Roche and the Turkish MS Society have launched the digital health application MS +

Roche TurkeyThe MS + application, developed in collaboration with the Turkish MS Society and digital health enterprise Albert Health, was launched to facilitate patients’ lives in the fight against MS.

According to a statement from Roche Turkey, the company is signing strong cooperation to improve the lives of MS patients.

The MS + Digital Health application will make it possible to follow the patient’s symptoms at home, keep a patient’s diary and accurately report these data to physicians.

With MS +, MS is a telemedicine application focused on the disease, allowing patients to benefit from information related to physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition, and to make free long-distance calls to psychologists and nutritionists when they need it.

Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS disease in humans and is a central nervous system disease, affects an estimated 2.3 million people worldwide and about 70,000 people in Turkey.

About two out of three patients experience the first symptoms between the ages of 20-45, but there are also patients who experience symptoms from the age of 10 and after the age of 40. According to gender distribution, it is said that this disease is 2-3 times more common in women.

The course and symptoms may vary between people diagnosed with MS. Although the disease has many symptoms, in addition to the common symptoms, there may be symptoms such as tremors, weakness, imbalance, double vision, poor eyesight, speech impairment and tremors, difficulty walking, forgetfulness and difficulty swallowing. Will have to face in the future.

Roche Pharmaceuticals General Manager of Turkey. “We are at a time of groundbreaking developments in healthcare around the world,” said Natasha Clico.

Clico said that digitization, the importance of which is better understood with the impact of the epidemic, is a very valuable factor in increasing accessibility to health services and has made the following assessments:

“As Roche Turkey, we focus on providing more benefits to more patients by strengthening the healthcare ecosystem, and we continue to combine the power of technology with our patient-oriented approach. As one of the strongest stakeholders in the health ecosystem Continue our research for treatment, working with stakeholders who specialize in their field.

In this context, the MS + End-to-End Digital Health Management Application, which we launched in collaboration with the Turkish MS Society and Albert Health to improve the lives of MS patients, is a very important initiative for us in this regard. . MS patients may note the symptoms they encounter in their daily life routines, process nutrition and sleep data; The MS + application, which includes follow-up tools that are very useful in the fight against MS, such as sharing this data with physicians with patient approval, also has many personalized features for patients. With all of these aspects, we aim to contribute to better disease management and improve the lives of patients with the MS + application. “

Turkey MS Association Board Chairman Association. Dr. Melih Tütüncü also emphasizes that an effective and regular patient-physician communication and integration with a personal course such as MS has a positive effect on the treatment process of a disease.

Noting that it is important to identify and support the situations that MS patients face during and after diagnosis and the issues that have a negative impact, Tutanku said: In this context, we support the “MS +” project, which will be implemented as a digital health management application, and hopefully it will be an effective guide for MS patients to contribute to the opportunities provided by modern technology. ” Used expressions.

“As one of the fastest growing digital healthcare companies in Turkey, we believe we work with pharmaceutical companies and associations to create the most value for patients and the best value for money,” said Rekai Serder Jamici, General Manager of Albert Health. In the power of cooperation. ” Made a statement.

Together with the Turkish MS Society and Roche, they designed the MS + project in a participatory and structured way, taking into account the needs of both patients and physicians, Jemici said:

“The MS + project differs from the ability to find answers to the questions of 24/7 patients’ minds with the help of an artificial intelligence-based voice assistant. At the same time, it is a prime example. The concept of artificial intelligence in healthcare in Turkey.

As Albert Health, our vision is to become a global player in the field of digital therapy, also known as ‘digital therapeutics’. I must say that we see the MS + project as an important milestone in this journey. We hope to realize this project and add value to the lives of MS patients, setting an example in digital health with Albert Health Technology. “

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