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Although I spend most of my time celebrating New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc., I don’t really spend much time with special days, because I think deficiencies and inequalities are underlined. It has been ingrained in my mind since childhoodWhat will those who do not have“My mother probably had a great influence on it because of this sentence. I think my testimony contributed to shaping my worldview, my mother always had an equal relationship and always approached them in a difficult situation with compassion. When it snows in our city, where we rarely see snow, “What will the poor do to those who cannot afford charcoal? My mother’s philanthropic training method, for example, was my childish pleasure, for example, if I have a fair share, it’s great.

It was my first Mother’s Day without Mom. Knowing that you are no longer the child of anyone else on earth, regardless of your age, is an irreversible turning point that affects the rest of your life; The poet’s line reminds us:Come on darling, scan yourself backwards / Nothing in front, you see / Face the wind again / You’re not well, it’s time “ (B. Sharp).

In contrast to his life and the joys, which he spent a significant part of with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, my mother left this world in silence one morning. Today, four months later, he is buried next to my father, with whom he has spent more than half a century.

Free from social and political conditions all the good and bad things that happen to them. “It is written on your foreheadUnlike my mother, who blamed fate for saying this; If we are able to realize in our minds that our gender, geography and class status where we are born can determine our life, I think our mothers have played a big role in unknowingly sowing the seeds. In his determination and struggle to change that situation,I couldn’t, let him read, I couldn’t go, let him go, I couldn’t, let him do it. ” Such contributions they offer with their sentences.

After my mother, I kept thinking about how relative the fate and misfortune of women are in this geography. Although he wanted a lotShorts cannot be worn on national holidaysMy mother is lucky to see her own daughter and grandchildren receiving education. They are, like my mother, unlucky to be beaten by their husbands, more fortunate than women who have been abused and sometimes even murdered throughout their lives, the ‘grandeur of being men’.Freedom and domination‘Those who use it in the content of their hearts despite having a husband.

Those who waited year after year at the prison gates were more fortunate than those who came to the door of their child’s coffin wrapped in flags, who could not even place a tomb for their children who could not return one day, who could not be found. Even a bone of their child. “At least alive” For what they can say.

This country has taught us to feel lucky that the graves of our parents have not been destroyed, except for those whose graves are often seen and who do not rest even after death. Or to be thankful that they left this world without enduring the pain of a child, and they were not abused in the square. Since we have witnessed death, none of which was normal, we have learned to mourn in the face of natural death.

Many remains of the mother; Starchy lace covers, recipes coming out of notebooks, smell of mother’s house, longing, regret, sometimes hurt, often deep emptiness. In the face of what I wrote above, if I chose the two words left by my mother as a relatively lucky child, those who knew me would agree.MercyPut ‘aside’Stimulation‘And’JoyI will choose ‘. Over the last few years, she has lived her life with great enthusiasm because she maintains a sense of joy in guessing what is beautiful in life, which may seem meaningless to most of us, like many other women whose lives are not really easy.

We have become members of a generation that did not inherit the trust of their mothers, although it did not succeed in keeping their enthusiasm alive. Our mother, grandma, the zeal of our predecessors, what they survived and could not survive, their zeal was as deep as taking them to the ground and burying them.Fate, destiny, destinyWitnessing the power of women, who have realized that the world cannot be explained by struggle, the struggle can change the course of the world, and the solidarity grows a little more every day.

Today, some mothers and some children are in prison because they believe that struggle can change the course of this world and make it a better place. . They are in prison because it is a country where those who do not give up their faith have to pay a heavy price and those who testify are intimidated.

Can Atale, Sigdem Matar, Hakan Altane, Mine Ozarden, Musela Yapci, Taifun Kahraman and Osman Kavala, who have been in prison since April 25, who were arrested with an illegal, disobedient verdict in the Gazi trial, issued a statement saying they would also celebrate Mother’s Day. Done: “Either anger and arrogance will prevail or brotherhood, equality, freedom and democracy will prevail.

Although those who represent hatred and arrogance in a division whose aspects have long been sharply visible, ambitiously combine everything they can from the judiciary to the media, those who stand for brotherhood and freedom from rights will continue to have their strengths. Hopefully though those who defend the most basic civil rights are in prison, those who can smile in the same frame who were the strongest defenders of this dark climate until yesterday will think about where they stand. We are not on the side of those who have lost their pride and lost their way, and those who have been ruined by power, “If necessary We will go to bed with the current of our foreheads. ‘ Always be by the side of those who say.

I started with my mom and I will end it that way. He always said: “One should say what I am, what I will not be, May God not surprise anyone. ”

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