Istanbul love of foreign Turkish literary poets

Thursday, May 12, 2022

An anonymous Dobruca (Romania) folk song:

I’m tired of arriving in Istanbul

I thought every beauty was my own

Beşiktaş in the middle of Istanbul

I have no mother, no father, no siblings.

I made my way to Istanbul

I got a problem for an unbelievable bell

Istanbul, expressed in the form of emotion, has turned into love in the language of poets. For Istanbul, the greatest poet of Azerbaijan, Bahatiya Vahabzadeh:

Gathered in one city

Two continents

The beginning of one

The end of one.

On the left, a ruin of its luxurious past,

Elevated to the sky

Mosques, forts, castles

Stopped for a thousand years.

For Ahmed Seva, one of the most important poets of Azerbaijan, Istanbul is not only the center of Turkey, but also the center of all Turks. Here are some of his lines expressing his sorrow for Istanbul in World War I:

Lord, do you not know my heart?

That you broke the live string of my outfit!


Ah, pale face, thoughtful Istanbul!

Blue eyes, silky unconscious Istanbul!

He wrote in the form of poems in Istanbul

Sabir Rustemhanlio, one of the leading poets of Azerbaijan, describes the beauty of Istanbul:

The girls of Istanbul

Curl hair

I drowned in your eyes

Don’t look me in the face, honey

This time flowing from the reed

This smoke is flowing from summer

Time flows through the Bosphorus

Don’t be water, don’t flow, honey

It is one of those who transfers the string to the format.

He is known as the lover of Istanbul and in a few lines:

Don’t send, stay

Don’t ask me for a residence permit


Ah Istanbul / Itri chapter

Let me be a loot

And with my Prizren dialect

Burn folk songs in my armpits

I wish a little

Don’t look so much

Gen Bexak, one of Kosovo’s best poets, who expressed and expressed his love for Istanbul at the highest level, many poets living outside of Anatolia sang many original poems for Istanbul.

There are some poets’ places in Istanbul:

In the nineteenth century

In June in that painful exile

Zehra was met in Istanbul

To his mother, father, sister

Like rebirth (Ahmet Merdevensi-Bulgaria)

The focal point of hope, like some poetic lines:

Year after year has knitted you like a needle

You are the most beautiful embroidery in the world I have ever seen


If I say I love it, I shouldn’t run low income. (N. Akbayik Bulgaria)

Love ceases as its verses; Some poets:

Excellent mystery dead

Izmit that night

Excellent parents in Istanbul

Excellent fatmas in Yalova

Excellent Ayşecikler died

In Adapazari

Excellent Oktaylar at Cerenler Gölcük

One after another (Mumin Youssef Akin-Bulgaria)

As in his poems in the form of difficult days, some poets also say:

Sultanahmet, Topkapi, Dolmabahche

It has given Istanbul such a decoration

It wasn’t just any decoration

But Istanbul on the horizon

It was like a real paradise (Aladdin Ismail-Kosovo)

It is described as an angle from heaven, as in verse in verse form. Poets living outside of Anatolia have skillfully managed the love of Istanbul in many ways.

Beautiful Istanbul with all its beauty

Time to stay away

She has her hair down, she’s wearing a halo

She looked like a young girl (Aladdin Ismail-Kosovo)

Istanbul, compared to a young girl in its line:

Looking at Istanbul

The poet sees Istanbul differently (Refkey Crown-Kosovo)

Some poets, while displaying their worldview, say:

Saw Istanbul

Happy era, civilization holding hands

Saw Istanbul

He was riding his gray horse (Ali Said-Bulgaria)


The flowers and cool of the island

Blue carpet marmara, your eyes

History is a deep secret in your heart

Istanbul I find in fairy tales (Hasim Akif-Bulgaria)


Dad used to say Istanbul is the rose of history.

Serdengeçti date, legal birth

I have named this city Kabisthan

I have built the greatest mortar of love with poetry (Mehmet Sergeant-Bulgaria)


I left Chamberlaitas

I’m with you again, my legendary city!

Each step has a history mark,

The smell of history in every handful of soil. (Sabri Ata-Bulgaria)

He has left his mark in poetry with his historical past in his line. Among poets living outside of Anatolia, Istanbul’s aspirations take on extreme proportions. Some poets:

I missed the flight of the plane screen by screen

I miss their landing in Istanbul every time (Fatma Rhodopolu-Bulgaria)

When someone says:

Riot of colors at the bottom of the water

Techmill has opened its sails on the horizon

Istanbul is settled

Like a ship with scales (Ozkar Yassin-TRNC)

In some forms:

Ah! If I could be round like a ball

If only I could go to Istanbul. (Wahit Ergin-Kosovo)

He expressed his desire for Istanbul with childish feelings. Some:

O babaoglu, babaoglu

Go to Istanbul

There in the courtyard of Fatih Mosque

Sit next to Gazi’s grave

Place a bunch of flowers

Kiss your blessed land

Kiss for us (Niazi Hussein Bahtiyar-Bulgaria)


Every aspect of Istanbul fascinates me

I looked for Master Yahya Kamali on the street

I realized that there is not much to love about Istanbul.

It needs to be missed in the Balkan cities. (Ismail Sergeant-Kosovo)


As the sun travels from Mashreq to Maghrib

Istanbul will have sultans of all cities (Ibrahim Alagoz Sabri-Bulgaria)

Let me join this caravan of poets with a portion of my Istanbul poetry:

O city of mosques

The light of the stars of the seven mountains

Legend at the Maiden Tower

Chains of beauties in the Bosphorus

Is your recipe possible?

What words are enough to praise. (Mehmet Yardimsi)

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