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2022.05.09 06:30


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We have realized another blessed ‘Mother’s Day’. The superiority of the children of those who did not give birth was again emphasized. It was said that mothers were the pillars of society, and the advertisements presented gifts that mothers would be happiest to receive — toasters, irons, food processors, oh that vacuum cleaner! – at affordable prices!

On this auspicious day, the world-famous ready-to-eat food brand Supangal’s ad, published in 2009, with the word ‘Doctor’ in it, is an opportunity to commemorate (you will find it on YouTube): We see two children filled with green leaves and colorful flowers. Playing in a beautiful garden. They use a large tire hanging from a tree as a swing, as we see in American movies. At that time an old woman (Grandmother) brought a plate of Supangal. The scene changes as the children enjoy their dessert, and we find ourselves in a modern kitchen, mostly decorated with gray, dark colors. It is not like your grandmother’s house full of peace and happiness, it is a place opposite to all the beauties represented there …

We can immediately understand why: the little girl and her mother apparently entered the house – the baby is wearing a school uniform and a backpack, and the mother is wearing a beautiful suit that shows the woman acting as a ‘white collar’ – the baby immediately opens the fridge, the plate Seeing her full, she says, “My grandmother has come ?!” He asked. Mucchi smiles, but with his hand on his chest, his mother — he’s clearly showing his attitude to something উত্তর nods. Just then, the boy enters the house in his school uniform. When he sees his mother and brother eating Supangal, he asks with a smile on his face: “Hi, is my grandma here ?!” Mother and daughter shook their heads and smiled with the spoon of Supangal. Finally comes the ‘man of the house’. She notices the smell of her coat hanging down, and says happily, “Mom ?!” He said that while other members of the family were smiling with joy, the father reached the peak of happiness by eating the products made by his ‘working wife’ in a short time and did not look like his mother’s (grandmother’s) supangal. Thus, the working mother’s cold, future kitchen, with no sign of vitality, suddenly becomes like Grandma’s paradise. Of course, we all know that this will not be the case.

It’s an old ad, but thanks to the home and gift options presented in last week’s ad, we realize again that it’s motherhood first and then housework that will make a woman’s life meaningful – now I’m not sure at the time of writing, it’s probably one of the two. , ‘House man’ depends on will. The order of importance may change.


On Mother’s Day week – May 3 – an interesting feminist novel was sold When Women were Dragons, which I acquired and read online, it was a very good example of the literary revolt against the imposition of a reproductive biological feature, which is shared in almost all living things as an element of existence. The story of the novel, which is set in the middle of a world focused on suffering and the Cold War after World War II, is as follows:

On Monday, April 25, 1955, between 11:45 and 14:30, 642,987 (six hundred and forty-two thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven) females living in the United States became dragons. They are all married and have children. Some burn their abusive husbands to ashes as soon as they turn into dragons, some burn their ‘nest’ prisons. After this transformation, where no child or woman was harmed, these dragon-women flew away and disappeared into the sky. There are many rumors that they live together on an uninhabited island, on the top of a hill or in a dark forest where no one has set foot, or endless flight of freedom in the void of space, but no one really knows what happened. Then something amazing happens when these women discover the ability of the girls they left behind to become dragons. We witness these events through the memory and research of Alexandra (as she chose, Alex) who was 8 years old at the time of ‘Mass Dragging’ and was working on ‘Dragonization’ as a freelance scientist when she was growing up.

It is not described in the novel, but these dragons probably started burning ‘prison’ from toaster, vacuum cleaner, iron. I think they left the television where their reflection is not visible in the end …

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