Hope for ‘acceleration’ of high speed train, thanks to university for ‘warehouse’!

Bursa expectations. It has focused on transportation investments in the past. Cause; Although projects have been prepared and construction has begun, Unfinished business Affected

That’s it.

One of the most well-known politicians Davut Gurkan, the party’s provincial chairman When? Ankara ‘What will happen if he leaves Transport Minister Adil Karaismailoolu Absolutely with Transportation project Make a call

Every time.

It lists the projects the city is waiting for, notes the developments one by one, and offers advice on the steps to be taken.

Visited and Often Among the places where he was seen Ministry of TransportRunning its projects General Directorate of Infrastructure Investment Here.

He did the same yesterday.

Meeting of Provincial Presidents Went for It is the party headquartersA. Transport Minister Adil KaraismailooluAs soon as you see it Barারa project Open

Minister He also gives information about the ongoing work.


The first train About his work Hope-induced acceleration He even provided information:

“The construction of the high-speed train is progressing at a great pace and without any hindrance. Our contractors are very strong. Since we know the excitement of Bursa’s high-speed train, we don’t want it to wait any longer. Our goal is to speed up the process and get it done first. “


General Directorate of Infrastructure InvestmentA. City Hospital Metro Negotiations for Gurkan To change the project, he says:

“After Metro Emek, it would go underground from 500 meters, now it will go down from 1,300 meters. We also talked about taking measures to avoid traffic jams during work hours. ”

An important one Emphasis Created:

“In the previous project, it was planned to create a metro storage area next to the city hospital. With the new project, the storage area was moved to the campus of Uludag University Gorukle. It has reduced the cost of confiscating at least 500 million lira. “

He added:

“Our rector, Professor. Dr. I would like to thank the Ahmed Sime Guide teacher. ”

Bursa Organizations Summit at AK Party

Ankara ‘Inside. One party ‘Traditional Meeting of Provincial Presidents Was there. To meet City women And Il Youth Branch With their heads Ankara ‘Is going Davut Gurkan, the party’s provincial chairman He had another critical meeting.

Party Barসাa With the participation of deputies Bursa Delegation The party’s Marmara region coordinator Which … Osmanie Deputy Ismail Keya Meet with.

In the meeting Bursa firms It has been discussed.

An amazing job for Mubara Chakar, a young politician from the IYI party in Ankara

In fact … as a young politician he took every step, Surprise mission Brings

In this way.

Mubera Kakir In politics ‘IYI Party’Also After setting foot at the age of 28 General Administrative Board ‘To many people Surprise It happened.


Member of GIK Attitude Youth Policy Presidency Vice Presidency is responsible for youth issues When you accept The second surprise It happened.

Last year.

Black Sea ‘After the flood disaster Good party Went to the region on behalf of the parliamentary delegation Mubera Chakir, an environmental engineerCreated the report


IYI party headquarters In favor of different regions and provinces Environment Reviewed

According to what we have heard, Mubera Kakir At age 30, she took on a new role.


Not yet contacted, but directly President Meral AksenerConnected Nature and Environment Coordinator Being.

Aktas’ decision will be celebrated for CHP

In previous years. It’s a party For his assembly Barsare Specific hours and specific lines Free passenger Carry the payment It’s a party Doing.


Metropolitan Mayor Alinur AktasThose who have visited CHP Provincial Chairman Ismet Karaka Your fee Party payment May 21, that paid The voice of the nation Same application request for assembly Burulas Positively accepted.

For decision.

President AktasTo be celebrated.

Vahapolu draws attention to Crete: We are concerned about this danger in the Mediterranean

Russia-Ukraine War, Country of the region Turkey ‘Very interested, Turkey Also, Diplomacy in war Successfully implements his policy.


Attention Black Sea ‘During MediterraneanThere is also critical development.

Request …

For years Deputy Secretary General of the National Security Council Ready MHP Bursa Deputy M. Hidayet Vahapoğlu He focuses on development.

West Inside the printing press The United States, which has rapidly expanded its presence in the eastern Mediterranean through Greek bases, is sending 10 F-35 and 14 F-15 fighter jets to the Sudanese base on the island of Crete. “ Your news “The hypocrisy of the United States” As explained.

The question is:

“Turkey in the S-400; does the United States not know that Crete is protected by the S-300s, which are trying to incorporate the United States into the fight against enemies through the sanctions, CAATSA, and try to keep it in the category of an enemy country?”

Another important symposium on health

Nowadays. University of Health Sciences’What depends Bursa Faculty of Medicine Important Congress And At the symposium Is hosting.

In this way.

Turkish world Integrating the healthcare community and Options About medical Anatolian Medicine CongressAfter 17 May Organ transplant symposium To do.

Highly specialized training-research hospital seminar hall ‘Well-known experts in the field will participate in the symposium.

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