How did the assassination of Büyüknohutçu unite the lifeguards of Turkey?

“I haven’t lost my focus in 5 years. I wake up every morning with this problem and go to bed with it. I’m not tired because I have a goal, after that I can feel a sweet tiredness, maybe then I can be sad. . “

The words belong to Emin Buuknohutku, the daughter of Ali Ulvi and Aisin Buuknohutuku, who were killed in an armed attack on their chalet in the Kyzylsky Plateau of Antalya just five years ago. Emine Büyüknohutçu’s goal is to “ensure justice”.

BBC TurkishSpeaking of which, Emin Buuknohutu said, “Maybe I will postpone my mourning for the rest of my life, but I will continue this case with dignity. I am not tired, I am doing what they deserve.” Said

Emin Buuknohutchu described his parents, Aisin and Ali Ulvi Buuknohutu, as lifelong workers. Ali Ulvi Buuknohutchu has previously worked as a life advocate in various associations; Even a period when he worked in the tourism sector “Despite supporting a large family, he was able to raise money for the Mediterranean monk Seal and Kereta Keratas.” Says.

According to him, it was not surprising that the couple began fighting against firs and red pine-covered quarries on the Kyzylsky Plateau, where the couple went to spend their leisure time, “threatening forest and animal life. It.”

In this struggle, which continued the litigation process, the Büyüknohutcu couple won a precedent against the company mentioned in the murder case. Emine Büyüknohutçu says the decision is enough to close 13-14 different queries.

Emine Büyüknohutcu said the couple faced “threatening calls, harassment and intrusion” after the company lost in a lawsuit filed by the company.

Shortly afterwards, news of the couple’s murder arrives and a new struggle begins where Emin Buuknohutu finds himself “without mourning.”

According to Emin, she received threats before killing her parents “It was intended to silence my parents, but the killings do not silence Turkey’s life-saving and climate workers.” Processed for the purpose.

Perhaps this is why the Büyüknohutcu murder has become a common cause of lifeguards and climate activists in Turkey.

Many life-savers from different parts of Turkey took part in the commemoration held near the couple’s home in Antalya on May 6-7, the 5th anniversary of the murder.

A statement from the Ecology Union said, “Aisin and Ali Ulvi and Aisin Buuknohutu fearlessly fought the forest killings through their honorable struggle in the cases they opened. A. ” It was said

Emin Buuknohuchu and the couple’s lawyer have called for a deeper investigation into the killings. However, he said that after rejecting all their appeals under the directive, they would bring the file before the Constitutional Court (AYM) before May 17 on the grounds of violation of the right to a fair trial.

Buyuknohutcu: “As his family, with the climate workers, we will not give up whatever decision we make.” Said

What happened?

Ali Ulvi and Aisin Baiknohutku, who lived in a chalet in the Gokeyaka district of the Kizilsik Plateau Court in the district of Phoenix, Antalya, were killed in an armed attack on their home on May 9, 2017. The couple’s murder suspect, Ali Yamouch, who is known for fighting marble quarries in the forest covered with fir and red pine trees, was arrested the day after the incident and was arrested by a court where he was brought to court. .

It was announced that Ali Yamuk, who was transferred to Alanya L Type closed prison after a brief detention in Elmali prison, committed suicide on September 20, 2017. Ali Yamuk’s wife, Fatma Yamuk, who was arrested a week after Ali Yamuk’s suicide, was released shortly after trial during an ongoing trial in the Elmali High Criminal Court.

Emin Buuknohutu, one of the couple’s three daughters, applied to Finney’s chief public prosecutor’s office, claiming he was the mastermind behind the killings and asked for a deeper investigation. The prosecution decided not to prosecute. The Büyüknohutcu family appealed to the Elmalı Criminal Court of Peace against the prosecutor’s decision. After evaluating the objections, the court upheld the decision of the prosecutor and dismissed the objections.

On behalf of the Büyüknohutchu family, the couple’s eldest daughter Emine Büyüknohutchu and her lawyer Tuncay Koç said in a statement that the Büyuknohutchu couple’s murder was intended to cover up.

The statement, which stated that Ali Yamuk, a murder suspect, had been arrested and that he had committed the murder “for money”, stated that “a week later, it was revealed that Ali Yamuk had written a letter to his wife. The owner of the marble quarry was charged. “Do what you promised me to do,” he wrote. “Kill, we’ll give you your money right away”, what are you waiting for? However, the investigation has not been further deepened. If Ali Yamouch was the real killer, who he was involved with was not disclosed and his cell phone records were not examined in detail.

A joint statement from Emin Baiknohutu and lawyer Kok claimed that Ali Yamu had been transferred to the Alanya L-type prison and that he had hung up with sweat pants in the ventilated window of the ward’s bathroom, closing the case as “suicide” The case against Yamouch was dropped because she was found dead in prison. The charges against Fatma Yamouk for aiding and abetting murder were accepted on November 17, 2017 and the trial has begun. It has decided to file a criminal complaint against the perpetrators and Fatma Yamuk for misleading the evidence. “

In the statement, the Büyüknohutcu family reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Finnish to deepen the investigation based on the court’s decision, but it was stated that the Finnish Public Prosecutor’s Office reiterated its old opinion, did not deepen the investigation and did not gather new evidence. , And decided that “there is no need for justice” in terms of persuaders. It was stated that the file went to the Elmalı Criminal Court of Peace on the objection and the court which assessed the objection upheld the decision without any assessment in terms of the persuaders and rejected the objection.

Noting that the decision to reject was announced on April 18, 2022, Emin Buuknohutu and lawyer Coke said:

“Unfortunately, no new investigation has been launched into the provocations and the case has been closed altogether. Moreover, this was done despite the court’s decision to file a criminal complaint. How Ali Yamouch died in prison, who assisted in his death. Like most of the murders that have come to light in recent years, Vayuknohutchular’s case has been shrouded in secrecy. We will take it on the grounds that the right to a fair trial has been violated and we will not allow that to happen. Go to this file. “

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