The number of Covid-19 active cases has come down to minus!

The Ministry of Health, which has been criticized for leaking information during the coronavirus epidemic, has signed a landmark scandal. The number of active coronavirus cases in Turkey has dropped to minus, according to official figures released by the ministry. This was evidence that the ministry was hiding the real information, experts criticized the situation.


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The Ministry of Health, which was criticized for not sharing data such as actual cases and deaths during the coronavirus epidemic, has proved that the actual data was not shared with the public with the new scandal being signed. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, the number of active coronavirus cases in Turkey was -4776.

The health ministry announced yesterday that 1,924 new cases had been identified, nine had died of the disease and 8,302 had recovered.

Conducting public studies on data analysis across epidemics, Professor. Dr. Fatih Tank said that with the latest information, the number of active cases in Turkey has dropped to minus.

“First in the world !!! The spear doesn’t fit in the sack …” Tank said. Has entered the account, ”he said.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Health, 15 million 30 thousand 321 cases have been identified in Turkey so far, 98 thousand 760 people have lost their lives and 14 million 936 thousand 337 people have recovered. According to this number, the number of active cases in Turkey till yesterday was minus 4,617. [15,030,321-(14,936,337+98760)=-4776] Took place as

This situation is also reflected in the table on the WorldMeter site, where global coronavirus case data has been compiled.

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Experts are critical

The questionable scandal was criticized by data experts and health professionals.

Professor Dr. Hasan Gulu said on his personal Twitter account, “The number of active cases means the number of PCR positive people in any given day (we know that). Today we have reached the number of negative active cases that we joked about yesterday. So we have something to take away from the epidemic. We will drop out of future lawsuits, “he wrote.

Software developer Jackie Burke, who analyzed the data during the epidemic, said: “The number of those who have recovered and died is 4776 more than the total number of cases,” he said.

Professor of Public Health. Dr. On the other hand, Haihan Pal said, “The number of active cases is counted as negative (-47) as per the notification of the Ministry of Health for the number of Kavid-19 cases, death and recovery!” The Ministry of Health has signed the first agreement in the world! These results cannot be explained by epidemiology; Let’s see how the members of the scientific committee can explain this situation. “

CHP COVID-19 Advisory Board: That’s all

The CHP Covid-19 Advisory Board also issued a statement after the number of cases dropped to minus.

“Finally, it happened; The statement, titled “Number of active cases reduced to minus”, emphasized that the number of minus 4,046 active cases, according to the Ministry of Health, was contrary to epidemiological science. The statement said, “We have repeatedly stated that the data has not been disclosed transparently since the beginning of the epidemic and we have provided it with evidence. The negative active case status that emerged on April 29 is a new testament to the unscientific attitude of the government, the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee.

The statement said, “On April 29, there were 4,776 more cases than confirmed because of those who recovered and died from Covid-19. In other words, it has been proven that during the epidemic process, the Ministry of Health hid the real numbers and declared the numbers unreal. According to the Ministry of Health, there are no cases of Covid-19, but there are those who have recovered. We hope it will be announced soon. “

The statement said, “Such a situation has arisen because the information has been tampered with. The number of negative active cases is a result of lack of transparency in the ministry, against science, not epidemics, but epidemics and populist mentality. , Which is contrary to science, epidemiology and mathematics.We are publicly declaring that it needs to be explained.

Death data have not yet been announced

Meanwhile, death figures for 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic broke out, have not yet been released. Turkstat has answered the question as to why it did not release the data to the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs.

If the death toll for 2020 is announced, the actual situation will be different from the official data of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health, in 2020, introduced the definition of ‘number of patients’ instead of the number of cases, hid the actual number of cases for a long time and after the response, the number of cases returned to the statement. However, the discussion did not stop that the announced numbers were not realistic.

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