“They made 85 million proud” – TRT Spor

Speaking at the distribution of sports equipment for the Casapolu Special Education School, the minister said “the love of sports is no barrier” held at the Bestte Millet Congress and Culture Center.

“We want to raise awareness about people with disabilities around the world because of Disability Week,” said Casapolu.Today, we have friends who make us all proud of their success. We have brothers who inspire us and set an example through their perseverance and struggle in spite of all difficulties in the world of sports, art, literature, education and business. There are those who make our nation proud, there are those who represent our country in many parts of the world, there are those who raise our glorious flag to the highest level, and there are those who play our national anthem all over the world. . I hope that our trucks, which today will travel to 500 special education schools and travel to our country for 1 month, will increase the love for sports. Our sports equipment, which is produced with 70% local content, will be served in about 20 sports branches and distributed in 81 provinces, strengthening the sports infrastructure and strengthening the bonds between us. “ Used expressions.

For the past 20 years, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, great efforts have been made to spread grassroots sports, Casapolu said. “Our heads are high, our goals are high, our faith is strong, our motivation is full. We will continue to experience the most beautiful happiness together. Before 2002, almost no youth and sports facilities were of uninterrupted quality. Opportunities. We have completed the reconstruction process and modernization of the ineligible. The process continues at full speed.‘He said.

Recalling the achievements of national athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, Casapolu said:

“Mr. President, under your leadership these levels have been reached. We are beginning to reap the rewards of your efforts in many areas. One of the most striking examples is our Paralympic national team, which made history in Tokyo 2020. Our children have made 85 million proud and excited.” He held his breath with Seville. He shook the racket with Abdullah and shed tears of joy. Each one of them brought our nation together in a common sense of joy and shared feeling. “Our athletes are with us today. Some are in this hall, some are in the half-star flag hoisting competition.”I am always with them. I once again congratulate them all and wish them continued success. “

Explaining that the presidential system has accelerated cooperation between institutions, Youth and Sports Minister Casapolu said: “With the new government system accelerating bureaucracy and institutional processes, such effective studies can be organized and conducted in a short period of time. Science, industry. Domestic production incentives were provided by the Ministry of Education and Technology. We are always in coordination with the Ministry of Family and Social Services. We, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, design, finance and supply on demand Purchasing. We have developed sports equipment covering ten branches for different disability groups. There is strong coordination in this work.‘He has evaluated.

Minister Casapolu said ready-made materials would reach schools, but the process would not stop there, and ended his remarks as follows:

“At the same time, we are ushering in a new era in the sports infrastructure of special education schools. Our Paralympic National Athletes will patronize the schools in the region. They will inspire, guide and instruct new champions from these schools. Our instructors will implement special study programs in the school. “Together, we will discover talents and prepare them for the track with international halls, grounds, courts and the most modern infrastructure. We will continue. To overcome obstacles through sports, enthusiasm and determination and to pool all our resources for our youth. Because love of sports knows no obstacle. “

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