In Eskişehir 8 new emergency health care stations were put into service with a ceremony

According to the Anadolu Agency;


In his speech at the opening ceremony of 8 new emergency health service stations organized by the chief physician of the Eskişehir Provincial Ambulance Service at Avidi, Anadolu University Hall in 2016, he said, T team and 30 healthcare professionals he said he has staff.

Highlighting the significant improvements that have been made in health services in recent years with the contribution of healthcare professionals, Deputy Avicii said:

“For those who have memories of 20-30 years ago, look where we came from. In 2002, Eskişehir had 3 ambulances, 4 crew and 30 health workers. In 2007, there were 7 ambulances, 8 teams, 100 health workers. Today, you Friends 24/7. In the whole province of Eskiেehir from Han District to Guineju District. Thank you very much. Your average age is 28 and 60 percent of them are our female health workers. All our health workers have worked with great sacrifice, especially since the epidemic. But you, especially you, day and night, fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you very much. “

“We always try to support”

Emin Nur Gune, deputy of the AK Party Eskisehi, said the health workers were a large family.

Noting that 8 new emergency health stations have been serviced in the city, Deputy Gune said:

“You’ve really witnessed thousands of cases. You’ve reached the case in about 5 minutes with ‘hello’ from everyone. You are the angel of the hardest time, with whom you share sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter moments. You are their symbol. Sympathy, confidence and The pioneers of our health forces. How many lives have been saved for you? Maybe affected? Not just that man. You are fulfilling a sacred duty that you can witness the birth of a child before him. I try to support you. “

“If a judge praises, he can punish 6 times more.”

Recalling that a law has been passed in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to prevent violence against women and health workers, Gune continued:

“We were all very uncomfortable with the issue. We were working against both our women and our healthcare professionals. With our President’s directive dated March 14, 2022, these studies were expedited and he directed that they be implemented as soon as possible.” Our relevant ministries have done this very quickly. We have spoken to our relevant commission and this week. ” “There are fundamental changes. What are they? First, anyone who intentionally commits the crime of injuring health workers will now be punished. Trial. This is an important step. So it is that every health worker who comes before him can do whatever he wants. No, and you can’t move around freely. In addition, the purpose is to prevent public health services. Crimes were included in the scope of more severe punishment. In other words, if a judge decides, he can give 6 times more punishment. “

“It’s true we need a change of heart.”

Explaining that these are important developments, Deputy Gune said:

“I know that 60 percent of emergency health care is provided by women. As a female MP, I would again discriminate positively. I especially thank them. So we, our women, our female health workers, especially with this past law, We are twice under legal protection ৷ “We will be with you every step of the way But we also know this They can only be preventive It is a fact that we have to deal with these cases of social violence on a scale, that is, we need to change our mindset. We will share and do it together. “

After the lecture, 8 new emergency health care stations were launched through a ceremony.

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