‘International Children’s Festival and Book Fair’ begins

Alania Mayor Adam Murat Usel ‘Alania International Children’s Festival And the book fair opened its doors for the fourth time this year. The festival will host thousands of children and their families until May 15 at the Alania Cultural Center (AKM). The organization, where families and children visited the stands opened by publishing houses from day one, began with a seminar entitled ‘New World, New Education’ by educator Ali Kok. Addressing citizens and children at the seminar at AKM, Koç said he had worked at TED Alanya College for a long time and the district was important to him. Koç said, “The epidemic was a time of good rest. The epidemic forced me to look at nature again. There is a generation that believes that given the opportunity they can achieve a lot. This is a lot

I blame it on the trauma of learning. We grew up with so much responsibility that after a while the reaction against the responsibility started to form. Then we tried to overcome these traumas through our children. In economics, there are swings in politics. We had a crush. We were left with that or that option. We become either rule or libertarian parents. We will either reward or punish the children. We are now in a new era. The chaos caused by the epidemic is throwing us all away. Those products and services were all thrown away. In order to stay in one place in this stream, you need to hold something, ”he said.

“Those who delay in getting satisfaction are always strong.”

Noting that the United States is experiencing a decline in entrepreneurship for the first time in 20 years, Koss said: “Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Northern European countries. The result is a big change in parenting style. An Irishman behaves like a parent 100 years ago. “Intergenerational transmission is over. The biggest problem of today’s new generation is not being late to enjoy. People with the ability to delay satisfaction are always strong,” he said.

“We are not a reference point for our children.”

Emphasizing that a child should be a parent according to each age group, rather than a single parenting style, Koç said: There has been a decline in job search for people of working age in the United States. These people have a good education but are not looking for a job. This is because of childhood tension. We are in a time of significant change. Our children’s reference point is no longer us, but their peers. Children without parents are now parents of our children. We try to be friends with our kids for fear that if we make a rule they won’t like us, but we are not their friend. We are their parents. If appropriate, the computer will be unplugged There is a generation that says, ‘I have taken my father’s child in my arms and my outlook on the world has changed’. On the one hand, we are a generation that I cannot be. We are dealing with narcissism. Consider the situation where the boy, who grew up as a prince and princess, went to school because he could not hold his toilet. A child needs unconditional love to strengthen his personality. Are we servants or helpers of our children? Consider this. Try to earn the respect of our children.

Those who respect others are respected people. If you do not know how to respect, you will not be respected. Don’t let our children win when fatherhood falls. Political alliances are being formed in Turkey, but a very important alliance broke up a few years ago. The alliance between parents and the school is broken. Both sides now say what the child wants to hear. We have no chance of losing our children. They are both our greatest asset and our most important hope for our future. That’s why we have to pull the reins a little bit, “he said. – Erkan Wisal

Festival program

Monday, May 9, 2022
09.30 Opening Ceremony of the Festival
13:15 Alanya Municipality Theater Dear Eye of My Heart Children’s Theater
15:00 Oz Bahar presentation; ‘Exhibition with hedgehog barrier not to give up’

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
10:00 and 13:15 Alania Municipal Theater Rain Stone Children Theater
15:00 sign spring; Improvised Story Creation Workshop on the song ‘Where to hide but where to hide’
20:00 Digital Father Orhan Tokar; ‘Becoming the father of digital children’

Wednesday, May 11, 2022
09:00 and 13:15 Alanya’s History Journey with Ozgür Özgülgün ‘Ozgür Abi’ and Sleepless Pajamas
10:30 Pop Pat Professor

Thursday, May 12
09:00 and 10:30 during my fairy tale with game art
13:15 Alanya’s History Journey with Ozgür Özgülgün ‘Ozgür Abi’ and Sleepless Pajamas
20:00 Assoc. Dr. Serder Bulut Alku Education Faculty Academician; ‘Choosing the right book for children’

Friday, May 13th
09:00 and 10:30 Masalcı Abi ‘Children’s Meddah’
13:15 Emre Gul, Nagihan Gokse Kabal, Janep Se; ‘Literacy in the digital age’
20:00 Educationist and family counselor Filiz Yıldırım ‘Parents who support success’

Saturday, May 14th
14:00 Magical World with Kute Magician
16:00 Author Funda Uçuk Er; ‘Proper Family Communication’
20:00 Speaker author Merve Gülcemal; Wrong children know right to religious education ‘

Sunday 15th May
12:00 The Story of King Shakir by King Shakir’s Creator Varol Yasaroglu

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