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Citizens and mothers of all ages, who try to make their mothers happy by buying gifts for Mother’s Day on May 8, have shared their feelings with us on this special day. Where young men and women said that their mothers brought them to this day with a lot of effort, they called on their mothers with affectionate words, mothers both expressed their love for their children and expressed that children growing up without love are victims. “Love is at the heart of everything, we see children who grow up without the love of their mother, they are addicted to drugs,” said Hanif Bikar. Children grow up without love they can’t get rid of mistakes, motherhood and very holy fatherhood.Please raise your children with love.

“I love my mother more than anything in the world.”

Fatma Yeniyaras (Beauty Consultant): “I love my mother very much, everyone loves their mother very much, but my mother is something else to me. I will surprise my mother with a gift. I think there are no Mother’s Day, no limits to Valentine’s Day, days that have become commonplace. A person should feel his love for his mother every day. A day cannot be measured by love. From here I tell my mom, “I love you so much mom.”

“I will win for my mother, she was both mother and father to me.”

Bushra Yetkill (Esthetician): “I am going to buy a gift for my mother and give her a nice surprise today. Either way it shouldn’t be something called Mother’s Day, every day is their day, I’m my mother’s victim, I love her so much. Sometimes when I annoy my mom, I’m so sorry, I must do everything to make her happy. My mother struggled alone and brought me to this day when I was 6 years old, she was both a mother to me and a father, I did not miss her, I thank her from here. I hope I will always make her happy, because my mother is really a special woman. “

“I’m working today too, the kids need money.”

Aigul Favorite (Marketer): “I am working and caring for the children. I have to work and my wife works too. We work in the market, I sell vegetables. I have two kids and I work on Mother’s Day because there is school tomorrow and the kids need pocket money. Motherhood cannot be achieved by remembering such days. Wherever I get a job, I do it. “

“Motherhood; unchanging and eternal love”

Rahim Chakmak (Housewife): “Mother’s value cannot be fixed in one day. Fathers also love their children, but not like mothers, they carry them in their wombs, they are out of their minds. Mothers love their children unconditionally. I’m waiting for a gift, of course, my kids will surprise me again. Things like gifts are not important, they are enough for me to be healthy or happy. “

“Not everyone can be a mother”

Hanif Bisar (Cook): “I am just returning from a night shift. I have 2 children. Maternity is nothing but abandonment, remorse and endless love. Not everyone can be a mother, having children and paying for them is not enough. After giving love and not showing interest, parents should not expect anything from that child or question their mistakes. This is how parents get what they give their child, you can’t take what you don’t give, then these children grow up this way.

“Loveless children are victims of error”

Look at the young people who are caught up in countless bad lifestyles like drugs and alcohol, there must be a deficit because of their parents, look at the children who make mistakes, all because of the lack of family love. It is not enough to give birth to such a child, it is not enough to be a mother, fathers also have to fulfill their responsibilities.

“Whatever motherhood is, so is fatherhood.”

We give birth to a child and become a mother, and on the same day, the husband / wife becomes a father. As is motherhood, so is fatherhood. First of all, love needs to be given, there are many children whose parents have never touched their head in their life, it is sad that it is not difficult to show love to these young people. Parents who give their children everything but love must return immediately. “

“It can’t fit a day like that”

Emin Sailan (Housewife): “I have a daughter and a son. There is no such thing as Mother’s Day. Maternity does not end with the birth of a child. Celebrating such a day does not increase the value of motherhood, a non-mother cannot understand. This is very true, every mother tells her children. Mao used to tell us. My children are unmarried, so I tell them if necessary, but when they become mothers, they will understand. I love my kids very much, they are sleeping, I didn’t wake up on holidays, I went out to buy breakfast, we will have a nice breakfast. I don’t look for gifts on these days, I don’t want them to spend money, but they always buy my favorite flowers. Whether they are healthy or happy, it is the best gift for me.

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