A joint bargaining agreement was signed between Oz-Saglik Is Union and TÜHIS with the participation of Minister Yannick and Minister Bilgin.

A joint bargaining agreement was signed between Oz-Saglik Is Union and TÜHIS with the participation of Minister Yannick and Minister Bilgin.

The bargaining agreement between the Ankara Self-Health Workers Union and the Turkish Heavy Industries and Services Sector Public Employers Union was signed with the participation of Family and Social Services Minister Deria Yannick and Labor and Social Security Minister Bilgin.

A certificate of approval dated 22 September 2021 was given to İşz Sağlık-İş union to sign a joint bargaining agreement at work in the “Health and Social Services” business line of the central and provincial agencies of the Ministry of Family and Social Services. In this context, negotiations for joint bargaining between the ğz Sağlık-İş union and TÜHİS began, with members of the Ministry of Family and Social Services on October 26, 2021, and the negotiations ended with an agreement. The 5th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement will be implemented between 1 November 2021 and 31 October 2024, covering Minister of Family and Social Services, Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin, and staff of the Minister for Family and Social Affairs in central and provincial agencies. Services Deria Yannick and HAK-7 General It was signed at a ceremony attended by the chairman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Mahmut Arslan and officials of the Öz Sağlık-İş union. The agreement covers about 25,000 employees working in the central and provincial agencies of the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

“The teams we serve are the teams assigned to us.”

Noting that they serve some disadvantaged groups as a ministry, Minister Yannick said he expects staff to continue their sensitivity towards these groups and said, “Thanks, the Ministry of Family and Social Services has gained independence in the last 20 years. -We create quality social services and provide social service activities.We cannot be proud enough.Our friends who do these things and realize this activity are our colleagues.We, as the Ministry of Family and Social Services, have a ministry that serves all 85 million people. In this sense, we conduct a very simple and large umbrella operation and the 85 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey are the most disadvantaged. As much as the technical part, we need to be aware of the spiritual dimension of the work that is being done. They are entrusted to us. Continue to increase the quality of our service. Undoubtedly, while waiting for this sacrifice, we have always been aware of the need to improve the personal rights of our friends and for this, both the ministry and our government, we have pushed the possibilities as much as possible.

“We strive to raise the level of staff, provide all kinds of opportunities and support.”

Noting that the AK Party government has been working for a fair and equal discipline for 20 years and they have worked hard for such a result in this agreement, Minister Yannick said: “We are trying to make sure that there are citizens who benefit from this level. Learn and take part in them. We expect the same dedication, the same effort and the same sensitivity so far, because the groups we serve entrust us with special care responsibilities, such as the disabled, the elderly and children. Therefore, from now on, we will continue to increase, develop and enhance the quality of our services that we create and offer. The nation’s confidence we will continue to provide services, knowing that they are our own trust, “he said.

“Collective agreement is an indicator of democracy in a country”

Referring to the process of collective bargaining as a sign of democracy and a process that strengthens democracy, Minister Bilgin said: “Collective bargaining is an indicator of democracy in a country. Trade union struggles, strikes and struggles between social partners are also indicators of democracy. It is also a sign of a culture of reconciliation. In this context, it is important to look at the elections to see if democracy is working in Turkey. Of course, it is necessary. The country that administers democracy in all institutions at all levels. “Turkey’s democratization process is getting stronger with the social struggle of the workers. In that case, we have to evaluate each level of collective agreement in terms of their contribution to democracy. “

Noting that the contracts provide significant benefits to workers, Minister Bilgin said that with these contracts, daily income increased from about 130 TL to about 300 TL. In addition, Bilgin said the agreements bind the public, adding that sanctions would be imposed on those who do not comply with the terms of the agreement and that they would follow suit. Minister Bilgin noted that such agreements are also important for social peace.

“I would like to once again congratulate and thank the two architects for this important achievement.”

Thanking the two ministers for facilitating the process, HAK-7 Chairman Mahmoud Arslan said, “Using all social dialogue processes to successfully complete a difficult process for all of us in the difficult times our country and the world is going through. While protecting, and delivering services at the same time বাস্তব Implementing a model that will ensure quality and productivity ৷ I would like to congratulate and thank the two architects of this important achievement সামনে Once again, the position of Minister of Family and Social Services, Sensitivity, the intense attention and support they show to their staff. She deserves to be thanked. The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Bilgin, is already one of us. As a Technician Minister, we went through a process that made our job easier. “

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