Cordoman replies: “Spore Toto with money, no IHL, but a proxy salary?

Now I …

“Abdul Qadir Karaduman was parliamentary candidate from CHP list in 2018 elections”What are you saying ..

Let me tell you about Blackduman:

“The party that was shown to be the cause of adultery, alcohol, illicit relations, banning head scarves and lifelong hostility towards Imam Hatip was transferred and became a candidate from there.”

If I continue:

“Whatever he objected to in his life, he did the opposite.”

Does it answer me?

“We did it because we had it.”Could there be any other answer?

We will be …

To become a Member of Parliament, was it obligatory for you to take a salary from the treasury, from where a lot of haraam money enters the tax collected from brothels starting from Spor Toto?

Why am I going to this heinous discussion?

Without looking at your feet ..

To remind Abdul Qadir Karaduman, who is trying to make words for others, the truth ..

What happened?

This party, Unlocking the real estate industry It has come up with a new regulation. Opportunity to own a home for those who do not have a home at an interest rate lower than the current rate Gave ..

Blackduman immediately took the stage:

“Were you against the interests? Are you against unfair advantage? Where is your ideal of just ordering?

Gentleman CHP on the crutch Said “Interest rates need to rise sharply. ‘Usury forbidden’ Those who say they have remained in the darkness of the Middle Ages. Interest rates need to be increased, not reduced. ”

National Opinionist Abdulkadir Karaduman, who could not comment to CHP for which he was on a crutch, said it was part of the party. “We have to lose interest, but … it’s full of foxes. For now, we want to get closer to the goal by downloading it. ” Objection to his statement.

Interest rates for real estate purchases are being reduced from about 2% to 0.99%. He shouted at the party:

“Were you against the interest?”

So, according to Abdul Qadir Karaduman …

Those who reduce interest rates are not .. Those who want to raise interest rates radically are against interest.

So, “Those who say that usury is forbidden are in the darkness of the Middle Ages.” CHP supporters are self-interested, but “What about interest rates” Those who say, interest!

When he is condemning the party on the ground, he does not say a word to CHP, Karduman.

Keep going, He originated from the Felicity Party, moved to CHP, became a deputy there, then returned to SP. Incognito MP:

“What was the goal of opening Imam-Hatip School, Faculty of Theology and Mosque under the auspices of Spoor Toto?”

Yes ..

The aim of the party is not to open Imam Hatip under the patronage of Spore Toto.

It shouldn’t be ..

But the party’s goal is not to be a member of parliament from the banned CHP list.

Before “See your own trotter” They tell the man ..

Then they ask:

“Do you know Istanbul, Karaduman’s Nimet Sister’s Mosque (how accurate it is called a mosque)?”

Yes, Whose only income is to sell national lottery tickets A businessman named Nimet Abla used his earnings to build a mosque in Istanbul under the control of the Department of Religious Affairs.

The name of the mosque was used during the national lottery.

I am making an appeal in front of AK Party .. what, when did you start to know ..

Even today ..

If Spore Toto sponsors that IHL building …

Let’s criticize it.

But ..

Let’s not say that the party is the culprit of this stalemate in the secular state.

Let’s not try to say this by allying with the criminal CHP of that secular state.

Let’s not blame the secular state for this party.

Before the party, all his expenses, from the Imam Hatip school building to the teachers’ salaries, were covered by halal money.

After the party came to power, did the construction of Imam-Hatip start with haraam money?

Abdul Qadir Kardyuman says?

If you are easy, come out, tell me, prove it and I will support you.

But ..

Don’t think of building an Imam-Hatip before the party comes to power, if the secular state takes over even the buildings built in the remote corners of Anatolia with the halal money of the nation and for other purposes …

If this party turns those buildings into Imam Hati …

But anyway, if Spore Toto was allowed to make an Imam preacher with money, though he shouldn’t have.

I don’t think so, but …

How much of a principled attitude could it be for the three cents to ally with the CHP, which has been a stumbling block to religious people for years, to the party?

If Karduman insists on his demand …

Let him be the deputy from CHP list and tell me about the haram and halal of his salary.

Deniz Bekal, who was paid a salary in a paralyzed state before coming to Turkey’s Grand National Assembly three times, let him explain how halal and haram another deputy of the party for which he has been nominated.

Is he giving fatwa?

“Is it possible to make Imam Hatip with Spore Toto money?” He said ..

I will ask him too ..

“Excuse me, Karduman, is there any tax on your salary from the brothel?”

Or ..

“Don’t you get money from the mandapa with taxes?”

Or ..

“From Spore Toto .. Do you get paid from the money that went to the treasury during the privatization of the national lottery?”

All these strong examples are the last edge of the secular state structure.

It is unprincipled and hypocritical for the party to impose a bill on these dead bodies.

As if the salaries of the imams are paid before the party. “Let’s not mix taxes collected from brothels here” Showing sensitivity ..

When the party comes to power,Forget those things. ‘Forbidden’ Don’t say ‘Halal’ Don’t tell me .. Mix the money .. Pay the imams from the prostitution tax .. Pay the deputies .. Pay the teachers. ” If you try to create a perception like you said ..

You will fall into the trap, black smoke!

You become smoke; You darken your world, you darken your afterlife.

Someone, “It is halal to take a loan at 0.99 interest when buying a house.” He did not say.

In previous governments, those who wanted to buy a house could get an interest-free loan, but now, under the party government, no interest is charged on those who want to buy a house.

Be honest ..

Don’t fool people.

Don’t try to make fun of our intelligence ..

“What you want to change is done” You say ..

Happy Those who claim change wrongAren’t you inside

Still in a nearby cafe, “We will change this system” If you claim ..

Previously, CHP that ally with youLook ..

They How they protect the interests of deathLook ..

You and your point of view, “A Head from Medieval Darkness” See how he condemned ..

Later ..

The issues that the party has demanded and have not yet been fulfilled This is your review ..

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