Children and the Revolution – Yeni Akit

09 May 2022


Ahmet Talib Selen Contact:

Each generation is the work of the previous generation, even of the previous generation. We all have the mark of our parents, grandparents with whom we have had the opportunity to be together. Of course, our marks are also in our children … “And know that your wealth and your children are only a trial (for you) and that with Allah is a great reward.” (Anfal, 26) I think we have successfully passed this test, and when we are asked about our children in the Hereafter, will we be able to answer with peace of mind?

How can we easily answer the questions that will be asked about our children in the Hereafter when we go to complain about our children? Yes, we have had the most difficult time in the history of raising children. The internet and social media, which has become an empire of evil, are raising our children, not us. There has never been a time when the influence of parents on children has diminished so much. Our own children are moving away from us, that is, from our religion, our identity, our national-spiritual values, and we are helpless, just watching him drown, like not being able to swim. Only a national-Islamic education system could be shut down up to the cell to deal with this disaster. But one revolution after another has passed over us, and our education system is fighting against the siege of a completely foreign, materialistic, secular, hereafter mentality. For example, our education system can pave the way for social media, which takes our children away from us. In other words, there is still no glimmer of hope from this door.

Yes, the situation is very bad, but can our children see a good example in us, especially in terms of morality? Or to them “Life experience” Have we taught a thousand tricks, hypocrisy, arrogance, anger, dishonesty, deception, selfishness? If we do not do this, then where does this scene come from, of which we ourselves are allies? Have we done the opposite when we as adults are going to show our children the path of morality and therefore towards heaven? This is the exact place of the Nuretin Topchur article that made me cry when I first read it. A short article that will blur our sense of responsibility. The article was published in 1962. There was no setback on social media then. This means that the wound is deep and it is not possible to get rid of the guilt of social media.


We are sinners; We have destroyed the field of the soul whose fruit will be light. We have abused our children; We do not value the divine gifts brought by our children, who brought down to earth the dream of living a pre-eternity. We were taking her to the altar of truth as we walked her step by step holding her hand in the dream kingdom. Sincerity, love, hope, as an angel we call a child… all these were present. When we were going to cultivate these divine seeds in his soul and the lights that would illuminate the gates of Paradise, we separated him from his own world. We have imprisoned ourselves for pleasure, advantage, hypocrisy and cruelty. We deny the maturity of the spiritual substance in him, which leads him to Allah in dreams. Instead, we have fulfilled all the desires of the dirty skeleton that is driven by rough material (soul, skin).

We are criminals; We have poisoned the innocent heart overflowing with the love of faith. I have darkened the burning hearts in need of love. We have turned obedience, which is the path shown by the Prophet, into rebellion. We have killed the love of burning submission in the eyes of our children; We have replaced it with a brutal attack. When a “great day” comes, we must ask: How did we kill a child whose faith is in God and whose tears are in God? How did we kill the Lamb of God, who told us to put energy into his heart, to illuminate his true dreams, and who sought refuge in us in need of the protection of his pure soul? They are ours too, aren’t they? Will they be ours? Will our children, whom we have poisoned with thousands of poisons, taught lies, treason, greed and hatred, and instilled cruelty in their souls with every movement of our hands and tongues, really be ours? When they walk the earth in their innocent footsteps in search of the way to heaven, will they create the faithful and clean generation of tomorrow after we follow them like a perverted hand hitting from behind? Will the feet that walk in our graves be the footsteps of the angels who are dedicated to God? Or? …

Do you think that this is a skill or a revolution, to make a face loaded with the aspirations of thousands of creatures from this divine substance, which is called child and it is a copy of Nusha-i Kubra? … (Sûle, No. 4, October 1962; Existence, p. 97)

After all, we still see young people praying, albeit a little, busy with religious sciences, practicing Hafiz, and worrying about their religious life. This means that there are parents who can achieve this even in the most adverse of circumstances. Let’s kiss their hands and learn from them. Let’s bribe our conscience without putting all the blame on social media.

The essence of the matter must first be a deep closed consciousness and sincerity within oneself. There can be no heart that cannot affect sincerity.

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