He was born, taking his first breath 7 days later

Miran Ayaz, the second child of the Ayegul-Buraq Ayaz couple living in Beatles, is suffering from “diaphragmatic hernia” in her womb. The Ayaz couple applied to Van and Istanbul hospitals for treatment during their pregnancy. The couple, who did not get a positive result, spoke to Op. Dr. He reached Taner Kamacı. Kamaki and her team inform the Ayaz couple about the risks and process of how to have children.

Miran Ayaz, the couple who came to Diyarbakir from Beatles to give birth, underwent intubation for her health after undergoing a caesarean section in the morning 45 days ago. Assessed in the intensive care unit, Miran was kept in operation for 2 hours in the afternoon because the muscle in the diaphragm did not develop and left and small left of the large intestine, sometimes the abdomen, sometimes the spleen and liver. Correction protruded into the chest cavity and placed in place. Baby Miran breathed her first breath 7 days after birth. The young couple took emotional moments 45 days later with their children in their arms.

“The baby was intubated without even breathing.”

Miran Ayaz, who suffered from “diaphragmatic hernia” in Beatles’ womb, was operated on a few hours after the caesarean section in Diyarbakir, Op. Dr. Kamaki says that after 2 hours of surgery, the baby breathes its first breath after 7 days. Dr. “Because the baby’s diaphragm does not develop and rupture, the small intestine, sometimes the baby’s abdomen, sometimes the spleen and the left lobe of the liver enter the chest cavity,” Kamaki said. . There is negative pressure in this chest cavity. There is no negative pressure in the stomach. That’s why the limbs go up. Since the abdominal organs are located in the chest cavity, both lungs do not develop. As the heart pushes to the right, so does the right lung. Since our patient was diagnosed during pregnancy follow-up, her family appealed to us. We told them what the birth should be like, when it should be, the postnatal procedure, when the surgery should be done and what the risks are. When the time comes, she has a caesarean delivery. After the birth, our patient was attached to the device by our intensive care physician, Mehmet Emin Guler, without even taking a breath. That’s the way it should be. This is because when a child breathes in, his intestines and stomach become swollen, which causes the lungs to constrict and in many cases such diseases can lead to sudden death. We took our patient, who was born the same morning, to the intensive care unit for surgery in the afternoon after seeing the baby’s general condition and blood gas levels. “

“He hasn’t been breathing for about 7 days after surgery.”

The baby’s small and large intestine, stomach, spleen and liver goes to the upper left lobe. “We took them into our stomachs without damaging the limbs,” Kamasi said. She had a large tear in her diaphragm. However, we have the opportunity to close the diaphragm completely initially. We have repaired the diaphragm. She had an operation that lasted about 2 hours. We took our patient to the intensive care unit attached to the machine. He has not been breathing at all for about 7 days after the operation. It was completely dependent on the device. After 7 days, he started giving his first breath from the device. He was later treated in intensive care. After the intensive care unit is completed, we leave our patient at home 45 days after birth, in good health and without any problems. Diaphragmatic hernia is one of the rare congenital anomalies that occurs in about 4-5 thousand births.

“We took our baby in our arms on the 45th day.”

When she learned that her child had a diaphragmatic hernia during pregnancy, Father Burak Ayaz mentioned that he had gone to Van and Istanbul for treatment. Ayaz said, “In my recent internet research, I have seen that Tanore’s teachers are successful in this regard. I came to Diyarbakir with my teacher Tanore. He gave me confidence with the information he gave. So I brought my wife here. One of our obstetricians, Zehra, performed the caesarean section. Tanore’s teacher operated on my child. My baby took his first breath a week later. Today, on the 45th day, we took our baby in our arms. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the labor. We miss every day. I would come 2-3 times a week to watch for just 2 minutes. Sometimes I would look around. “Thank God we took him in our arms on the holiday and I can say that this is our second holiday.”

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