Controversial electoral threshold, but the real calculation is on the verge of electoral support!

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For the year. 10% selection threshold Discussion is the subject of these discussions Equality of representation Made the policy.


The new dam has come down to 7 percent Electoral law What is this? Other political accounts And brings controversy.

Request …

We know his detailed focus on political studies in such an environment. Sociologist Mutlu Sinar For political parties Critical Draws attention to the dam:

“Alliances and electoral polarity are always on the political agenda. But there is another threshold that has not been talked about, and that is the election threshold aid. “

This dam.

“Parties receiving more than 3% of the total valid votes in the parliamentary general election will be allocated 5% of the general budget revenue from the treasury for party funding.” Marked as Flat, Also numbered:

“The number of valid votes in the June 24, 2018 election, which was the last general election, was 5 crore 137 thousand 175. According to him, in order to cross the 3 percent limit, one has to get at least 1 lakh 504 thousand 115 votes. The party that gets this vote is entitled to 19 million 353 thousand 450 lira treasury support, including 2022 figures. In the years leading up to the general election, the aid has tripled. “

He made an interesting calculation:

“In this situation; for every valid vote, the political parties get 12 Lira and 86.7 Kuru Treasury support. In a sense, it earns 12 Lira and 86.7 Kuru for each electoral party.”

In short.

Electoral Assistance Dam This condition, which he describes as “Preference for parties with low voter turnout” When that is emphasized Table ‘He expressed his opinion that this is the priority of the company and said:

“This is the threshold that is important for the future and for DEVA teams that have not yet been elected. For him, the demand for these parties to sit at the political center also means a struggle for political survival. ”

He added:

“Because the 3 percent electoral support threshold is actually the limit of political existence.”

Will some provinces be the subject of 6 tables?

Electoral Assistance DamFor emphasizing the importance of political parties Sociologist Mutlu Sinar He gave an interesting example:

“Since the Felicity Party received 2.91 percent of the vote in the March 31, 2019 mayoral election, it is seen as the party closest to the 3 percent support threshold.”

His thoughts are:

“The 6-member table may request to enter the election with the list of Felicity parties in Sivas, Konya, Sanliurfa and Adiyaman, where the coalition is ahead.”

The children are happiest when they say ‘Uncle Mostafa’

While looking at the photo, we thought: investing that will make life in the city easier, develop and implement projects, solve problems, shape the future of the city, not only extend a helping hand to the needy, but also develop relationships. And provide support for the survival of the organization. Mayors Among their priorities.


When selecting Promise, Then Task With people living in the city Warm dialogue More important to mayors than physical projects Heart project As appears

Right now.

Indicates whether the goal has been achieved. Kids Being.

For this.

Mayor of Osmangazi Mostafa DundarUnder “Kids with me ‘Uncle Mostafa They come to me, that’s what makes me happy. “ We examined and valued the photographs he wrote separately.

Social media site of young politicians

Busra Sahin A young politician Founder President of IY Party Osmangazi Youth Branch Next to Osmangazi municipality member Acts as.

He scolded on social media:

“No matter how important I touch, no matter how important I find out and make incredible comments, it is not liked and retweeted like meaningless messages. What I do understand is that being accurate is not popular in this social world. You have to be human. “

Traffic awareness begins with children’s education … the project that sets Bursa apart

Although. Home Minister Suleiman Soylu When announcing Ministry of Youth and SportsThanks to him, but Odunluk Para ‘A. Nilufar currents In an area of ​​6,065 square meters Traffic Education Park ‘Eofifff Metropolitan MunicipalityWe know you earn.

Similar projects years ago Culture Park It was built and attracted attention.


New Traffic Education Park Both modern and Children’s traffic education Became more widespread.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Fast growing Bursa ‘Growing at the same rate Traffic problems Against The conscious driver of the future Because he is going to take training.


They will come here with training Rules They will learn, Obey the rules They will be made aware. In this way, too Traffic Awareness Future generations will grow up.

In short.

Children’s traffic education Bara is different Let’s create. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

School-to-school educational support

Project: In school Equal opportunities in education For the purpose of payment Ministry of Education Ready Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education Of the project Bursa ‘School matched.

In this context.

Yildirim Hasim Iskan Primary School Matching Yıldırım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Students in both schools have both the opportunity and the knowledge. Bring together a beautiful painting.

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