Congratulations and thanks; Health Minister Dr. Swami

Thursday, May 12, 2022

There is only one minister among the caretaker and pardoned ministers in the President’s government who has today praised a large number of biased and neutral citizens.

Health Minister Dr. Fahretin coca.

During the Kovid-19 epidemic, Dr. is spending about 24 hours in the ministry day and night. Koka was as bright as a single star among all the ministers who served in the 20-year AKP regime.

What Caesar needs to give Caesar.

The first case of Kovid-19 epidemic has been identified in Turkey. It was announced on March 11 by the husband.

The first death due to Kovid virus in our country was on March 15, 2020.

Health Minister Fahretin Koka announced in a statement on April 1, 2020 that coronavirus cases have spread throughout Turkey.

Total number of coronavirus patients in Turkey as of May 10, 2022:

15 lakh 43 thousand 379

– Only 975 of the current patients are being treated in the intensive care unit.

To this day, Dr. Number of patients treated by our excellent skilled and professional healthcare professionals in husband management:

14 lakh 941 thousand 419 It happened.

The number of patients who lost their lives is; It has been 98 thousand 748.

Number of new cases: 480 thousand

Case / Mortality Rate: 66 per thousand

Vaccination: 146 crore 417 thousand 299 rupees

Dear readers,

Of course, the AKP government has incompetence which should not be forgotten.

Dr. While announcing the success of Fahretin Kokar, we must commend the 113 meetings held so far by the Scientific Committee.

A total of 42 people, including members of the Social Sciences Committee and 100 people from the subgroup, undoubtedly supported the fight against the epidemic.

But the biggest burden, of course;

Our doctors

Our pharmacist,

Our dentist,

Our nurses,

And all health is our army.

Dr. I would like to express my gratitude to all our healthcare workers who have been martyred in the presence of Fahretin Kokar.

Health Minister Coca has held a total of 150 press conferences in 2020-2021 and 2022.

The chain of live broadcast press conferences that will enter the Guinness Book of Records is commendable.

I remind you that the problem caused by the lack of control over the pay and social rights of our health forces should be resolved as soon as possible.

We have not forgotten, and we will never forget, that our healthcare professionals, who make halal incomes like mothers’ white milk, have not been able to visit their homes even on the most severe days of the epidemic.

Now let’s come to the awards section, which we can be proud of.

The 15th eTurkey Awards organized by TUSIAD and the Turkish Informatics Foundation are over:

The Ministry of Health has been deemed worthy of two awards for the third time in a row.

The most important application in the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic;

Hayat Eve Cigar (HEPP) “Best Practice Award for Citizens from the Public”,

The Filiation and Insulation Tracking System (FITAS) has received the “ENOCTA Special Award”.

Deputy Minister of Health was present at the ceremony. Dr. Shuip firstGeneral Manager Award of the Informatics Foundation Contemporary adult And Dr. Chairman of the Turkish Informatics Foundation Board Farooq is a resident of EkjachiReceived from

Deputy Minister of Health. Shuip first said:

“Creating such an application in such a short period of time is very important for our country in terms of our technical level.

As Ministry of Health, we are proud to be able to produce high-tech products locally and nationally on behalf of our country.

I would like to receive these awards on behalf of our colleagues who work with us in the kitchen, our fililation teams in the field and especially our healthcare professionals who have lost their lives trying to cure our patients, in short, the entire healthcare family, whatever their circumstances. We have no purpose other than to heal our people … “

Hyatt Home Application Fit:

It was made available on April 10, 2020, one month after the first Covid-19 case was reported in Turkey on March 11, 2020.

Life Fit Home app;

It has been downloaded 71 million times so far,

Used by 73 million people,

138 million HEPP codes have been created.

The HEPP code was questioned 5 billion 13 million times,

During the search, 151,000 at-risk individuals were identified using public transportation.

Filtration and insulation tracking systems: FİTAS;

It was put into service on 18 April. Filtration teams scanned 81 provinces with a mobile device as soon as a case emerged and reached the case and its contacts and performed the filing process through the FITAS application. The spread of the epidemic was mapped.

Thus, each positive case infected 2.6 people and these people were isolated and prevented.

To date, an estimated 22 million fililation procedures have been performed with more than 23,000 teams comprising 67,000 people.

Although 33 million visits were made with 32,000 teams comprising 114,000 people, citizens were called 14 million times through the system.

Filtration teams can cover a distance of 8 million km on their visits and travel around the world 203 times.

Dr. I would like to express my gratitude, congratulations and appreciation to all the staff of the ministry towards Fahretin Kokar …

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