Professor Dr. Ilhan Kovid assessed the increase in the number of cases

Gazi University Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and a member of the Social Science Board of the Ministry of Health, Professor. Dr. Mustafa Nekmi Ilhan Kovid-19 assessed the increase in cases.

Ilhan said the number of cases has increased since Friday last week.

Noting that the increase was due to overcrowding, inattention or being in crowded places with inadequate ventilation, Ilhan said: -Crowds due to gatherings on Azhar holidays.At this time, even if the number of cases decreases, it is expected to be more careless and the number of cases may increase even though we come together.More crowds.

This should be seen as a rising or falling trend. The number of cases of coronavirus is decreasing. There may be numbers 1600 and 1800 for some days, but I don’t think it can go too far. I think in a week or two, it could go the way of numbers again at the beginning of the thousand. This again has to do with the behavior of the society. “

Ilhan said that despite the declining impact in Turkey, the epidemic continues in the world, adding that “if we come together in closed areas, we must pay close attention to ventilation, distance, and vaccinate our citizens, especially those over 65 years of age.” , Who have chronic diseases. ” Says

Ilhan goes on to say: “We noticed that the PCR positives were a bit higher than before the banquet. I think it was mostly due to crowded events like banquets or sporting celebrations, weddings and funerals. We hope the cases will increase a little more. The increase is not very serious, the epidemic-level increase as we felt in the beginning, but it is always useful to be vigilant. In such a crowd, it would be better for our citizens to be more vigilant. We’re in good shape with the death toll. The day we see zero, hopefully he’ll come. “

Noting that most of the dead are citizens over the age of 65 and have a chronic illness, Ilhan stressed that those who have been vaccinated for 6 months must have a reminder dose.

“People know now”

Evaluating the World Health Organization’s statement that the number of reported cases is 3-4 times, Ilhan said: “People are now recognizing the coronavirus. Given the current number of effective variants, omikron, mild and vaccinated, they may not apply. Don’t get sick. Maybe.

The important thing here is that people have self-responsibility. Although masks are currently only used in hospitals and public transport, if people see signs of coronavirus in themselves, if they have complaints such as fever, weakness and olfactory disorders, they should protect themselves after wearing masks and prevent infection. Infection in their environment. For this reason, there may be cases of coronavirus infected people who take some rest at home without coming to the hospital. Therefore, the statistics may be higher than the current statistics. This does not mean that current cases of coronavirus have not been documented. This means that people do not realize that they have coronavirus because they have been vaccinated, have a mild illness and do not need to come to the hospital even if they have coronavirus. On the one hand, it is a pleasurable development, after all, people do not suffer from serious illness. On the other hand, people have a higher level of knowledge about the disease, most importantly, more vaccinated, because there is a vaccine, people have mild symptoms. “

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