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Whose work is the opposite of life? Who is the author of the book Living the Country? What is the theme and concept of Living Country? What does the book Living the Country say? Do you have the PDF download link of Living Country? Who is krü Erbaş the author of the book Living the Country? Here is a summary of the book, lyrics, comments and reviews, Living the Country …


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Author: Sukru Erbas

Publisher: Everest Publications

ISBN: 9789752891715

Number of pages: 125

What does the opposite mean? Subject, main idea, summary

Fall and they

It rained at dusk

One by one the clouds came down

The morning is as small as our dreams

Strange burden of our lives in the evening

The song of exile in the air.

Everyone is lost in their loneliness

In the chest of melting silence

No hand breaks and no mouth enters

Our hearts stop loving

We have temporary clothes outside.

This freezing cold dayless sun

Our faces have forgotten how to smile

The light fades in the dirty fog

Our heart is a vessel of hope in the water of blood

Our eyes were fixed on a star in the north.


Live opposite quotes – lyrics

  • “One day the pain will come to the human heart”
  • If I don’t write poetry, the child in me will lose his language
  • We’re getting bored, kids, we’re getting bored.
  • Everyone’s truth is suffering to itself. Everyone’s suffering is unique to itself.
  • If I don’t write poetry, the child in me will lose his language.
  • We get bored kid, we get bored we can’t take things shape
  • “We turned to the wrong mirror, to see.”
  • We will see, turned into the wrong mirror.
  • My most beautiful dream stays inside me.
  • I’m going to a blue shore
  • My heart does not hide
  • “We turned to the wrong mirror to appear.”
  • Death ends one day, save some love.
  • -We’re married, sweetie, I can’t read, I don’t have time for work, and books are expensive.
  • Your arrival connects me to life. Do you understand Stop making time.

Living against reviews – personal comments

The same word will no longer appear in poetry …: Calling line: scented honey, purity of currents, clarity of rain, scent of washed skin, vitality of fresh soil, coolness of spring air, burning of summer sun, milk foam, taste of milk, brightness of smile, brightness of smile, mystery of night, inner pain, hope Sharp as a knife, the pigeon flies, at a distance from the stars, close to the touch… in short, which excites the human heart and is so small; You are a line of light that carries, vaguely, once seen and lost; In the middle of this dark day, as cold as dew, falls and flies away, in the irresistible yellow heat of truth যদি if I endure, my heart, if I obey, my mind cannot bear the call of this line… you will come. Across many lines which you will find yourself lost while reading. I’m sure you’ll read it, read it and read it again without getting tired. Each poem has its own beauty. The author / Sukru-Erbas, whose book I have read many times, will also be able to impress you with this book. The fact that he touched something that surprised me, and what a prostitute woman felt and wanted to announce was so sincere that I was amazed that I was surprised that a man could express the female soul so beautifully again. I want a book for you so that you get lost. Happy reading … (Nunu’s bookstore)

If not write …: The Muslim father of poetry, Şükrü ERBAŞ. Oh, don’t think it’s Arabic style, its magic is felt from bone to bone. Just like my Muslim father. If the night draws my loneliness to the sky, the pig father becomes his light. If you do not write your love, then ükrü dad can not process his feelings like a bride’s dowry and can not express his feelings beautifully. If you don’t write to the outside world and the inner man every evening, Şükrü Baba. Pig father, if you don’t write, our dead are not remembered with love in the grave. And if you don’t write poetry, the beauty of the picture will not increase like pomegranate seeds. People get old as soon as they leave childhood, Venus Baba. Even love is a load for the new heart! The world remains as inexplicable as the pile of questions, Şükrü Baba. My long night precious rose. Although it is like a razor, most of the time your verses; It gives blood, it gives life to my soul. If music is the food of the soul, good poetry is the vitamin of the soul, its red bull. Whenever I stumbled and fell, let it be in my mind and yours, we held that hand that the poem stretched out tightly and stood up straight. Each poison has an antidote. Long live my fancy poet Baba Shukru lying in his father’s grave. Good read 🙂 (Caglian Lion)

No matter what I write, I will always come back and add, how to make a limited sentence in this book, which will remain until I get a taste while reading it? Guys, it’s very different. Strangely different. This is a lovely pen. In each line, “Bless your hand, pen, heart, Mrs. Omar, man!” I can’t help myself. It gave me a very different feeling, I felt it in every beautiful book. I won’t prolong it, I don’t think words will suffice in my memory, read it, recommend it, get it done. I wish you a pleasant reading .. (The light)

Do you have a PDF download link for Living Country?

Şükrü Erbaş – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Living the Country is the PDF link to Living the Country. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book krü Erbaş?

He was born on September 7, 1953 in Yogyakarta. His mother, Mrs. Lalezer; His father is Dogan Erbash. He completed his primary and secondary education in Yojaga.

He graduated from Gazi Educational Institution in the Department of Social Sciences in Ankara in 1978. He worked as a government employee and manager on the Turkish Grain Board and retired from this organization.

In the early years of his literary career, which he started in 1984, he became a board member of Tomorrow Magazine. He served as general secretary from 1993-1995 and chairman of the Association of Letters from 1998-1999. The artist, whose first poem was published in Varlık Magazine in 1978; He was awarded the Sehun Atuf Kansu Poetry Prize in 1987 for his book of poetry “Journey”. Erbaş, who works in essays and compilations as well as poetry, is still a member of the PEN Writers’ Association.

He served on the editorial board of the Journal of Tomorrow (1984). He worked as a manager in the Association of Letters (1993-1999). The poet still lives in Antalya.

Ükrü Erbaş published his first poem in 1978 in Varlık magazine. He was awarded the Sehun Atuf Kansu Poetry Prize in 1987 for his book of poetry “Journey”. He also won the Orhan Murat Aribarnu Poetry Award in 1996 with his book of poetry “Declaustu Moon Bulanik”, the Ahmed Arif Poetry Award in 2002 for his book of poetry “Uk Nakta Base Harf” and the Ömer Asım Aksoy Poetry Award in 2005 for his book of poetry “Shadow”. With Story “.

He has written essays on poetry, literature and life. Ükrü Erbaş, who collected his essays in “Man Takes the Pain of Man” (1995) and “One Day Before Death” (1999), also has a prose book, “The Voice of the Rose is the Smell of the Rose” ( 1998).

Sukru Erbas Book – Work

  • Vintage songs
  • All poems 1
  • All Poems 2
  • Suggestions for solving Kurdish questions from poets
  • Withdrawal water
  • Forget the notebook
  • In a ringing space
  • All poems3
  • Propeller
  • The Voice of the Rose smells of roses
  • The opposite lifestyle
  • Threshold sign
  • People take human suffering
  • Ash long lasting / deep cut
  • Three dot five letter / solitary syllable
  • Journey / change without identity
  • All seasons fall / The moon shines over the Tigris
  • The heart of the pendulum
  • The end of eternity
  • Glass and KV – glass and stone
  • The day before death
  • Shadow story
  • We live in silence
  • Sand with water
  • Bird flies wings net
  • Slight pain
  • Travel
  • Anonymous exchange
  • The moon is fading over the Tigris
  • All seasons fall
  • The ash is chronic
  • Deep wounds
  • Three dots five characters
  • Synonyms of solitude
  • Collected Poems 1
  • Selected Poems
  • Threshold lashes
  • Under the weeping of the grass
  • Withdrawal water
  • I am the rotating world
  • All Poems 4
  • Collected Poems 2
  • People are a missing word

Sukru Erbas Quotes – Lyrics

  • To devalue the world means to underestimate one’s own weight, to devalue poetry means not to know the weight of words. (The Voice of the Rose smells of roses)
  • Isn’t it really old age, a deep sigh, a wrong childhood, Ms. (The moon is fading over the Tigris)
  • What, you know the heartbreaker? You are cooling yourself. You’re cool. You are cool from your past. You become colder than you believe. You are getting cold from the face you are looking at. You don’t look inside anymore. The lost earth is not the paradise you believe in … (I am the rotating world)
  • “.. I miss love, you know? An unconditional smile …” ~~ °° (The day before death)
  • We listen and talk without stopping. We are each on our own shores.Sand with water)
  • “You collected your face from the window and came back from your long journey.The end of eternity)
  • I kiss your voice, baby, that dumb, thin song of your heart that comes out of your eyelids. Don’t be so sad, please. (Anonymous exchange)
  • Of course, there must be knowledge, not discouragement. I’ll bring a bunch of books right now and try to read and be a man. (The Voice of the Rose smells of roses)
  • No one can catch their dreams and no one can go one step beyond the truth; So time hurts, stays short, is endless, in the face of small human life. (The moon is fading over the Tigris)
  • The wings of my heart fluttered like a sweaty dove and I was at the tip of your eyelids … (All seasons fall)
  • Death … we are all alive for you …Under the weeping of the grass)
  • If I didn’t write, I would die of hatred for love. (Deep wounds)
  • Some have a culture devoid of morality and some have a culture devoid of morality. (Withdrawal water)
  • ‘The distance inside me. He left without anyone’s memory. ‘ (Synonyms of solitude)
  • No love grows in captivity. (The day before death)
  • I think a man spends his whole life just being alone in the end. (I am the rotating world)
  • It’s a crime if I enter in front of the door, it’s cold when I goThe ash is chronic)
  • Fuck you with someone else’s fire to heat your house and cook your food. (Sand with water)
  • Do you know what separation is? No road interference, no closed doors, no falling stars at night, no pockets, no train schedule, no crane train in the sky. “It’s separation when a person stops pouring his heart out!” (Threshold lashes)
  • My human brothers and sisters, you are becoming more and more lonely. There is no common joy left in you which will increase you. What a sincere friend you are who will take away your troubles. You have long forgotten the joy of sharing; Land, air, sea, sky It always makes sense with a person You have forgotten the nature that presents itself as an inexhaustible treasure, buried in the blind well of everyday interests and cheap fear, narrowing your windows to the world. It’s down. I am jumping out of the messy bed of the day and running with the Prothom-alo of day. You go to work on the unchanged road. Working like clockwork all day, I got bored and ran away. The farther the accident in your house, the happier you are. You forgot to listen to the suffering of others. Forgot to express, what is the most beautiful behavior for a subtle word? You’re lonely, my human brothers and sisters – what’s worse for you – the rain doesn’t wash your heart, the sea goes in vain, the sea goes in vain, its blue spreads on your horizon, the flowers sing the song of awakening every spring and you won’t see it in your name, You don’t think about their faith once. Don’t buy anything from life that will make your life beautiful.All poems 1)

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