‘Test anxiety negatively affects memory’

Professor of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Vefik Arıca shared his advice to increase success and strengthen the memory of students taking exams. Arica, “Intimacy disorder, or in other words, difficulty focusing, which becomes more apparent with the stress of testing, has an important place among the negative effects that school-age children face today.” He said.

Focus on success is the biggest obstacle

Professor of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Vefik Arica emphasized the importance of focusing on the fact that the biggest obstacle to success is focus. Professor Dr. Arica, “Intimacy, or focus, refers to the mental effort that a person puts into what he or she is currently doing or learning. This definition is sometimes confused with attention span, but attention span refers to the amount of time you can concentrate on something. No. Effort. Whether you’re an experienced graduate or just starting elementary school, determining how to concentrate on how to work effectively is a challenge for almost everyone. “ Says

What are the factors that affect test success?

Commenting on the factors that affect the success of the test, Professor. Dr. Arika continued:

“Lack of time management, social media, external stimuli in the work environment or all these are external factors which can change both the span of focus and the focus, ie concentration. We can also calculate that distance cannot provide education. Motivation occurs. In addition, the misconception responsible for the test. It can have a negative effect on work motivation and attention, which can put stress on our children and problems that have not been encountered before.

School-age students, and those in general who have difficulty focusing, can judge time-related qualities such as novelty, frequency, chronology, and duration of events. There may be difficulties in listening to speeches, solving exercises and strengthening tests or focusing during the tests due to the external factors mentioned above, as well as sometimes due to health problems.

What can be done to improve focus?

Professor Dr. Erica offers the following tips to increase focus:

“A student who aims to complete more than one task in a day (for example, studying a subject, solving a test or a strengthening exercise) will need to create a priority order. Thanks to this order, the intensity of stress lessons can be reduced The practice of carrying out their responsibilities in a plan helps students to achieve their goal of regular and efficient study. It indicates their behavior in terms of time management. High density. Today, almost every student from a young age has a smart phone and studies It has been observed that people spend a significant amount of their time with these smart phones.

I think we all know that spending time with a smartphone can be much more rewarding if it is allocated to a variety of activities. Child development experts often say that intelligence-enhancing activities and games have an important place in children’s education. As a result of the study, it was found that cognitive exercises such as sudoku, puzzles, puzzles, chess or memory games as well as coloring activities are very beneficial for brain development and cognitive abilities are enhanced by following these cognitive training interventions.

How to feed children ready for the test?

Professor Dr. Emphasizing the relationship between focus and nutrition, Arica gives the following tips to students preparing for exams:

“I think we all know how difficult it is to focus on anything when we are hungry. A balanced diet affects not only our physical health but also our mental health. Although the negative effects of malnutrition cause visible problems for adults, unfortunately it This can lead to more serious problems for children. It is known that certain foods, including healthy and balanced foods, increase the ability to concentrate, in other words.

Especially during exams, if you feel that your child is having difficulty paying attention while studying, some changes in your diet and the help of an expert if necessary can help you to overcome this problem.

Phosphatidylserine supports brain development and focus

“Today, supplements have come to the fore as a solution to the problem of malnutrition,” said Professor Dr. Dr. Arika concludes her speech as follows:

“Phospholipids can be used as a supplement to children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or those who have difficulty focusing due to test stress, under the control and follow-up of a specialist. Also known as mood, cell energy plays an important role in improving metabolism.

Studies show that regular and long-term use of omega-3 fatty acids containing phosphatidylserine can have beneficial effects on cognitive development in school-age children. Foods such as egg yolks, fish, beef liver, soy and sunflower lecithin contain phosphatidylserine in certain proportions, and dairy products and vegetables have phosphatidylsarin markers, the researchers said. Effects on brain development and focus. “

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