When is the school closed? 2021-2022 MEB Summer Vacation Countdown Begins …

After the number of cases decreased, the Ministry of National Education signed a critical decision and started face-to-face education activities on September 8. Although schools were sensitive to masks, social distance and cleanliness, the term did not disrupt education due to the epidemic. Although schools were open at all levels after the coronavirus, the ministry only enforced classroom closures with a high number of cases and contacts. In all the classrooms that were closed, online learning and training activities were started online. As the air temperature rises and in early May, students and their families put in their program the date when the longest vacation, the summer vacation, will begin. So when will the summer vacation start, how long will it last? Here are the details of MEB’s calendar for the 2021-2022 academic year …

When will the school close?

18 million primary, secondary and high school students began face-to-face education this semester on September 6th. Two intermittent vacations were implemented by the Ministry of National Education so that students could rest during the semester. The first semester break was held between 15-19 November.

After the midterm break, the first term in schools ends on Friday, January 21st. Students received their report cards with success grades and completed the semester break between January 24 and February 4. Re-education activities at the school begin on January 7, when the second semester break is held between April 11-15.

Summer vacation start date

According to the calendar published by the Ministry of National Education, the 2021-2022 academic year will end on Friday, June 17 and summer vacation will begin.

Has the summer vacation been extended, how long will it last?

Previously, the duration of summer vacations was different due to the epidemic. As the entire 2021-2022 academic year is held face to face, there will be no change during the summer vacation period this semester. The summer vacation, which begins June 17, lasts 90 days.

Report card will be printed!

The Ministry of National Education has opened report cards for digital access to avoid traffic jams at schools during the epidemic. Families and children who wish to do so receive their report card in print from the school administration. Report card distribution will be held in the classroom environment on Friday, June 17th. In addition to the report card, students will receive a certificate of appreciation and appreciation, also known as a certificate of achievement.


According to the Secondary Education Institutions Regulation of the Ministry of National Education, students are entitled to a certificate of appreciation based on their grade point average. Students who have an average grade point average of between 70 and 84.99 will receive a certificate of appreciation, and a certificate of appreciation of 85 and above.

2021-2022 Class will fail?

During the epidemic, which went through an extraordinary process, the Ministry of National Education took a critical decision and canceled the classroom stay. When education and training activities returned to normal, measurement and evaluation applications were conducted entirely at the school. This semester will be decided according to the rules of failing and passing.

The state of success and absence affect the students passing the class. The limit of unwanted absenteeism in high school is 10 days and in secondary school 20 days. Students who cross this threshold in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades of high school are subject to recurrence. In secondary school, the branch teacher board decides that students will pass the class.

After examination in the second semester, students with a year-end achievement score of less than 45 in any course at the secondary school level may repeat the year. In this case, the last word in case of absence belongs to the branch teacher board. In high school, students who fail the year-end average of 50 and fail 3 courses repeat the class.

Exam schedule announced!

The Ministry of National Education will conduct both the IOKBS, also known as the Scholarship Examination and the High School Entrance Exam (LGS) in 2022. MEB has announced the calendar of exam applications. Besides, the date of university examination has also been announced. Here is the 2022 exam schedule;

2022 test date

The new academic year will start in September!

The 2022-2023 academic year will start in September like the previous year. The Ministry of National Education has not yet published next year’s workbook. However, the summer vacation, which begins in mid-June, is expected to last 90 days, with the new school year beginning in the first week of September.

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