Irfan Baz – Recipe To Get Rid Of TRT Spores

Irfan Buzz, who has worked in Yeni Maltyaspor, Bursaspor, Genlerbirligi, Osmanlispor, Samsanspor and Kasimpasa in his coaching career, answered the AA reporter’s question.

Assessing the latest developments in Turkish football, Buzz said: “Turkish football is at the bottom. The national team has been relegated to the UEFA Nations League. It failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. “There have been a lot of resignations. We need a complete change in football.” Used expressions.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, the 55-year-old coach said: “Everyone who comes to football from the federation should take part. What can we lose? We are already at the bottom. We can go. ” He said.

“The process will work better for Turkish football”

Irfan Buz says he thinks Turkish football will be better with the new sports law.

“Many clubs are in debt. They need to take responsibility for blocking their way and for the smooth progress of things. From now on, the process will work better for Turkish football. Clubs need to be more careful. Responsible.” The signatures of individuals should be important. ” He commented.

“Tech guys have to be brave”

Irfan Buz underlined that Turkey’s young players should take more time.

Noting that he started coaching in Germany and has given young players the opportunity to play throughout his career, the experienced coach said: “I am a coach who plays for young people. Coaches need to be brave. He will not think too much about his position. He has been in the German youth national team for many years. I have worked. They have shown us how to recruit young footballers. ” Evaluated her.

Speaking about the rules for foreign players in the Super League, Irfan Buzz said, “Competition disappears. There are problems with development. I am against this rule. It should be completely free. There is no passport in football. You can play that well.”

“I can keep Yeni Malatyaspor in the cluster”

Irfan Buz Oznur’s Kablo Yeni assesses the exile in Maltyaspur, where he last served.

“If I had been in the office, I could have kept Yeni Malatyaspor in the cluster.” Buzz said the following comments were made:

“I am very sorry. There was a Yeni Maltyspor who was in a difficult situation when we first went. We went straight to the Super League in our second year. You will remember these beauties forever when you are with the people of Maltese. We had a successful period. We are in the league with 45 points. “When we left the office, Medipol Basakehir and Giresanspor were behind us. The same coach continues in Giresunspor League. I’m sure it could have been different if we had continued to work. I’m sure it could have been different at half time. If I had been in the office, I would have been 100 percent sure that I would keep Yeni Maltyaspor in the cluster. Our departure was early. Yeni Maltyaspor “We always got along with people with our textures. We had a very good combination with people. They love me and I love them.”

Irfan Buzz said he wanted to take part in a club with a goal “I’m a technical man. I’ve made some changes to my team. We’ve hired 2 foreign friends to the technical team. Pantelis Pantelopoulos will be a performance coach. We’ve hired Paco Vaz from Germany. We want to strengthen our technical team and keep up our demand.” He finished his speech.

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