Adel Kalemcilik attends the Art and Tech for Good Summit 2022 to leave a mark on the future Kindness author iDealData

Adel Kalemcilik attends the Art and Tech for Good Summit 2022 to leave a mark on the future

Adel Kalemcilik is taking part in the Art and Tech for Good Summit 2022 to kindly leave a mark on the future.

The company statement is as follows:

Adel Kalemcilik, a leading company in the stationery industry with over 50 years of experience, is co-sponsoring the Art and Tech for Good Summit 2022, which will be held by Goodspace on May 13-14 at 42 Masala – May 15 this year. Adel Kalemcilik will meet with children and adults in the area of ​​experience.

The four core values ​​of ADEL KALEMCİLİK: “Quality, Innovation, Success and Passion for Kindness” work with the vision of “living in the life of everyone who wants to shape their dreams, color them and leave a mark”. In line with its values ​​and vision, Adele Kalemsilik will call it Art for Good at the Art and Tech for Good Summit 2022, with expert speakers and panels from Turkey and around the world.

Please leave a mark on the future

Adele conducts corporate social responsibility projects under the umbrella of “Tree of Goodness” in the field of Climate Action and Qualified Education, one of the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations aims to achieve by 2030. For a three-day summit hosted by Goodspace, the city’s Center for Industry, Technology and Wellness, Adele will meet with clients at the place of experience that will establish the columnsilic. A personalized art experience will be presented with the May 14 character activity, May 15, the last day of the event, which is dedicated to kindness, asking children to draw on what “goodness” means. Adele Kalemsilic will be chairing the panel of General Manager Ivrim Hijala’s “Live Your Mark on the Future with Kindness”, which will be held on the same day as part of the event.

To continue its projects in the field of quality education

Since 2012, it has implemented social responsibility and sponsorship projects in the field of quality education. Continuing her projects, such as the “Creative Child Creative Brain” seminar and a platform for teachers, she launched the platform in 2021, focusing on the preschool time where child development is most important. Under the umbrella of the “Goodness Tree” under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility, it, in collaboration with various NGOs, provides stationery to children living in disaster-prone areas and on their way back to school.

Climate action for a clean future

Realizing his projects for environmental sustainability under the auspices of the Goodness Tree CSR, Adele Kalemsilik contributed to the transfer of the forest to future generations by throwing a total of 95,000 seeds with eco-drones into the scope of the “Goodness Tree Forest” project. It started in the case. To prevent the depletion of the world’s resources, it continues to produce its wood-derived products from FSC®-certified trees grown only for industrial use. In addition, Adele Kalemsilik meets half of its total energy needs with renewable energy at its production facility.

Evrim Hizaler: “We are happy to be with the development of the generation”

Evrim Hizaler, General Manager of Adel Kalemcilik, who said that the company participating in the Art & Tech for Good Summit 2022 is similar to DNA, continued: Makes it possible to leave. Revealing the inner creative energy. Therefore, in this summit where industry, sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship and social benefits will be discussed, we are happy to be able to unite with all those who kindly want to leave a mark on the future. “

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