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In a candid statement at the awards ceremony, Turan said, “Today you have chosen to see the good side of Ardar, not his ‘but’ mistakes. Thank you for seeing my beautiful side. “

Arda Turan, a football player from Galatasaray, has been selected as the ‘Most Favorite and Imitated Football Player of 2022’ as a result of ‘Brand Research and Evaluation’ conducted by Istanbul Kent University Department of Business Administration. The football player, who came to the university with his wife, Aslihan Dogan Turan, to receive his award, also met with the students in an interview. At the end of the ceremony, the students admitted to the conference hall of the university, took lots of pictures with Turan and signed the form. Arda Turan, who made candid statements about her professional life in the interview, thanked the students for the award.

Expressing his joy at coming to the university, Arda Turan said, “Before I came, I thought about this speech. For many days, I have always had this kind of beginning in my mind; ‘Arda made a lot of mistakes, but he’s a good boy’ I was really 100 percent wrong a lot. These are things you don’t know. I knew what was going on inside me and what had happened to my family. But we will continue to make mistakes all our lives. We must make mistakes and find the courage to make mistakes in ourselves. Sometimes I forget my tasks? Or is the work of inspiration gone? I was thinking. This award has shown me that after a long time these are really remembered and can still inspire young people. It really awakened the determination to succeed, the determination to work again, so much so that I can’t tell you the importance of it. Honestly, I also had some reservations about society. I can’t describe the joy I got after so long. Because today you have chosen to see the good side of Ardar, not the ‘but’ mistakes. Thank you for seeing my beautiful side. “

Noting that athletes are constantly being judged, Turan said, “Our sports coaches are judging, our mothers are judging at home, we are constantly judging ourselves, the biggest. We have less courage to do anything. We are constantly scared, and for us, losing seems like a bad thing. The troublesome part of this job is psychological wear and tear, we have to be prepared for that. When I joined this group in Galatasaray, I was a kid who had a lot of meaning, had at least 3-4 words in English and had no mental training. Later, they hoped that everything I did would be right. I always say that they wanted things back which were not given to me. Now with our infrastructure, ‘Do they learn English? Do they have psychologists? ‘ I say. I have played 600 matches so far. I am recovering from the injuries I have suffered physically, but it is tolerable, but I am mentally exhausted because when you play the national game, when you win you become a hero and when you lose you become a traitor. You are constantly preparing yourself to please the people around you. Now, after 700 matches, your panicked body can’t respond properly, you can’t think right, you can’t share. Now your endurance is limited and you begin to react too much. Whatever the biggest part of my advice, please yourself. If you are not happy, you cannot make your family or your teammates happy. I’ve been making this mistake a lot in recent years. I am different from myself because I will make people happy and do what they say.

Noting that he was very aggressive, Turan said: “They were obsessed with what I wore, ate, drank and had fun. I thought I was doing something to improve the game, I thought. I had the ability to discuss this with my teachers. There was so much ‘perception of Arda’ in his subconscious mind that could be annoying. I also did a lot of aggression, I was everywhere. You get up in the morning so as not to bother anyone, there are magazines, sports and economics. There were times when I would talk nonsense, “he said.

Noting that his physical features are not suitable for playing football, Turan said, “If a player needs 10 physical features to be a football player, I don’t think I have 7 of them. I just have an incredible desire to win, developed with a sense of justice. I have never cheated in any game in my life. My wife is here, I do not cheat at home playing cards, but I try to win in the end. Another characteristic of me is that the intelligence of my players is very good. I have a glimpse into the game scene of Iniesta Royce, a player of that level, one of the highest level midfielders in the world. This was a huge advantage for me. I always think that possession is very valuable for a big team, which Real Madrid proves every time. There was always such criticism; Arda slows down the team. I never slowed down the team, I kept the ball and let it dominate our game. It was always like this, but of course, people wanted to go to the opposite castle of social media. Friends, the game is played 90+, the ball touches a player’s foot for two minutes. In other words, we are already playing without the ball in the remaining 90 minutes. That’s why, believe me, the ball is so valuable that losing the ball and not dominating the ball is very important. Today, to be honest, the biggest problem with our own team, Fenerbahce and Besiktas, is not having the ball. If you can’t bowl, you’ll become an opponent and run more, and if you can’t play this game as you run, he said.

“I’ve been suffering from sleep problems for years, I can’t sleep comfortably. It’s going to be a confession, but I didn’t take care of myself. The reason is completely psychological,” Turan said, noting that he had been suffering from sleep problems for years because he could not recover. There was a time when I could not recover my psychology well. I am on a diet and I break it down after 10 days. I start working, then quit. Because I do not blame anyone, but the country environment discourages me. Not being able to discourage me. Why can’t we play this game better? Why can’t we play the pass game better? However, I also fell a little emotional, fast. There is nothing better than feeling. I see my Spanish adventure as a whole story, of course it was a very good day. I miss it, but there is a sweet desire with peace of mind, “he said.

Explaining that Fatih Terim’s place is very different for him, Turan said, “I really enjoy working with Fatih Terim. I respect all the coaches in the world. In general, the world’s most important managers work with prepared teams and great players. So they take out a striker and take a striker, take out the right side and take the right side, or change their tactics very little. However, Fatih Hodge has no talent, especially in offensive areas. Makes a lot of rice. He tries everything, to be honest, which teaches me a lot. He watches 8 matches a day, works hard, it has affected me a lot, “he said.

Handing over the process of leaving the national team, Turan said, “I can smile when I’m sad, sometimes it’s at home. After the Iceland match in the 2016 qualifiers, I have a smile that makes me a lot out. One week before the match we practiced throw-in. The Icelandic team has been kicking and throwing long balls for a week. Coach Mircia Lusescu said, “It doesn’t matter if you hit the ball, wherever it falls, so don’t hit the ball too crowded.” In an important match like the World Cup, the two would hit the first long ball at once and where it fell, it would be empty and we would score a goal. She bothered me a lot, and I kept teasing her the whole game. I laughed when I saw his anger when he left the game. I have made many sacrifices for the national team throughout my life. So much so that I can’t tell you. When I was in Barcelona, ​​my leg was torn in the tendon and to be honest the Barcelona club did not want to send me for the 2016 qualifier, but I did not listen to them and came here. I have been in love for many years in return, but I have been whistled. As a result, I gave up. “I never thought I deserved it,” he said.

“They are incredibly good players, but I do not admit that they are the most talented team, they are not. Honestly, this country has seen Rüştüler and Brigades. Hamit Altintop, Selchuk Inan, Emre.” There were names like Belezoglu and Burak Ilmaz. We have to be realistic, we put too much burden on the children. When that happened, they didn’t play well in the European Championships, “he said.

Arda Turan, who said she would love Galatasaray all her life, said, “My love for Galatasaray, I will love it forever. That’s why I try to serve anything that is related to Galatasaray. I don’t know about the Football Federation, because if there was an interest in it I would never be there, I haven’t been in my whole life. If they really want to give me football service, I will. I can represent my country anywhere in the world. I think everything should be fair. We had the idea that we had talked to Fatih Hokadan; I want to create these VQAs and boards from the club representatives Because every week we have problems with justice and referees. The truth of the game is that teams don’t play well, our teams don’t play good football, “he said.

Emphasizing that he attaches great importance to infrastructure, Turan said: “The first thing I want to change in Turkish football is that 10 percent of clubs’ revenue goes to infrastructure. It needs to be supervised by a good regulator. Children aged 15-16 are being trained on artificial turf at an infrastructure in Galatasaray. Infrastructure in Galatasaray is the most important infrastructure in Turkey. Unfortunately, we do not have a field. We hope these kids will come and play in the most important team in Turkey in 2 years. On artificial turf, your clit will tear every 15 days. Infrastructure is very important to me, we don’t give real opportunity, first I criticize myself. Financial resources are no longer enough, we must go back to infrastructure. In fact, this is my opinion to our supporters, ‘We will not be champions this year, but we will reduce our budget, we will think about the future, we will play players from the infrastructure. Let’s say, ‘Trust us, give us 3-5 years.’ I think Galatasaray fans will understand that, I believe. Because they love their team more than the championship, but we can’t do that. The truth has to come out and tell the truth. If I were to become Galatasaray coach one day, I would love to do it, “he said.

Asked why Galatasaray was not included in the squad for the match against Barcelona, ​​Turan said: “The choice of coach and our club, it is my responsibility as captain to work properly and continue. Because I think I represent the infrastructure and culture in Galatasaray. I greeted him respectfully, if I am not in Gazettepe Konya, if I am not really important to the team, there is no point in staying in Barcelona because I am not a tour guide.

“It was a quarter-final in the cup, I think we were 1-0 up,” Turan said of the referee’s throwing of the clit at the Barcelona match during Atletico Madrid. When Fernando Torres kicked the ball into the hands of Javier Mascherano. We all thought it was a penalty and took a break because it was a penalty. When he hesitated, Barcelona went to the counter, we were caught in the open field by Messi, Neymar and Suarez and in the meanwhile conceded the goal. When we conceded the goal, we strongly objected to the referee. This objection continues even at half time. When this objection was raised at half time, the referee’s attitude towards us was very strict, he was much more polite towards the Barcelona players. I was very angry at this, and in another position, Dani Alves and Rakitic put my foot down and opened my clit, and the referee said ‘keep going’, it was quite a reflex, but it’s a good thing that the referee doesn’t come. It’s a misnomer, but I admit it’s a very good moment, “he said.

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