Test anxiety negatively affects memory

Test anxiety negatively affects memory

Pediatric Health and Disease Specialist Professor Dr. Dr. “Concentration disorder, or in other words, difficulty concentrating, which becomes more apparent with the stress of testing, has an important place among the negative effects faced by school-age children today,” says Vefic Arika.

Focus on success is the biggest obstacle

Professor Dr. Arica emphasizes the importance of focusing that the biggest obstacle to success is focus. Professor Dr. “Intimacy refers to the mental effort that goes into everything a person is currently working on or learning. This definition is sometimes confused with attention span, but the span of attention refers to the time you can concentrate on something.” This is not a mental endeavor. Whether you are an experienced undergraduate student. “Finding out how to focus on working effectively is a challenge for almost everyone, a student just starting out in elementary school.”

What are the factors that affect test success?

Commenting on the factors that affect the success of the test, Professor. Dr. Erica goes on to say: “Lack of time management, social media, external stimuli in the work environment or all of these are external factors that can change both the time and concentration of attention. This situation can put stress on our children as well as bring problems that have never been encountered before. Order and he is able to judge time-related qualities such as the duration of the event. Or the problem of paying attention during the test is due to the external factors mentioned above, as well as sometimes for health problems.

What can be done to improve focus?

Professor Dr. Erica offers the following tips to increase focus: “The first thing a student should do is create a priority order that aims to complete multiple tasks a day (for example, studying a topic, solving an exam, or strengthening practice). The stress caused by the intensity can be reduced and thus the focus can be increased. The practice of carrying out their responsibilities in a plan enables the students to achieve their objectives and guides their behavior in terms of time management. Every student has a smart phone and the study that has been done can be considered serious. I think we all know that spending time with smartphone will be much more fruitful when it is allocated for different activities. When it comes to children’s education. , Intelligence-building activities and games Child development experts often point out that it has an important place. As a result, cognitive exercises such as sudoku, puzzles, puzzles, chess or memory games as well as coloring activities are very beneficial for brain development and cognitive abilities are enhanced by following these cognitive training interventions.

How to feed children ready for the test?

Professor Dr. Emphasizing the relationship between focus and nutrition, he gave the following advice to students preparing for the test: “I think we all know how difficult it is to focus on anything when we are hungry. A balanced diet does not only affect our physical health. Our mental health. The negative effects of malnutrition can cause visible problems in adults as well. Unfortunately, this can lead to more serious problems for children. .And the help of an expert if needed can help you overcome this problem.

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