Congress of new methods in education from the Faculty of Education – will talk about the education of the new generation

It is learned that the 1st National New Method at the Student Congress of Education will be held at Cardeniz Aregli in collaboration with the Jonguldak Bullet Esevit University Irregular Faculty of Education and the Directorate of Higher Education Studies Application and Research Center.

According to the information received, the late faculty member Professor. Dr. Speakers from various educational institutions will present presentations on education of the new generation at the congress organized in memory of Ali Arslan. Congress will begin on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. at the Tatogulu Cultural Center.

The 1st National Educational New System Student Congress was chaired by the President of the Congress Organizing Committee, Assoc. Dr. A panel themed “Next Generation Education” will be organized by Okan Bilgin. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education at Yıldız Technical University. Dr. Emre’s, “School as a Social Network”, National Education Ministry Counselor. Eren Suna “MoNE and Studies on Equal Opportunities in Education”, BEÜ Ereğli Head of the Department of Education Science at the Faculty of Education Association. Dr. Murat Ince will also give a presentation on “Educational Design for the Future”.

Yıldız Technical University Dean of the Faculty of Education Professor. Dr. Mehmet Engine Deniz will give a presentation at the Congress entitled “Psychology of Self-Behavior: Self-Realization”, where he was present as a cold speaker.

Jonguldak Bulent Esevit University Lecturer of the Faculty of Education. Birgül Ulutaş, on the other hand, will join the Congress with his work “Ethical Discussions in Motion Picture Films”.

It will be presented online on the second day of the Congress. It is learned that hundreds of articles will be presented in the Congress.

News: Hussein Aksakal

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