Last minute: Yukatel Kayserispor Will President Barna Gozbasi run for the TFF presidency?

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Eucatel Caesarispo president Barna Gozbasi gave an exclusive interview to Sabah on Mother’s Day.

As a government employee, your business has worldwide success. How do you get to this point?

The main problem is to prepare, to set up the counter without difficulty. My mother is a retired teacher, my father is a retired non-commissioned officer. However, I have been interested in geography since primary school. I was reading what a country produces, what it buys. I am the child of a civil servant, but I am a resident of Caesarea. Our business skills since childhood. Every citizen of Caesarea is a potential businessman. At every stage of my life, success has been achieved by not giving up on difficulties and focusing on R&D (research and development).

As a woman, mother, businessman and club president, how do you keep up with everything?

Motherhood is the most important job in the world. When my company, DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) works, my Danish Business Council Presidency, my European Coordinating Presidency of European countries and Kaiserispor come, the days are not enough. I am constantly fighting with the calendar. I sleep a little, I work hard and I try not to leave my daughter alone and deal with her every problem. There is a song ‘Whatever you do, do it with love.’ I love my work. If I don’t like it, your body won’t take it either. For example, I don’t like Sundays. I want to start work on Monday, to work.

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Elif said, ‘My mother sells mattresses to the world and puts them to sleep, but sleep does not come.’ Your opinion?

You need to plan your time well. To get all this together we have to give up sleep and the biggest thing is that we live 24 hours a day with football. Of course, Caesarispora takes the most time.

What are your goals and dreams for your daughter, your work and Kayserispor?

I want to see my daughter as a successful businessman. My goal is to be a role model for more women, increase my exports, create new products and work with foreign investors. I was able to keep our Kaiserispor in the league for 3 years. My biggest goal is; Build a successful team with a very strong institutional infrastructure in Europe.

Your comment about your three years in office?

We died, we were resurrected, but in the end, we were always resurrected. There was a very bad structure for amateurs to go. I have literally given up, I have done a lot beyond what needs to be done. We could have been in a much higher position, but it didn’t happen, hopefully next year. But the whole crowd saw a woman succeeding in a male-dominated world like the football world.

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You said at the start of the season that Trabjanspar would be the champion, you know? There are still 2 weeks left, but how do you evaluate the season?

When the Big Three failed to achieve their desired performance, the media and the public remained somewhat inspired. But the success of the Anatolian teams has been a league where every team has blown every team away. Trabzonspor’s seated squad from last season has been showing this result, but I didn’t expect it to open so much.

What are your thoughts on the TFF selection process?

Considering the country and the global impact, radical decisions should be made, and memorization should be broken. It is known that the football of the country has reached that point. Innovative approaches are needed instead of year after year of practice.

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Your name has also been mentioned, wouldn’t it be nice to be president in the 100th year of TFF?

This is the most frequently asked question of mine lately. I’m so busy I can’t even think about it. But I want to thank everyone for their faith in me.

Recently, we see a more suitable Berna Gözbaşı. How was this decision made?

This is actually a decision taken too late. Excess weight always bothers me. My health was at risk as the pace of work increased. With a radical decision, I put everything aside and started to lose weight fast. I can say that my world, my life has changed. Walking mile after mile. I like to walk. And my advice to everyone is to keep your weight in balance. Take off your burden.

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Was it difficult to raise a child while working?

Elif matches my busiest time in terms of business. When I was growing up Elif, I also expanded the factories. She has been coming to international fairs with me since she was 3 years old. He slept in it because we had already made the bed. If you pay and rent a model it will not attract so much attention. Lost at the fair, did we shoot? It also affects his life. He knows both trade and international affairs. He entered football as a teenager. He went through a lot of things that he didn’t deserve. How does a child know that his mother will one day be president of Caesarispo? They brought incredibly sad things to life by publishing a picture of a 9-year-old (mostly in a jersey). My daughter is my whole life. Everything is based on him. My relationship with him is like my childhood. Sometimes we have arguments. I think I’m arguing about Berner’s childhood.

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Your mother, you and your daughter. How would you describe 3 different generations?

My mother is a teacher, but she is a mother mixed with that culture in the classical Turkish family. I am a business person who is more free than my mother, always travels but keeps the tradition alive. My daughter is totally in the age of technology. Most of the time, he makes the most accurate decisions of all of us. A complete Z, no matter what you call alpha, represents the new generation ৷

When I was in Porto for the national game, I opened the newspaper and there are Barna Gojbasi. You are also famous in Portugal. How do you feel

I was president of the Turkey-Portugal Business Council. I have maintained investment, import and export relations between the two countries for over 2 years. When it comes to the Portugal-Turkey match, it comes to mind as the previous president. I use my position at every opportunity to promote my city and country. When I became president, I was reported to the Times as the ‘first female president’. When we sold Emre Demir, it wasn’t just a transfer for me. We were featured on the Barcelona website with Caesar’s Sausage, Pastrami and Ravioli. Football is played on the field, but we see every incident to introduce Kaisari, to introduce Turkey.

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