27 thousand 259 sports equipments will be used in 500 special education schools starting from Ankara

Erdogan personally thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of National Education, and the Ministry of Family, in his speech at the distribution of sports equipment for special education school sports at the Milet Congress and Culture Center in Bestep. On behalf of the social service and his nation to be helpful in this beautiful meeting.

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Congratulating all the disabled people on Disability Week, Erdogan said that people with disabilities have set an example for everyone with their perseverance and determination and their outstanding success in all walks of life.

President Erdoানan reminded that, especially recently, people with disabilities have achieved great success in various fields of sports around the world.

“We do not avoid any sacrifices.”

Congratulating the disabled people in the hall, everyone is a symbol of courage, for their struggle, efforts and endeavors, especially for the nation, Erdogan continued his words as follows:

“Among our athletic brothers and sisters here, on behalf of my country and nation, I would like to express my gratitude to all our athletes who have flown our glorious flag everywhere. We do not acknowledge and will not do so so that our disabled people, whom our Lord has entrusted to us, can make their dreams come true. “Let the people live so that the state can live,” as well as the principle of our social state, which is enshrined in our constitution, tells us to be fair, to treat people equally, not to discriminate between us.

Erdogan said that in their understanding of politics and the state, no one can be marginalized because of their human qualities and instincts.

Erdogan stressed that no one can be discriminated against because of their ethnic identity, community, opinion, especially their appearance:

“No one can be excluded from social life due to physical disability. We can never ignore our disabled siblings even if others turn to us. We cannot ignore our disabled even if others neglect. In particular, we are ignorant of our disabled citizens. , Being trapped between two walls for reasons like ignorance or impossibility cannot be tolerated. Make sure that all of our humanity benefits equally from opportunities and privileges. We attach great importance to the participation of disabled brothers and sisters in their lives. “

26,259 sports equipments for 500 special education schools in 61 provinces

President Erdoয়an said that this meaningful program, jointly organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of National Education, is one of the best examples of their desire to overcome barriers for the disabled.

“The love of sports knows no barriers,” Erdogan said, adding that 27,259 pieces of sports equipment produced under the National Ministry of Education’s 500 special education schools in 81 provinces would be launched to offer the use of different disability groups. Send to all corners of the country.

Erdogan said they would provide sports opportunities to thousands of students with disabilities in 81 provinces, from Hakkari to Edirne, Artivin to Hatay. We want our disabled brothers and sisters to make the most of these opportunities and achieve success that will make us proud in all areas of life, especially sports. We’ve seen it in Tokyo, I hope we see it now in Paris. ” He said.

Speaking on the floor from Hall’s athletes about the success in Paris, Erdogan said: “I hope we will return from Paris with a completely different victory after Tokyo.” He spoke.

Erdogan interrupted his speech and told a disabled athlete that he loved him, “I love you too.” He replied.

Sport is a very important field of activity that ensures the active participation of people with disabilities in addition to human and public health, Erdoয়an said. Neglected. “They have been the victims of prejudice and stereotypes. Our disabled people have not been given the necessary opportunities, and their confidence in constantly saying ‘you can’ has been shattered. Don’t do that, you can’t succeed. “

Erdogan said that when they took over the country in 2002, there were serious problems with disabilities, as in many other areas.

Erdogan said that the responsibility of people with disabilities has been largely left to their families. Unfortunately, the steps we have taken in the last 20 years do not suit our country and our nation. We have radically changed this picture. By changing it radically, we have done something really good. Relieve and remind our disabled brothers and sisters that they are equal citizens of this country. ” He said.

Emphasizing the Disability Act enacted in 2005, they have taken historic steps in many areas related to persons with disabilities, from education to care, from employment to prevention of discrimination.

More importantly, President Erdogan said they have ensured that people with disabilities can get the services they need with their families, without the need to be stuck in a nursing home or similar place.

“We will not leave you alone, we will do what needs to be done.”

Expressing that they have implemented unique practices such as Home Care Support, Home Care Assistance, Day Life Center, Hope House, Erdogan went on to say:

“We have made accessibility accessible in many areas, from transport vehicles to buildings. Similarly, by expanding the practice of inclusive education in schools, we have ensured the development of empathy and responsibility in our society. We are transforming homes and hospitals.” Can’t

We provide training to a total of 453,000 children and youth in need of special education across the country. The number of persons with disabilities studying in special education classes has increased to 6,800. We provide education to 993 of our disabled children in hospital classrooms and 10,552 of them at home. Another task conducted for our special students is to increase the number of support learning rooms and enrich their content. The number of support training rooms, which was 79 a while ago, has risen to 638 as of 2022. We are building 10,000 support training rooms in 61 provinces. We will not leave you alone, we will do what we need to do, we are determined to do it. “

“Our disabled brothers and sisters say I am into sports, art, academia and politics.”

Noting that they have set up coordination centers for students with disabilities at all universities, Erdogan said they provide unprecedented opportunities for people with disabilities in every field, from sports to the business world, from government jobs to politics.

“Thanks to all these steps, the confidence of our disabled brothers has increased, their confidence in society and the state has increased,” Erdogan said. Says

“People with disabilities are not neglected in any aspect of life today, but are nurtured,” Erdogan said. . ” He said.

Noting that when people with disabilities are supported and given the necessary opportunities, what they can achieve is most clearly seen in sports, Erdogan made the following statement in his speech:

“Our people with disabilities, who were previously able to show limited presence in many sports, have written legends in every field of sports today. The numbers reveal where our country came from in sports. 20 years later, 2020 Tokyo We participated in the Paralympic Games with 87 athletes and returned to our country with a total of 15 medals, including 2 gold, 4 silver and 9 bronze.

Tokyo 2020, with 13 branches and 87 athletes, is an organization where we have participated with the largest number of branches and athletes in the history of our Paralympic Games. Our athletes have made our nation proud by winning many medals at world, European and other international championships. Undoubtedly, our state’s support for federations and clubs, as well as infrastructural investment, has played a key role in this historic achievement.

“Every year we increase the budget for sports federations for the disabled.”

Every year the budget for the sports federations for the disabled increases, and this year they allocate about 70 million lira to the four sports federations for the disabled alone, Erdogan said:

“We’ve made significant improvements in support, numbers and amounts for support for our sports clubs with disabilities. The amount of aid, which was only 159,000 lira in the past year, has increased to 6.5 million lira for 1,101 sports clubs in 2020. The number of athletes with disabilities was 2,763 in 2002, increasing to 45,441 as of 2021. In addition, we have restructured all sports facilities. As we see, we are continuing our efforts for greater success. “

Noting that they have already begun preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics, President Erdoan said: “I believe we will set a new record in Paris for both the number of athletes and the number of medals. A valuable tool for raising. ” I see this as a step. I hope that this study, which will be conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, will benefit all our youth and our country, “he said.

Erdogan thanked everyone who contributed to these services for the disabled and said, “I wish success to our athletes with disabilities, each of whom has his or her own success story.” Says

Notes from the event

Prior to the ceremony, President Erdogan visited the area where trucks and sports equipment are located, talked to athletes with disabilities and took pictures of them.

Etimesgut gives a concert before the event by a music group consisting of students from the Science and Industry Center. The students performed the song “Everything reminds you”.

In the program where the video of the project “Love for sports is no barrier” was seen, national athletes with disabilities Öznur Cüre and Merve Seda Özsu gave a welcome speech and thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emin Erdogan for sports and their contribution. Education

After President Erdogan’s speech, trucks carrying sports equipment left for the presidential complex.

“Let their roads be open. May my lord protect them from accidents and trouble. The love of sports knows no obstacle,” Erdogan said. He said goodbye to the truck.

To commemorate the day, National Athletes with Disabilities presented President Erdogan with a signed national team jersey and a hand-embroidered saint painting.

Deputy President Fuat Okte, Family and Social Services Minister Daria Yannick, Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Casapolu and National Education Minister Mahmut Ozar were present on the occasion.

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