A date-sized tumor was taken from a stray dog.

A 13-year-old stray dog ​​named Karabaş, who was cared for at an animal shelter in Jonguldak, was operated on at a veterinary clinic where he was brought in due to a large mass build up in his body. When the treatment is over, the dog will be taken to the shelter.

An examination performed by veterinarian Önder Alkan revealed a palm-sized tumor in the abdomen of a stray dog ​​named Karabaş.

As a result of the successful operation, the tumor was removed from the abdomen and the dog was treated.

The stray dog ​​named Karabaş, who is currently in intensive care and in good condition, will be returned to the animal shelter after the frost test.

“Now, the dog we operated on came from the shelter,” said veterinarian Onder Alkan. Over 13 years old. We are an elderly patient. A tumor roots in the abdominal muscles of the right rib. We decided that the tumor could be managed by analyzing the animal’s blood and other analyzes. We had surgery and our patient is now healthy. In these types of tumors, we have to leave a large margin area, which we call the border. Intact tissue should be taken along with the radius of the tumor. Our wounds were too big for him. Currently undergoing treatment. We will sew her later, we will leave her in her normal life. No problem. She is OK, her blood is back. If the infection does not go away, it will return to normal.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Since animal lovers don’t know what that hanging condition is, they came up with it and we tested it. We have explained that there is a tumor and that tumor should be removed. We turned it on. If it is not taken, we do not know if there can be any condition in that area from the lungs to the brain. But after pathology it may become apparent. We thought that if he did not do so, such a large mass could explode, bleed or bleed and the animal would suffer, “he said.

Emre Can Bayram

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