Who is Nalan’s real mother, why did he die? Is the series the life of Alara Kokibe?

Canal D’s popular TV series The Girl in the Glass will hit the screens tonight with its new episode. The gist of the book, The Girl in the Glass, a real-life story taken from the book by psychiatrist Gulsaren Budassioglu, is intriguing. Feride Hanım is not Nalan’s real mother, the protagonist of the book Girl in the Glass. Also, according to the book, Harry is married and has three children.


The finale of the Girl in the Glass series, which aired on Canal D on Thursday evening, has been announced. The audience is amazed at what will happen at the end of this series based on the novel. So what happens at the end of Girl in the Glass? How does the girl in the glass end? Here is the story of Nalan’s incredible life …

Nalan’s story: Nalan was born in Ankara. His mother died shortly after birth. He continued his life with his grandmother and grandfather. After the birth of their mother at a young age, they moved to Istanbul under the pressure of the people.

Her grandparents are not her real parents: However, Nalan thinks her grandparents are her parents. On the other hand, his mother raised him with great pressure. In fact, it is because of this pressure that Nalan can’t talk when school starts. Her teachers think there is something wrong with her intelligence. However, over time this problem is getting worse.

Nalan, who spent his life watching others in front of the glass, became an interior designer and started working for a company. She married Sedat, the son of the owner of the company for some time. He quit his job after marriage. However, she did not find the attention and love she was looking for in her marriage to Sedat.

Farid Haneem’s suicide: Her father died of a heart attack. Nalan learns the truth from her mother after her father’s death. After a while, his mother commits suicide and ends his life. At this time Nalan became pregnant due to family pressure. Her baby died within 3 days of delivery.

After this incident, Nalan feels an emotional trauma and returns to his workplace. Meanwhile, Harry is his driver.

Hairy father of 3 children: Harry grew up in a poor family. Harry, who faced violence from his father as a child, died when he was just 6 years old. Her brother died when she was 10 years old. This loss is a big blow to Hairy. Her father remarried. Her stepmother separates Harry from her normal children and gives Harry a bad childhood.

After returning from the military, Harry marries the neighbor’s daughter, Turkan, whom his stepmother deems fit. After marriage they live in a house with their step mother, step siblings and father. Hayari has 3 children from this marriage. Later, when Harry gets a job at Nalan’s family company, he begins to feel sorry for Nalan.

The story of Nalan and Hairy:

In fact, the novel begins with the story of Nalan and Harry. The part where the novel begins is called the final part. The story goes like this … Nalan doesn’t remember her husband’s birthday. Nalan also recently lost both his mother, father and children. He lays down next to Nalon, who is upset that his wife is not with him. Over time, Nalan began to notice Harry’s interest. However, he does not know that Harry is married and has children. Over time, Nalan also decides to leave her husband Sedat. She dreams of leaving her husband and living with Harry. No matter how much Sedat’s family objects to Nalan, who decides to divorce, the divorce takes place without any financial need. Nalan began dating Haieri after her divorce. Although she later learned that Harry was married, she accepted the offer. He even met Harry’s officially married wife and children.

Hairy’s death: After 7 years, Harry decides to leave Nalan. Harry, who had previously cheated on Nalan with his wife, is now cheating on Nalan with a shy girl. However, Nalan does not accept the separation and attempts suicide. When this happens, Harry starts taking Nalan to a psychologist. Nalan began to recover after the psychologist session and accepted Harry’s absence. Later, confused, Harry quits marrying the shy girl and stabs her in the heart.

What happens at the end of the book: Nalan, who somehow managed to hold on to life, became a successful architect. On the other hand, she goes to painting school. Her teacher in the painting course comes out of her father.

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