6 misconceptions about the injury of the game have been found to be true!

Yeditap University Kosuyolu Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Professor. Dr. Hassan Bombassi says, “Sport is an activity that is done at every stage of life, from a free activity for childhood fun to professional competition. However, sports carry the risk of injury. “A lot of sports injuries are preventable,” he said.

Ongoing damage to the knee

Mentioning that most of the shoes were first responsible for the injuries of the runners in sports, Professor. Dr. Hassan Bombsi said, “Shoes are really important. However, like many other sports disciplines, some disorders that occur in runners depend on multiple factors. Factors such as ground running, nutrition, water loss, concentration, preparation of the body for sports (warm-up-stretching-activity-cooling-down-re-stretching) can all affect the benefits or harms we will derive. Sport However, most of the potential damage from running can be prevented, which is a natural activity of many living things.

“If an athlete suffers an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, it is the end of the career.

In the past, this information was accurate, said Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Yeditap University Kosuyolu Hospital. Dr. “The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most serious injuries to the knee region,” said Hassan Bombassi. Today, ACL surgeries deliver much more successful results in the development of technologies and techniques. However, since it is a biological process related to the healing of ligaments, it is not possible to reduce the time to return to sports after surgery below a certain time. However, with a good rehabilitation process, it is possible to achieve 70-80% return to sports and 50% preoperative performance in patients with ACL reconstruction.

“The more exercise you do to strengthen, the better the results.”

Professor Dr. Hassan Bombassi says that there are two types of muscle strengthening exercises and gives the following information:

“The way these exercises are done and the results are different. The first is exercise which increases muscle strength and volume. In this exercise technique, the exercise is performed against increasing resistance. Meanwhile, the energy production capacity of the muscles, including the aerobic process, gradually decreases and the aerobic process becomes effective. Muscle fatigue occurs and certain substances released into the environment cause pain. Meanwhile, adaptation processes that are effective in exercises such as heavy lifting increase both muscle volume and strength. In the second way, more muscle endurance is increased. Here, the motor units that produce energy within the muscle do not increase, but rather activate the muscles moving in the same direction. In this case, the muscle strength, which does not increase in volume, increases. In addition to strengthening the exercise, the strategy plays an important role in quantity as well. “

“The most effective way to relieve pain in an acute injury is to apply heat.”

Tissue damage that develops from a sudden injury sometimes causes bleeding, but almost always local edema, depending on the severity of the injury. Noting that in cases where bleeding occurs, the vessels will constrict to limit bleeding in the affected area (“vasoconstriction”), the professor said. Dr. “In the following hours, in response to the lack of oxygen in that area, the vessels dilate and vascular permeability increases, which means increased edema,” Bombassi said.

“If heat is applied at the onset of injury, the vessel expands, causing increased bleeding and swelling in the affected area. This is also an undesirable situation. Instead, cold should be applied to the affected area with appropriate pressure. “

“There must be pain to benefit from exercise”

Noting that this information is not always accurate, Professor. Dr. Hassan Bombassi said that the most important reason for feeling pain while exercising is the irritation caused by lactic acid during muscle contraction. Notably, this is especially evident in “high-resistance exercises such as weight lifting.” Dr. “This is because when muscle power is used the most, the process of muscle energy production shifts from the ‘aerobic root’ to the ‘aerobic root.’ However, although this condition occurs in endurance exercises where the muscles work under maximum force, it is mild.

“It takes longer to recover than to break a displaced finger.”

Mentioning that the treatment method of displacement of fingers on the basis of hands or feet will be different, Professor. Dr. “If we talk more frequently about hand fractures and displacements, it would not be wrong to say that very different outcomes can occur depending on the complex structure of the hand and the different types of damage,” said Hassan Bombassi. He emphasized that different types of surgery may need to be applied depending on the size and form. Professor Dr. Bomber added that the healing process can vary greatly in both injuries, depending on the location and shape of the fracture and displacement.

“An ankle spring is worse than an ankle fracture.”

Ankle sprains are a very common injury in daily life. Injuries to the ligament in the ankle joint come to mind when the ankle sprain is revealed, Professor Dr. Dr. Hassan Bombassi added: “While this is not very common, small cracks can occur. In the absence of a fracture, the first treatment for an ankle sprain (ligament injury) is fixation, often with specially designed orthoses, depending on the extent of the ligament damage at different times. Ankle fractures are actually caused by the ankle being under an abnormal load. However, in this case, fractures of one or more bones of the ankle structure occur. Surgery is often required to treat it. Sometimes these fractures can be accompanied by cartilage damage. So the results are more unpredictable and risky. “

“Weight lifting exercises in pre-adolescence and adolescence create injury growth plates, wishing growth.”

Noting that this information is not always accurate, Yeditap University Kosuyolu Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Professor Dr. Dr. Hassan Bombassi reminded that the amount of muscle and oxygen-burning capacity is lower in pre-adolescent children than in adults. This increase prepares the ground for cartilage injury.However, recent studies have shown that the risks to growth plates can be reduced in children through well-equipped and timely (8-12 weeks) exercise programs to strengthen the exercises performed by children. In that case, the exercises performed with more repetition against low resistance are more appropriate.

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