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Who is the first love? Who is the author of the first love? What is the theme and main idea of ​​the first love? What about first love? First love pdf download link? Who is the author of the first love Joyce Carroll Oates? Here is a summary of the first love book, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Joyce Carroll Oats

Translator: Erhan Sunar

Publisher: J.

ISBN: 9786055182731

Number of pages: 80

What is first love? Subject, main idea, summary

Joyce Carroll Oates, a living legend of American literature, wrote her works in two main lines throughout her literary career; Mystery investigations, critiques of the supernatural and contemporary society … First Love is one of the youngest works of a writer who has long been a Nobel laureate. The narrator of this short novel with the subtitle “A Gothic Story” is a fifteen year old girl living in a confined environment in a small town. By bad luck (or luck it fits the true meaning of love), the young girl may find love with one black snake after another. Thus the discovery of sexual passion began to interfere with knowledge of nature and geography. First Love is a secondary masterpiece, with its strong plot, powerful effects and extraordinary description. An Unforgettable Long Story That We Want To Reveal …

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First love quote – lyrics

  • A religious school is a place where something that is not — God is studied.
  • If a person says, “Oh, yes, I remember,” he’s sure he’s already started making it.
  • It is a place where everyone goes to church, but no one believes in God more than worldly things.
  • The tendency of immature people to judge, evaluate, and classify and speculate can be destructive, even life-destroying.
  • The crucifixion is central to our beliefs, but it is not clear who was crucified, unless it is innocent and blameless.
  • If the person makes a break, my mother said, it must be sure and unchangeable.
  • ‘Fear’ is just a word, just a breath. If you forget about it, it will no longer exist.
  • It was a place where everyone went to church, but no one believed in God more than worldly things.
  • There is no ‘there’, only ‘here’. There is no such thing as ‘that time’, only ‘now’.
  • “Be smart while we’re here, baby. Try to be nice,” my mother said. “We’re as poor as church rats, and it’s a church.”
  • “Stories are never‘ true ’,” my mother said. “But they can, miraculously, contain the ‘truth.’ Sometimes.”
  • “Being small means being poor.”
  • It was a place where everyone went to church, but no one believed in God more than earthly things.
  • My mother said in a hard voice: “Sick”? What does “sick” mean? Who is ‘good’? Do you think that we will be 100 percent ‘good’ even if you or I check all the time?
  • If the person makes a break, my mother said, it must be sure and unchangeable.

First Love Review – Personal Review

The cover of the book states that she is 15 years old, but the content states that 11, the condition of the little girl’s tragic relationship with her older cousin named Prem, I did not like the book at all, it was a disaster. , Briefly (Nestlihan Sirikka)

At first, when I looked at the cover and the name of the book, I thought it worked with high school lovers, but I was wrong! First love involves the innocent admiration of a little girl and then the hatred of a man 15 years older than her. The little girl, who had to move elsewhere because of her mother, thinks she is in love with the strange young man who lives in the house they moved to. The young man who took a break from school due to mental breakdown is a complete psychopath. A handsome psychopath who abuses and abuses young girls … how the family plays a major role in raising children, its violence, abuse of young girls and much more … this excellent book presents the interaction of an abuser and a victim To the reader in a terrifying way. It was subtle but very impressive, I liked it and read it with great mood and I recommend it. (Jojan)

First love pdf download link?

Joyce Carroll Oates – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book First Love is the First Love PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Joyce Carroll Oates?

He was born in Lockport, New York in 1938 and grew up on his family’s farm outside the city. At the age of 14, he started writing stories he heard from his grandmother. At age 28, he published his first novel, With Shadowing Fall. In 1970 he won the National Book Award for his novel The The. Oates has written several books under the pseudonyms “Rosamnod Smith” and “Lauren Kelly”, mostly detective fiction. He taught for ten years at the University of Windsor, Canada, before moving to Princeton in 1978. In 1996, he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from PEN / Malamud. Writing for most of contemporary American life, Oates is particularly concerned with the connection between violence and love. Their characters are usually ordinary people who have had horrible incidents with them. Although some of his novels have been described as Gothic, the violence in his book is neither mysterious nor unnecessary; It is based on the events of daily life. An exceptionally productive Oats has published many books, including children’s books.

Joyce Carroll Oats Book – Work

  • First love
  • Zombies
  • I’m closing my door
  • An author’s belief
  • The story of the widow
  • A beautiful girl
  • Black water
  • Heart Collector
  • American flavor
  • The fire of life
  • The Jack of Spades – The story of waiting for the final finale
  • Maria / One Life
  • Little Bird of Paradise
  • Disgusting
  • Crazy green
  • Sexy
  • One day we will go together
  • Waterfall
  • Tattooed girl
  • Do you look like someone?
  • Bitter country
  • Women
  • The world is full of love
  • Wild Nights

Joyce Carroll Oats Quotes – Lyrics

  • If the person makes a break, my mother said, it must be sure and unchangeable. (First love)
  • Leaving the unknown world. Moving from a place where everyone knows you to a place where people think they only know you It’s like swimming across a river, becoming different from the person you were when you started your journey when you reached the other side of an uncontrolled and stormy river. (Crazy green)
  • It was the whole human being, not just his head, that was trained.Maria / One Life)
  • “Be smart while we’re here, baby. Try to be nice,” my mother said. “We are as poor as church rats, and this is a church.” (First love)
  • According to Schopenhauer, he said: Life is a battle against sleep, it is always recorded to the end. (One day we will go together)
  • As the American philosopher William James put it: We are as different as the number of people we know. (The story of the widow)
  • Mankind is the only species that has been fooled, blocked, deceived and plundered by its own destiny. (Bitter country)
  • A man can never do what he wants to do the most in life. (Heart Collector)
  • “You have unlimited patience and I don’t deserve it” (Maria / One Life)
  • . How mysterious, to fall in love. Because you can fall in love with someone who knows nothing about you. Perhaps our greatest happiness stems from this kind of desire to fall in love with someone you don’t know. … (Little Bird of Paradise)
  • The death penalty is unacceptable in a civilized society, because taking any life for any purpose is abominable, leading the society to the primitive level of a murderer. (Black water)
  • . Nothing is complicated between people, and there is no way to talk about people without over-simplifying and misrepresenting them. … (An author’s belief)
  • If it is real, no greed is completely satisfied. (I’m closing my door)
  • How many times have you told yourself that this is just a dream and it will end soon. (Heart Collector)
  • How angry you were, darling! But you know I didn’t mean to bother you. And as I did, you knew he would come back. (A beautiful girl)
  • My mother said sharply: “Sick”? What does “sick” mean? Who is ‘good’? Do you think that we will be 100 percent ‘good’ even if you or I test every moment? (First love)
  • He was not taken or harassed. He was not tired either. He was usually emotionless. There was no sign of emotion except to think of marriage; It’s just like loneliness: like this. (I’m closing my door)
  • Some privacy is best kept among women. (Disgusting)
  • I have no place in the heart of this man. In your thoughts too .. (Little Bird of Paradise)
  • Long ago, when they first fell in love, every little thing found in one’s body was a source of inspiration. (American flavor)

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