Who is Alpar Hasanoglu? Books and words by Alper Hasanoğlu

The life of Dr. Alpar Hasanolu is being investigated. So who is Alpar Hasanogulu? Where did Alpar Hasanolu originally come from? When and where was Alpar Hasanoglu born? Is Alpar Hasanoglu alive? Here is the life of Alpar Hasanolu …

Dr. Alpar Hasanolu’s literary personality, life story and works are intriguing. Book lovers are trying to find out about Alpar Hasanoglu in search engines. We have prepared for you the life, books, words and quotes of Alper Hasanoğlu. Here is Alper Hasanoğlu’s life, work, words and quotes …

Date of birth: 1967

Place of birth: Istanbul

Who is Alpar Hasanoglu?

ALPER HASANOGLU was born in 1967 in Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul Erkek High School, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Serahpasa. After two years working as a general practitioner in the emergency unit of Korlu State Hospital, he specialized in physiology at the Seraphasa Medical Faculty. In her physiology specialization, she has worked specifically with Stress Physiology and Epilepsy. He then specialized in psychiatry in Switzerland. He then worked as a lecturer at the University of Basel Psychiatric Polyclinic. It specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, schematherapy, marital and family therapy, and emotional disorders. He has several book chapters in German and Turkish scientific books and has published many articles in Turkish and foreign scientific journals. She is an instructor and supervisor in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training course. He is still pursuing his clinical studies at his offices in Basel and Istanbul, Switzerland. Her first book, A Therapists Backyard (Remji Bookstore), was published in 2009.

Alper Hasanoğlu Books – Work

  • The daily life of the relationship
  • The backyard of a therapist
  • The kingdom of love
  • Resilience, flexibility and recovery skills in children
  • Life and other diseases
  • The kingdom of love
  • Elasticity in the baby

Alper Hasanoğlu Quotes – Lyrics

  • I was a little embarrassed if I didn’t remember the titles of the books I was reading. Then I realized that what was important to me was the remaining feelings from that book. When I pick up a book again, I think of a sentence, a scene, engraved in the folds of my brain, the place where I read the book, the time, the seasons, and the important people in my life at that time. Curiosity about trying to understand why tea and coffee stains on the edges of the leaves, taking notes, cigarette ashes under the leaves, underlined places are drawn. As we read, we feel that our burning questions are answered one by one. Everything we feel, see, think and feel becomes clearer in our minds. The experience we gain from books prepares us for the pain of real life. (The backyard of a therapist)
  • Family members should decorate the house for comfort and pleasure, not to show off to others. (Resilience, flexibility and recovery skills in children)
  • Psychopharmacological drugs were interpreted as a modern straightjacket in the democratic psychiatric movement. Instead of alleviating the suffering of the victims, these drugs were used by the psychiatric hospital staff to address their feelings of helplessness. In the democratic psychiatric movement, medicine was a method that could be used only when all other possibilities were tried and no other possibilities remained. (The backyard of a therapist)
  • Feelings of shame occur when the shortcomings or weaknesses that we feel or assume in ourselves are visible and noticed by others … Würmser describes shame as follows: Feelings of pain and fear that arise from the feeling that others see our weaknesses and failures Is, and subsequent feelings of worthlessness and humiliation. . (The backyard of a therapist)
  • I instinctively know that the best way to escape the fear of death, or the horror of the emptiness that awaits us after death, is proof of my existence, the love that I live in this world. (The kingdom of love)
  • It makes me feel worse that my grief has no meaning! (Resilience, flexibility and recovery skills in children)
  • “Happy is he who forgets and cannot change.” Johann Strauss (The backyard of a therapist)
  • I keep reading the newspaper because I still haven’t sharpened my social sensitivity enough. But the day will come when I will let him go. However, the statistics of a newspaper: in Switzerland with a population of 7 million, the total circulation of newspapers is three and a half million. In Turkey, with a population of 70 million, it does not even reach 3 million. That’s why finding someone to read, happily lost in Justin’s page is invaluable. When he thinks he has found it, he tries not to lose it … (Life and other diseases)
  • No human society was married until the 19th century. On the one hand, it was not officially possible, and on the other, people were not in a position to support a family financially. So celibacy is not an invention of post-modern society. (The kingdom of love)
  • Intimacy cannot be built on betrayal and lies. Intimacy is achieved by honestly putting everything there. Emily Brown (The backyard of a therapist)
  • Love; It does not try to dry out what is in the beginning, to keep it as it is. He initially sees the love affair as the beginning of a book and waits for other chapters with the same excitement. (The kingdom of love)
  • Because discipline, liberal or conservative, does not allow us to claim anything from life for ourselves. Because it does not want to increase the number of possibilities, on the contrary, it imposes a conservative copy and paste that exists in our lives. (The daily life of the relationship)
  • All children are freed from their fears, excitement, aspirations, hopes and dreams through drawing. (Elasticity in the baby)
  • Creativity is the antidote to perfectionism. (Elasticity in the baby)
  • In a sense, the happiness of a relationship depends on establishing a balance between giving and receiving. When one side gives, the other side will also feel the need to give in order to restore balance. The other will then want to give again and the relationship will deepen in parallel with the increasing intensity of giving and receiving. When one of the spouses refuses to pay, the relationship loses its balance and may turn into a mother-child relationship. The role of the child who accepts without giving and the mother who does not stop will destroy women and men. (The kingdom of love)
  • “The meaning of a person’s life is not in what they say or think, but in what they do.” (The backyard of a therapist)
  • (Elasticity in the baby)
  • Our criticism should be constructive, we should avoid sensitive criticism which lowers self-confidence. (Resilience, flexibility and recovery skills in children)
  • A good and peaceful union is an important weapon in dealing with emotional problems. The most important area where a person can develop himself as a person and mature is to be together. (The kingdom of love)
  • “Our most basic need is to love as we know and to know that we love.” (The daily life of the relationship)

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