How did the assassination of Büyüknohutçu unite the lifeguards of Turkey?

  • Marve Cara-Casca
  • BBC Turkish

Source, Emin Buuknohutku

Speaking to BBC Turkey after the assassinations of Ali Ulvi and Aisin Baiknohutu 5 years ago today, their daughter Emin Buuknohutu said the killings had united Turkey’s life-saving and climate activists and that they would continue the case with determination.

“I haven’t lost my focus in 5 years. I wake up every morning with this problem and go to bed with it. I’m not tired because I have a goal, after that I can feel a sweet tiredness, maybe then I can be sad. . “

The words belong to Emin Buuknohutku, the daughter of Ali Ulvi and Aisin Buuknohutuku, who were killed in an armed attack on their chalet in the Kyzylsky Plateau of Antalya just five years ago. Emine Büyüknohutçu’s goal is to “ensure justice”.

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