If you do not sit on the board, the name changes! See what is the real name of the prince of love song Bahar

The prince of romantic songs, velvet vocalist Baha entered our lives in 1999 with the songs ‘Summer in the Pole’ and ‘Don’t Think, Don’t Think’. The appeal of the heart of lovers with the albums released after that, Magazine Baha, who has always been away from his own world, was a guest of Evening Star on Evening TV. He gave a special speech to Yasmeen Ilan from Sandhya Patrika. The artist, who produced only two albums between 2010 and 2020, said the reason was that he wanted to stay away from tabloids and the music market went digital.

“I don’t think the magazine is used very well in our country. I try to stay away because it is used to create a premium,” Baha said and continued: “After 2010, the music industry went from bad to worse. In different places. There was no television show where I could express myself. I was very careful about it. I thought I was away from art. However, I always kept playing music. I always had tours and concerts. I concentrate on European concerts during the winter months. “

“Every year I get a lot of stage offers, especially for Valentine’s Day,” Baha said. Meetings. It makes me happy to be able to sing my songs to people I love. “Many couples met my song” Kanim Darling “, proposed marriage to my song, and named their children Baha, I meet many couples who There are memories, I am very happy. When I feel these, I am very happy, “he said.

The real name of the love song prince Baha has been revealed

He told the romantic singer the story of the birth of ‘Baha’, whose real name was Bahatin Gundogdu, with these words: We went to Didim Altinkum one evening when I was visiting our relatives’ summer home. I was playing guitar and teaching music. Bora and Adnan sing on stage at an Altinkum venue. Although I had never met Bora, when she heard that I had a beautiful voice, she wanted to invite me on stage. I went out and sang a song, Bora accompanied me, we both sang. The following summer, Bora and I received an offer of a program from the same location. There was a rectangular wooden sign on the door where our name would be written. They wrote Bora, will write Bahtin below it, but it doesn’t work. ‘He was in Baha’u’llah, they said Bahao is beautiful, do you want to stay like this? They said, I agree. Bahaa came from there, so there was no project with the album. I love the name Bahatin, my family and old friends call me Bahatin from primary, secondary and high school. Bahattin is my grandfather’s name, it is a special name for me. My girlfriend also says Bahattin sometimes. “

The real name of the love song prince Baha has been revealed

“Your songs are most likely to offer you. Have you ever offered?” In response, Baha made an amazing confession and said, “No, I never proposed, I never got married, but I was in a very good relationship for a year, if I am lucky I can propose to my girlfriend who gives me this special feeling. “Now I want to get married and have children. I am very peaceful and happy. Surprise.” News I will give it to you tomorrow, “he said.

The real name of the love song prince Baha has been revealed

Reminding that there is a lot of discussion about stage performances by female artists, Baha said: “Of course, you should not go naked on stage, it is not even a topic of discussion. I do not want to comment on this because what I want to say will not be very nice. But when you consider the Turkish people from the past to the present, it’s a point. Cultural work. You can’t be like an alien on stage, you live in this world, you make music in this country, you serve this country, you have your own Whether it’s style or your own audience, if it’s reflected in everyone, you’ll pay some attention to yourself. “

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