Press Conference for Presidential International Yacht Race – TRT Spor

President of the Turkish Sailing Federation Ozlem Akdurak, President of the Istanbul Offshore Yacht Racing Club Ekrem Yemlihaulu, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Istanbul Burhanettin Hakaferoglu, President of the DHL Express Turkey and CEO of the ENOCRANCE were present. .

Ozlem Akdurak said in a statement that they were fighting to make Turkey the center of sailing and yacht races.“I would like to thank all those who support our yacht race, who are moving fast to become a brand in the international community. The competition of hundreds of athletes shows how far the Turkish sailing has come. “Many local and foreign athletes will compete first in Mughals and then in Istanbul. The Turkish ship has an important place in the World and European Championships We will see that this nation is an important nation in traditional and world literature in the years to come. “Go bird

Expressing that the Presidential International Yacht Race has been followed with great interest by the general public, Ekrem Yemlihaulu used the following expressions:

“When the ideological nature of our country is added, a great opportunity is created in the promotion of the country. Instruct us to conduct a survey with a development agency. We have participated in visual and written media through a lot of hard work and effort in many countries over the last 3 years. We have hosted dozens of important press members and this number continues to grow. Beyond the idea of ​​sponsorship by Turkey and its highly valued CEO Mustafa Tonguch, it conducts awareness campaigns around the world, with thousands of shipments from Turkey and abroad promoting the organization. From, which does not have a sea, 2 sailing teams are registered for the race in Mughal Turkey with all these efforts Yes. Owner of the brand. “

Yemlihaulu mentioned that they would plant a sapling in Marmaris for every athlete who would take part in the race, and they decided to create a memorial forest.

Hacıcaferoğlu: “We attach great importance to international yacht races”

Istanbul Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Burhanetin Hakaferoglu highlighted the importance of the President’s International Yacht Race to promote the country and shared the following views:

“Since we first started, participation has increased significantly. Starting an organization is not easy. Starting an organization is not easy. Its growth, yacht and sailing are important for us and our country. Our sailing athletes are competing in the Tokyo 2020 finals. This is an indication of the development of the branch. Not only in sports, but also in sports tourism. “We believe that this will make a serious contribution. In this context, we attach great importance to this race. It will grow even more in the coming years. It will contribute a lot to our country in terms of sports tourism. “

Tonguç: “Our goal is to contribute to the promotion of our country”

Mustafa Tonguk, CEO of DHL Express, said they wanted to contribute to Turkey’s campaign by supporting the president’s international yacht race.

“We are happy to meet the sailing logistics speed.” Tonguch said, “Our goal is to increase the number of participating countries in each nation and contribute to the promotion of our country. Success is very important for everyone who sets the standard for our country. The Presidential International Yacht Race, which we are proud to sponsor, is an event Reflects the cooperation between the sports world. Our country is open to the world. We will work for you.‘He said.

Youth: “We will race in 11 different classes”

Engine Yuvaktas, Sporting Director of the Presidential International Yacht Race, provided information on the race program.

Noting that these races will consist of a total of 4 stages, Yuvaktaş said, “We will race in 11 different classes. It will be an organization where about 100 boats will compete. It consists of 4 races in total. The first race will be in Mughal. This is the toughest race and will take more than 190 miles. The other races will be in Istanbul on 28-30 October. The inaugural race will be held on May 25-27 in Mughal. It will start from Marmaris Castle. This competition will be held non-stop. No participation fee will be charged for any contest. Each race has a scoring coefficient according to difficulty level. They will receive an award with total points at the end of the year. Special prizes will be given to women sailors. The best 3 teams will get prizes. University teams will also be considered eligible for the special award. “ Evaluated her.

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