20 day vacation in Miami. * With Chloe, I guess. Are you upset when news comes out about him? – Get away from me. The woman who keeps the lien on my house is my enemy. Shame shame. We are not running away, we will pay your money. I just paid every penny. I didn’t eat, I didn’t drink, I worked, I crawled on stage, I paid. * Why pay so much? – I gave, my stupidity. I said, “You made me a wife” and I gave. There has never been such a legal issue. I am blessed again. I said, “The young girl should manage her life, she should travel as much as I can, she should be dusty, she should not be in the UK”. Up to Lien. They were snatching my house from me. What could be worse? Did you marry me to buy my house? * Who is the most beautiful woman in the world to you? – My mother. Well, nothing more. I always worked on holidays * I would ask about old holidays. Do you remember – I used to go to my grandparents. I used to climb mulberry trees and collect mulberry. Sweets were distributed, pockets were filled with candy. But my period was always full of rows. People will tail oil tubes. We used to sell bagels in rows. * Now, holidays mean working for us and giving concerts. – Our profession comes easily to people. But it is such a difficult task. If I could just sit in front of it and eat without singing on the stage. It cannot be tasted. I always worked on holidays and on New Year’s Eve. But I’m not complaining at all, because work has given me a super life. * Thanks. I hope this interview will plant the seeds of Serdar Ortaç documentary. Finally, what do you want to say to your audience? – Thank you too. I looked at the documentary, yes. I want to tell those who read us; I love those who listen to me. One way or another, I’ve come across a lot of random roads. God made my mind, I am old, my age is very good. Thanks everyone.

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