Explain the applicants for guard duty! When will the pre-health examination, written and oral examination be?

Applications for guard duty published by the Police Academy Presidency within the body of the General Directorate of Security will expire on May 13, 2022. Wondering what the next step is for applicants. Candidates who do not apply and who will make an initial application on the Internet, the examination application fee is 340, from 09.00 to 17.00 on 13.05.2022 28.04.2022, Halkbank Gölbaşı Branch Ankara Branch of the Revolving Fund Management Directorate of the Police Academy “2022/1. This will be credited to the account called “Semester Market and Neighbor Guard Entrance Test”.

How will the process work for applicants?

After the candidates have made their initial application on the official website at https://pa.edu.tr, place of application, date of application and examination, requested documents and other necessary information can be obtained from the State. Contact is made through the Personal Presidency, the General Directorate of Security or the official website of the Presidency or other appropriate means of communication.

Candidates will not be notified by mail or other means of communication. Internet advertising is a notification. Candidates’ application center and application date cannot be changed after final and announcement on page 6 of page 6 on the Internet. It is the responsibility of the candidates to apply in person and not be able to participate in the examination due to not following the internet advertisement.

How to apply?

Pre-application fee: 340 TL

Banks contracted for pre-application: Hulkbank Golbashi Branch of Police Academy Revolving Fund Management / Ankara Department “2022/1. This will be credited to the account called “Semester Market and Neighbor Guard Entrance Test”.

Date of submission of application fee: 28.04.2022 from 09.00 to 13.05.2022 at 17.00

How about the watching test?

Candidates undergo a pre-health examination by the Primary Health Control Commission after receiving their application before taking the Marketplace and Neighborhood Watchman exams.

Market and surrounding guard entrance exams, written exams, physical skills exams and oral exams. Candidates’ application and examination centers and examination dates are final and cannot be changed after being announced on the Internet. The decision of the Examination Commission cannot be appealed.

When will the test date be announced?

The date, venue, test track and score sheet of the physical aptitude test and matters relating to the candidates will be determined by the guidelines prepared by the Police Academy Presidency and will be announced on the official website of the Police Academy Presidency (www.pa.edu.tr). Also, candidates can get mail, telephone etc. Notification will not be given through communication. An announcement made via the Internet is a notification.

Early health examination

Candidates whose applications are accepted by the Acceptance Commission; On the same day, the Pre-Health Control Commission will conduct a pre-health examination.

The primary health check will be done according to the health condition regulation of the police agency. The Primary Health Examination Committee will decide on the candidates “may or may not be a candidate for the market and the surrounding guards”. For market and nearby guard candidates who have been given a “no” decision will not be able to continue the examination stages.

Candidates for the position of guard in the market and in the vicinity who have been given a “yes” decision will be eligible to participate in the written test.

2022/1 Guard Recruitment Application Process

See 2022/1 Application Requirements

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

  • To be at least a high school graduate or equivalent,

  • At least 167 cm tall

  • D) Having a body mass index between 18 (included) and 27 (included).

  • Living within the province’s boundaries for the past year or so,

  • Ends his military duty,

  • 18 years of age (18 years old or earlier) and not less than 31 years of age (born on or after 28.04.1992) according to the date of application.

  • Not guilty of embezzlement, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of faith, fraudulent bankruptcy or any other dishonest act, even if they are pardoned,

  • Not known as infamous in Turkish society,

  • Not being deprived of the rights of the people, not being punished for being deprived of government services,

  • No interruption in civil service,

  • No legal impediment to carrying a gun or carrying out armed duties,

  • Carrying out the conditions specified in the Police Status Health Act,

  • The candidate’s own and his wife if married; A brothel, a communal space, a meeting place, a home where prostitution takes place alone and in a similar place, or not involved in mediation and waiting, responsible for the production and sale of all kinds of written, audio and visual work. , Whether they have been recorded in the material, or have not been subjected to any judicial or administrative investigation or trial for gambling, drugs or stimulants, have not been subject to administrative sanctions or have not been convicted of such acts,

  • Not being treated for alcohol, drugs or stimulant use,

  • Not to be expelled from the police training institute for any reason except the provisions of the health rules,

  • Involvement, support or participation in activities, meetings, processions and rallies of terrorist organizations and their legal or illegal expansion,

  • Not being a member of any political party or affiliate of a political party on the date of application,

  • Safety investigations and archive research must be positive.

What documents are required for the application?

Candidates who want to take the Watch Recruitment Test in and around the market;

A) Application for examination,

B) Original and photocopy of the document showing ID number (ID card, driving license, passport) of the Republic of Turkey,

C) Original and photocopy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate (equivalent certificate obtained from the concerned institution for those who have graduated from abroad),

d) the document stating that he is residing in the province in which he has applied for at least one year,

E) A biometric photograph taken in the last year,

F) The written statement states that he and his wife, if married, do not have the disability conditions mentioned in paragraph 5 of the regulations,

G) A copy of the certificate of Martyr or Duty Disability which is approved by the concerned institution from the spouse or children of the martyrs or persons with duty disability (documents obtained from SGK),

H) The bank receipt shows that the examination fee has been paid,

i) Original and photocopy of Military Discharge Certificate,

j) age correction certificate for those who have age correction,

) Health information form will be requested. (Candidates, along with health information form, must submit all information, documents and documentation which describes health history, drug report, if any, health board report, disability health board report, discharge report from military service. Reasons for excluding a student candidate or staffing candidate. Reports must be submitted to the Primary Health Control Commission.) (Health Information Form will be published on the Internet when the place of application is announced)

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