Baskent Ankara hosts the May Fest’22 Sports Festival

For the first time in Turkey, at a sports festival in Ankara, under the slogan ‘No one plays sports’, all Beckett residents between the ages of 7 and 70 spend a fun day trying different sports. The Ankara City Orchestra also gave a concert at the end of the festival.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize sports activities to encourage the citizens of the capital to play sports for the sake of a healthy future generation.

Organized in collaboration with ABB Youth and Sports Services Department, Department of Culture and Social Affairs, BelPa AŞ and Decathlon at Gazi Park. “May Fest’22”The citizens of Baskent showed great interest in the city.

Goal: There is no one who does not play basketball

For the first time this year, a sports festival is being held in Ankara to spread the passion for sports across Turkey. “May Fest’22”ABB has brought together both sports fans and professional athletes in Gazi Park, which has been restored for the use of the citizens of the capital.

Expressing their satisfaction with keen interest, Mustafa Artun, Head of ABB Youth and Sports Services, said: “As our President Mansour Yavas has said, we are organizing a sports festival with the slogan ‘No one should be without sports’. Here, as ABB, we have collaborated with our stakeholders. The sports clubs of our municipality have also taken place here. Our purpose is to help our youth and children contribute to some sports.Said

At a festival held at Gazi Park last May, with the slogan ‘He who does not play sports is free’; Special fields have been created for various sports from football to basketball, from volleyball to tennis, from skating to skateboarding, from camping to cycling, from pilates to yoga, from climbing to archery.

Where Basketball residents had the opportunity to experience 15 different games with sports coaches, there were also fun and exciting moments with competitions and tournaments. Free bicycle maintenance services were provided at the festival, where discussions on sports and nutrition were also held.

Support for sports and athletes will continue

BelPa AŞ General Manager Ramzan Value said that they will continue to support sports and athletes with the festival where athletes from ASKİ Sports Club and FOMGET Youth and Sports Club answered questions from the audience.

“We started 2022 with the festival. In January and February we organize the first winter festival. Today, we organize a sports festival in collaboration with our stakeholders. Many young people took part in the morning. We say those who do not play sports should not stay in Ankara. As ABB President Mr. Mansoor Yavas said, we invite everyone between the ages of 7 and 70 to play. “

Festival, Frisbee, Goal Scoring, Slow Cycling, Hoop Turning and Tent Open-Closing Competition and Climbing Wall Activity, Tennis Lessons, Table Tennis Tournament, Arrow Shooting Lessons, Trampoline Jumping, Pilates, Kick Box, Karate, Hip-Hop Various sports activities such as Zumba, Skateboarding Show, Zumba and Fitness are also organized.

The festival, which included interviews and seminars with training science and sports health experts, also explained healthy eating strategies and set up special activity workshops for children.

The people of Baskent are satisfied with the sport

Tanar Ozgun, president of EGO Sports Club, said he was proud to be part of an event full of sports with the club’s athletes. “We took part in the event with our athletes and parents. We have a president who loves and loves sports. We have a president who is fully involved in all kinds of sports activities like bicycle paths. On behalf of my athletes, I thank you very much. He showed what can be done with Mansur Yavas municipality. ” Evaluated her.

Noting that the two of them had a wonderful day at the Gazi Park Green Festival and had the opportunity to play, the residents of Bakent expressed their thoughts with the following words:

-Mustafa Aydogan “When we saw such a beautiful event with my kids, we didn’t want to miss it. Our President Mansoor organizes sports very well. We’re having fun now as children. Many thanks to our President.

-Tugba Karakoparan: “Thanks to this event, I came to Gazi Park for the first time. It is very beautiful that it is open to children and young people. The events are also funny and good. We tried to take advantage. I am happy to be able to evaluate Sunday in this way. “

-Mostafa Karakoparan: “It’s a wonderful event, we brought our kids on a tour. Children and adults alike have a great time. Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality for everything. ”

-Turkan Fayza Celik: “I am a student of 8th class. This is a beautiful event. I played volleyball and basketball. I participated in the competition. ”

-Celine Bairm: “I am in 6th class and I am an athlete of EGO Sports Club. I had a lot of fun on this occasion. We played volleyball and football. We also tried cycling. ”

Participants in the competition won a surprise prize. The festival ended with a concert by the ABB City Orchestra. The people of Baskent, with nostalgic songs on the grass, had a joyous Sunday with their families.

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