The sweetest kiss to mom of the year

Phillies Bieber, who went to school in Manisa with her autistic son and followed the lessons, was a mother to her 16-year-old son and a teacher …

Phillies Bieber, who went to school in Manisa with her autistic son and followed the lessons, and was both a mother and, if appropriate, a teacher to her 16-year-old son, was chosen as the mother of the year. Along with the breakfast hosted by the Hürriyetci Eğitim Sen Manisa branch, Phillies Bieber was presented with the Mother of the Year plaque and flowers, while the autistic Yagiz Beaver kissed his mother and expressed his joy.

Before Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year, a dinner hosted by Hürriyetci Eğitim Sen at a hotel in the city

“Kissing Mom”

Hürriyetci Eğitim congratulates Sen. Phillies Bieber, who goes to school every day with his 16-year-old autistic son, Yagiz Beaver, who is a first-year student in the Chukurova Kimya Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Industrial Automation Technology department, and some with him. And takes notes about lessons for self-sacrifice. Manisha Branch President Haldun Bilgi said, “As a union, we will always strive to be a union with high social awareness and will continue to do so. All mothers are special, but there are some mothers, especially mothers of children with special needs. “We kiss our mothers’ hands. Mrs. Phillies is very important to us. I can see from a distance that I have been working in the school for 5-6 months. All the students of that school were absent. Mrs. Phillies did not miss a single day of school. Come to school, attend class, I hope you see their beautiful dialogue. I have rarely seen it. I shared this situation with my friends and said, “Here is the mother of the year, we should respect her somehow.” Together with our friends. “I declare her the mother of the year in front of all the selfless and selfless Turkish mothers,” she said, kissing Phillies Bieber’s hand on the decision.

After the speech, Haldun Bilgi presented a plaque and flowers to Phillies Beaver.

“Oil is our way of life”

Phillies Bieber, who shared her feelings after the program and said she was delighted to receive the award from the mothers of all children with autism, explained that Yagiz’s way of life is, “We are together at home, social time, but outside. Being with her is a very different situation. All parents are involved in this situation. I think it should be. Some lessons are difficult to explain one by one, it is a practical lesson. I learn there, I raise my hand and ask how it is, to our teacher. Thanks, I learn and I explain to Yaziz what it should be like. Yaziz has a special interest in this and he likes to learn to deal with it all. It’s not a field where he can work, it’s hard. It requires a lot of attention, it needs to get under the machine. Their school has provided very well. I thank them a lot. Our teachers and friends are very understanding, ”he said.

Phillies Bieber, who wants families with special needs not to give up, said: “These children can be brought into society. Yagiz has a very special talent. Please support. “

“Don’t leave your wives alone”

Mentioning that Yaziz was a gift from God for them, father Ilmaz Bieber, on the other hand, called the fathers of children with special needs and told them not to leave their mother alone. Ilmaz Binar says:

“My son was diagnosed when he was 24 months old, and since that day, my wife and I have been trying to stay with him with great devotion. Yaziz is a blessing from God for us because we learn a lot from him.” We are constantly learning something from her. It makes us very happy to share the moment. Your outlook and outlook on life is changing. Society still looks at such children with prejudice. We are very sorry for that. Joyce is already trying her best. She makes the most of her time and never has her free time. After all, she will live with it. We are very happy that Yaziz is with us. Her mother, Mrs. Phillies also tries a lot. However, nothing happens without effort. Mother and father should be supported. Only mother should not give up this job. “Fathers also need to support mothers in this case. They. They should do their best. The rights of mothers are not paid anyway. My only request is women. “Don’t leave them alone. A difficult life awaits you and it is very difficult to overcome it alone, and it is much easier to overcome it together.”

Autistic, 16-year-old Yagiz Beaver, a 1st-year student at Chukurova Kimya Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Industrial Automation Technologies, continued to kiss her and show her love for her mother.

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