Hardware support from Polypharma to Marmara University

The laboratory was inaugurated on behalf of Pharmacist Nekdate Nuri Kumrulu, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Polypharma Pharmaceuticals, and Vildan Kumrulu, Chemical Engineer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he donated all his necessary equipment to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University.

Celebrating its 36th anniversary, the pharmaceutical company Polypharma donated hardware infrastructure to the laboratory of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University.

Rector of Marmara University Prof. Dr. was present at the opening ceremony of the laboratory. Dr. Mustafa Kurt, Chairman of the Board of Polypharma Pharmaceuticals Ufuk Kumrulu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polypharma Pharmaceuticals Vildan Kumrulu, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Dr. Kübra Elçioglu, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor. Dr. Ilke Kukukguzel and Polypharma Ilak executives were present.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Rector Kurt said Marmara University has been strengthened by the acquisition of Laboratories, adding that “universities have fundamental missions such as conducting scientific research and providing various services for the benefit of society, in addition to teaching and training Our university, which was awarded the Research University Label Award from the Research-Based Specialization Program in 2022, works closely with all its stakeholders to develop important and effective projects, to develop important and effective projects, business, science, technology. To develop, we are planning and studying new ways to train leaders in politics and industry. ” Used phrases.

“High quality master’s and doctoral theses will be conducted in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Laboratory”

Note that as a university administration, they aim to support all academic units and increase their opportunities, Kurt said:

“Our Faculty of Pharmacy, which has always been proud of its achievements, has recently received the National Recognition Certificate in Education from the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Program (ECZAKDER). By strengthening the infrastructure of the Faculty of Pharmacy, it will also help in training qualified pharmacists of choice in the sector.

High-quality master’s and doctoral theses will be conducted in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Laboratory, which we will open under the roof of our university’s Institute of Health Sciences, which has the label of Higher Education Quality Assurance System. Thanks to this laboratory, both our undergraduate and graduate students and our academics who conduct quality research will be provided with educational research infrastructure support. “

Kurt said that universities in developed and developing countries collaborate with industry and related sectors and develop products for the benefit of their country and continue to do so as follows:

“We are delighted to open one such laboratory in the Faculty of Pharmacy today with the support of PolyPharma, one of the few companies in our country. We would like to thank PolyPharma Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and our academic teachers for their support.” They will meet with other university sectors, such as Marmara University, and develop university-industry cooperation. “

“We believe that the only condition for being a global player is research and development.”

Ufuk Kumrulu, chairman of the board of Polypharma Area, says that as Polypharma, inspired by the vision of honorary president and founding pharmacist Nekdet Nuri Kumrulu, a global company with 100 percent capital, does not use technology but produces. Be. We are working every day to become a more efficient, successful company that contributes to the world and health, in this way it started with the establishment of Memleket Pharmacy in Turkey. For this reason, we have focused on life and said ‘Life First’. We’re investing in young people, so standing up for success that will benefit science in the future, for you, for future scientists.

We believe that research and development is the only condition for becoming a global player in the future. We established our research and development base Pol-Arge in 2017 with our EU-GMP certified, 55 thousand m2 production facility. By being aware of the importance of health quality, we are gaining strength with our new medicines, production lines, new logistics centers and our specialized human resources that we build every day, and we work for our country and the world. “

Highlighting the importance of domestic production, Kumrulu said, “Especially the production of raw materials is very valuable and important. The collaboration between Polypharma Ilak and Marmara University will continue in this laboratory. Here too, we will produce and export raw materials. Says

Kumrul said he was happy and proud to support the school where Nakdat Nuri Kumru, honorary president and founder of Polypharma Pharma, graduated.

Vildan Kumrulu, vice chairman of the Polypharma Pharmaceuticals Board, said that they have started API synthesis tests and projects for the future. They have achieved through formulations. In particular, lipid emission technology has been in the hands of foreigners in Turkey for the past three years and has been in the category of strategic products. Used phrases.

Kumrulu said he was delighted to be able to serve science as a polypharma. “Marmara University is a well-established university. It makes me very proud to contribute to the success of our well-established university. There will be synthesis. There will be very good synthesis. “Turkey needs raw materials in some time. I believe that very beautiful molecules will come out here. “

Vildan Kumrulu noted that he has always sincerely believed in supporting universities and that they believe that success and the future of Turkey lies in the laboratory of universities, the abode of science.

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