Ramadan has sacrificed in our country through MTO Iftar …

During Ramadan, we used to break our fast in another city every day.

The MTO (School of Civilization Imagination) created the word iftar, gained acclaim and was widely discussed everywhere.

How a school can turn Iftar into a feast before Eid, strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, awaken the waves of consciousness, create the seeds and seeds of brotherhood, all the Turks saw it with decent and ordinary MTO Iftar this Ramadan, thank you.

Every day, each iftar was different. Every day, every iftar was like a fresh message of spring… fresh news… a new, revived, revived consciousness একটি a great consciousness of brotherhood and horizon that only Islam can bring.

Iftar will not be possible in 81 provinces, which will not be possible in terms of mathematics and logic.

So I was sorry I couldn’t go to every town. I started thinking, what can I do? And finally, by the grace of my Lord, I found the source: After Ramadan, my idea was to have our MTO meetings on Mondays and Thursdays in all cities!

It was such a great idea! Many praised, praised, what a prayer!

From now on, we have decided to hold our MTO city meeting on Monday and Thursday as much as possible. Thus, We used to break our fast with our brothers and sisters that we can’t break our fast in Ramadan; We will spread the glorious atmosphere of Ramadan throughout the year; And we were going to revive a beautiful Sunnah that is almost unforgettable!

Kayseri, always led!

While the city was giving us news of Iftar one after another on social media, a phone call came. From the mayor of Melikgazi in Kayseri, Mostafa Palansiolu: “Let’s have an MTO iftar in Kayseri, sir” Our esteemed President said.

“Of course,” I said. “In joy.”

Our Kaysari Iftar was held in a very polite atmosphere. When I got on the plane, I broke my fast with my dear brothers Favji Konak and Aaron Akgoz. I had a light snack, as always. We then talked to the President in his room about his days in America and our esteemed President gave a very good account of the West’s interest in Islam and what we can do about it.

Then we proceeded to the conference, our meeting with the students. Kayseri, as always, was full of spirit. The people of Caesarea are always at the forefront of this kind of work. The Great Master also started the Great East Conference from the late Master Kayseri, In collaboration with our brothers from Kayseri. Kayseri has always been a pioneer in the public interest.

Our Caesarea event is very well organized, especially our Caesarea representative Adam Carabe, my brother Satisfied, Favji Konak, Aaron Akgoz, Oguzan Erdink, Yusra Nur, Burku Ordek and Janep, my brother and Dr. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Nekla Seren, Mrs. Rezjan, Mrs. Selma and her daughter Irem Hikmet.

Meanwhile We will keep our Architectural Thought and Sinan Camp in Kaisari Hopefully this will be an academic camp worthy of Kaisari. I would like to thank our President for this.

Our Ankara Iftar It was so beautiful!

After Kaysari we went to Ankara. We met for Iftar at the Prison Museum in Ankara Ulukanla, reminiscing about those terrible days.

It was a very beautiful, soul filled, full iftar and meeting.

I would like to thank our main Ankara team consisting of Mustafa Demir and Gulhan Ozkan, Fatma Shaheen and Sefa Odabasi. In planning and implementing our Ankara Iftar We thank our Ankara Deputy Jeannip Ildiz Hanifendi, our former governor of Dujas Adnan Ilmaz and his son Iran Tariq Ilmaz and Altindag, our mayor of the Association. I sincerely thank Mr. Asim Balchi and his team.

Our Ankara program was eye-catching, strengthened our brotherhood and set an example for our other cities.

Then we went straight from Ankara to Istanbul; At Istanbul airport, not at home. Then there was our Gaziantep Iftar!

On the way we ate sahur at the house of our brother Ahmet Arif Kutlu and we met his family and his father Osman Kutlu. Thank you so much for the beautiful host.

Gaziantep Goodwills.

We flew from the airport to Gaziantep without sleeping …

Before performance, Gaziantep valued our governor. David Rose We had a courtesy meeting with Mr. There Science and Metaverse Camp are our philosophy We decided to do it in Gaziantep. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin The lady said they would gladly support such a camp.

Evening Becky’s goddess We went to my brother’s Iftar program. Becky Debbie is a wonderful person, a sincere and troubled brother. A very nice server. One of our brightest servers. We had a beautiful ceremony before and after Iftar.

Our brother Omar Farooq Silan was like poison, he was both fast and beautiful!

Let it be.

We talked to his father Muzaffar Hodja about his projects till the airport. Gaziantep what a beautiful man!

Think They have set up a special and beautiful iftar tent for MTO students! This gesture was beautiful!

I would like to thank our Gaziantep representative Gökçe Bilge Törer and our brothers Mustafa Dunder and Deryanur Külhaş.

Gaziantep Iftar, Our Urfa representative said. With our brothers Farooq Karabulut and Vildan Noor, our Diabaki representatives Janep Altintas and Yusuf Abbasoulu Our brother has also arrived. I thank them too.

Here I owe another credit of gratitude: he did not leave us alone with his precious wife and son during our quorum visit and our Urdu fast-breaking dinner. I would like to thank our Samsung representative Muharrem Curtansy, my brother and his wife.

Big Camlica Iftar in our mosque

Our last iftar was the Great Camlica Iftar. We had an unforgettable, simple, decent and delicious quick-breaking dinner at the Büyük Çamlıca Mosque for both Anatolian and European parties. On behalf of Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen, on behalf of Uskudar Deputy Mayor Zakaria Sanlier, on behalf of my brother Bekir Solmazgul and Buuk Chamlika Mosque, Ergun KulankI extend my sincere thanks.

Our Istanbul team deserves the biggest thanks. In the person of my brother Burak Saigili, I sincerely thank my beautiful brothers, the children of the land of the heart, who run around 20 times, serve, nurture the spirit of brotherhood and come from other cities to Istanbul to help us with Iftar. .

This year, our country has enjoyed Ramadan with MTO Iftar, at least our brothers who followed us. It came at the speed of light, it went the same way, but the taste remained in our palate, it created extraordinary brotherhood and a unique consciousness.

Thank you Lord.

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